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Amber's POV :

"Nina where did you go yesterday? You missed classes and supper, we were worried." I told her as I woke up seeing her.
"Amber it was amazing. We were literally floating. I mean, besides the whole being scared out of my mind thing. We summoned them and then we went to their palace, you know, on the clouds. They've unlocked more abilities for us and they're making sure Fabian, or any of you, aren't going to die." She told me. "But it's also kind of scary, I mean, we barely handled these powers and now we have new ones to master?"
"Wow. So you floated on a cloud? That's so cool" I exclaimed. "Oh yeah and Fabian not dying is cool too" I remembered to add. "Also you missed music. Our projects have to be in next week, the week before we break up for Christmas. Everybody has decided to work on them this weekend." I told her.
"Ok, so I'll have to speak to KT" she muttered. "What time is it?"
"9, breakfast should be ready."
"Coming?" She asked.
"So we're going for PJ day?" I asked laughing knowing the answer.
"Don't we always when we work on school stuff?" She too laughed.
"Do you remember the first Saturday you were here that we were all working on a project? You came downstairs in jeans and a tee then everybody glared at you. You just walked out" I laughed even more.
"Don't remind me, that was so embarrassing" she put her head in her hands.
"Come on, I'm starving" I linked arms with her, dragging her down the stairs.
"Hey girls" KT joined us.
"Hey KT, what are we doing for our last two songs?" Nina asked.
"Well we need to finish the one for Fabian and Jake, I can add music for that so I think we're done, if that's ok with you" Nina nodded. "And then, maybe we both try to write lyrics and see which turns out better or if we can piece them together? I don't know in tired and uninspired." She told us.
"Yeah sure" Nina replied.
"Hey boo" I smiled as I sat down next to Alfie.
"Hey Ambz, what's up?" I hate how he tells when I'm sad. Even when I plaster a smile on my face.
"Nothing. Just tired" I lied. He nodded and dropped the situation, thankfully.

Eddie's POV :

"What do you mean we have to write 3 songs today?" I asked Joy.
"What I said Eddie" she shouted. "This isn't a game. I missed a lot of work a few years ago and I need to catch up with my grades. You are not the reason I am going to loose this scholarship." She shouted. "It's not my fault you missed yesterday's class." Well blame Osiris for that. Actually blame Amneris, she was the one to take us up there. It was just to Osiris' palace.
"Ok, I'll sort it" I told her so she would shut up.
"Not eating today Nina?" Trudy asked as we were sitting for breakfast.
"I don't really have an appetite" Nina replied.
"Eddie, you're not either?"
"No, I've lost my appetite too."
"Oh no, I hope you're not coming down with something" she said quickly checking Nina's forehead temperature.
"Lost your appetite?" Yacker muttered. Ok, so we had a feast fit for a king. Well a feast fit for a God, Goddess and their descendant guests.
'My head hurts, but not for that reason' I heard Nina think. Oh and the fact that gravity has made us extremely light-headed.
"Well, if you feel ok, I suppose you can stay up working on your projects" Trudy told us.
"I'm going to my room to do mine" Mick said as he grabbed an apple and got up.
"Can I just say 'Maybe' is mine and steal it?" Trust Yacker to want to steal a Sick Puppies song.
"Eddie, you and I are working on these 3 tracks even if we die trying to write them." I felt a pull at my ear as I was dragged upstairs. Great.

Fabian's POV :

"Arg this is terrible. I'm not a song-writer, I shouldn't be doing this" Nina complained. It was about 12'o'clock and I sat on the settee, Nina's legs draped across my lap as she lay with her back to the arm.
"Nina, just do what I'm doing, nothing" Amber looked up from her magazine.
"Fabian, can't you write it for me and let me take credit? She asked looking up.
"I wish I could, but no" she pouted. "Still not writing it for you" I laughed.
"But you're good, all I've got here is 'I won't hurt you its okay' those lyrics are not okay" she moaned like a child.
"Just keep working. Look around for things to inspire you." She looked around and picked up the only thing she could reach, a box of tissues.
"Nice advise."
"Hey Mara, I think I've got something" I called over to Mara, who was in the kitchen.
"Show off" Nina muttered.
"This is really good" Mara told me handing me back the notepad.
"Let me see" Nina asked trying to grab the notepad.
"Nu-uh. You'll hear it with everybody else." I told her.
"You just think I'll steal it."
"And would you?" I questioned.
"Fine, I'll wait" she smiled at me. Mara sat in the chair by Amber and started writing some harmonised parts for lyrics I'd already wrote.
"I need a drink" Nina said standing up and walking to the kitchen rubbing her temples.
"I'll have a tea" Amber called.
"Same" I shouted in. "But warm this time" I added making Amber laughed. The first time she made it for us, she did it colder than we have it, like how she drinks it in America. "Oh ha ha" Nina mocked. The kettle boiled and Nina walked in with our drinks and re-sat down how she was previously.
"I seriously need help" she said annoyed.
"Ok so how about this" she looked up. "I'll write the music backing if you do lyrics" I told her giving in.
"Yes, you are the best" she sat up giving me a kiss on the cheek.
"Well I never, you two are dating now?"
"Uncle Ade, hi how have you been?" I asked shocked at the person standing in front of me.
"I'm good, an old supplier brought me in this book and thought you might like it, it's Egyptian" he handed Nina the book.
"The struggles of Egypt" I read aloud.
"Yes, I hear it's about battles with evil Gods and souls from the underground" well this is going to help us.
"Thankyou" Nina said.
"Would you care for a cup of tea?" Trudy asked.
"Yes please, milk and"
"No sugar, you're sweet enough" Trudy cut him off laughing.
"Ooh" Uncle Ade followed her into the kitchen.
"Do they have a thing for each other?" Mara whispered.
"They used to date" Nina replied. It's creepy. Seeing your uncle and house mother date. Especially when they attempt to flirt in front of you.
"So Nina, Fabian, I didn't know you two were dating" Uncle Ade piped up. "I know you went to prom together, but not dating. When did you step out?"
"2 years ago, but for 3 years before that it was on again off again and if you ask me the flirting showed they were basically together, so they've been together for 5 years nearly" Amber butted in.
"Ah, I see, well you should pop into the shop more often, I'm getting a lot of customers now" He said before shortly turning back to Trudy's conversation.
"Forget it, this is hopeless, Amber, toss me a magazine" Nina threw her notepad down catching Amber's magazine.
"Go Nina" Amber said as Nina sighed.
"Right that's it, come with me" I said grabbing he hand and pulling her through the front door.
"What are you doing? We are in our pyjamas and it's freezing cold. I'm not even wearing shoes." She complained.
"You need a break, and me, being the amazing person I am, I am making you calmer" I said taking her to a side clearing. She smiled when she saw it. It's a cleaning through the woods, a five minute walk from the house, lead by a path that cut off from the general flow of the stream. It's very secluded meaning it's a secret spot. It's the place where I first asked her to officially be my girlfriend.
"How do you always do that?" She asked as she sat on the tree trunk. It curved at the bottom and ran along the ground laying on the floor, acting as a log bench.
"Do what?"
"Always know what to do or say" she smiled calmer.
"I just know you" I smiled.
"Do you remember the first time we came here?" She asked.
"Yeah, you came running here after that argument and it was pouring with rain. You thought I wouldn't find you if you took a different path and you ended up here" I laughed.
"What was it, like 2:30am? I honestly thought we were breaking up" she laughed.
"Yeah then I found you sitting on this tree trunk, crying and I came up to you"
"And you wrapped your arms around me saying how you would never leave me before kissing my forehead and giving me your jacket." She finished.
"I never did get that jacket back" I taunted.
"I was being hunted by Victor, there was no time" she laughed as we recalled Victor nearly catching her walking in. "And you had a bad cold the next day and you were in bed so I simply couldn't return it" she smiles cheekily. I swear she has about 50 of my jackets or hoodies. I have gone out to buy more like 8 times because they've gone missing after I gave her them. Amber told me she likes them because they are comfortable and smell like me, so remind her of safety, or something she read in a magazine like that.
"Hey is it still here?" She asks looking around the tree.
"I doubt a carving has disappeared." I laughed in response.
"I can't see, I think I've gotten smaller" she told me.
"Nina, I was giving you a piggy back when you carved it, and I still haven't seen it" I told her.
"Ok, you write me a song for the project and I'll show it to you" she tries so hard.
"I'll pass."
"Give me a piggy back then, I want to see if it's still there" she said as she hopped onto my back. She swiftly jumped back to the ground after squealing. "It's there" she smiled.
"Can I see it yet?" I asked. Basically, she carved something into the tree on our 6 months and hasn't let me see it. Ever.
"No, you'll think it's cheesy and you'll hate me" she pouted.
"But if you love it, I'm sure I will." I explained. Ok, I just really want to see it.
"Fine, but don't laugh" she buried her head in her hands before pulling out her phone to show me a picture of it. In the top corner of the tree, hidden by leaves, she simply carved a love heart with F+N inside.
"It's cute" I told her.
"It's cheesy" she complained.
"I still like it" she smiled. "So are you feeling calmer?" I asked. She nodded. "Ready to go back?" She shook her head.
"No, because then reality will set it and I'll be back marked with death and have a song to write and I wish I could just stay here, with you, peaceful in this time vortex" she sighed.
"At least now you've got inspiration" I smiled before taking her hand leading her back to the house. "It's okay" I told her.


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