Fabian's choice

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Amber's POV :

"What do you mean he's going to die?" I asked as I re-applied lipgloss.
"What I said Amber, he wants to give up his life to save us all." Nina told me pacing.
"Are you sure he said he would die he might of meant it differently" I told her, facing her.
"No Amber he meant it. God why is he so stupid?" She asked sitting on her bed.
"He's brave" I told her. Dying to save her and the rest of us. "And it's kinda cute he would die for you" I told her. Fabina! Eek.
"Sorry" I added. "Can they even kill us though. Can't you get Sarah or like Amneris or Osiris to help? I mean you are linked to them." I asked.
"It's not that simple Ambz" she told me as I hugged her.
"Why not?"
"Why not? Why not." She looks like she realised something. "Amber you're a genius. I have to go see Eddie" she jumped up and ran out the door. Genius. Did you hear that?

Nina's POV :

Why not? What is stopping us from calling the gods? They helped Eddie get his powers back and being Gods or Goddesses they sure as heck don't want people dying. That's the reason the Chosen One and Osirian exist in the first place. To save people.
"Fabian stop being stupid, you're not going to die" I heard before I entered the room.
"Look, I love her and you are all my best friends. You're the only one's who accepted me and I'm going to do whatever I can do to save her and you ok?" He shouted back. Ok, so I'm touched, but it's times like these I wish I stayed away. I love him too much to see him die.
"Eddie I need your help" I burst into the door. I looked around to see Fabian go red knowing I heard. It's too cute. "I think I know how to avoid anybody dying." I broke the silence.
"Well then why are you quiet woman" Eddie practically shouted.
"Meet me in the clearing in 15 minutes, I need to grab something first" I told him before smiling at Fabian and leaving. Sarah's music box.
"Amber have you seen Sarah's music box?" I asked when I saw it wasn't on my unit.
"Yeah, Victor was snooping yesterday so I put it in the back of the wardrobe, under your old sweater"
"Oh yeah thanks Ambz" I said as I found it.
"Why do you need it!" She asked.
"I don't know, me and Eddie are trying to do that thing, summoning our ancestor Gods, and the house told me we needed this" I recalled while I put it in my bag.
"Ooh exciting. Can I come with?" She asked.
"I don't think that's the best idea Ambz, it might be dangerous." I told her hesitantly. It's not that I don't want her there but with powers involved she could easily get hurt. Especially with ancient Gods/Goddesses being summoned. "I'm sorry, I really am" I told her as I saw her smile drop.
"No I get it. But still, go save Fabian, I might try to talk him out of this crazy thing." She smiled at me.
"And can you tell Trix, try to get her to talk some sense into him, they're like family, and he's not listening to me or Eddie" I trailed off.
"He's gonna be fine, trust Amber" I sighed. I hope she's right.
"What took you so long?" Eddie asked as I reached the clearing.
"Sorry, I couldn't find the music box, not that I know what I need to use it for." I explained.
"Well I do. Why do we need to summon them?" He asked me. How did he know we were summoning the Gods?
"To beg them to help stop Fabian dying" ok, so it sounded better in my head. And not so crazy.
"Nina I"
"No, listen" I cut him off. "They want what is best for people and they aim to save the world. The chosen one and Osirian were created to save people's lives. So yeah, I'm biased because I don't want my boyfriend to die, but on top of that I know we can appeal to them to save an innocent person's life, can't you see we have to do this?" I was screaming by this point. "Forget about me dating him, forget he's your best friend, at this moment he is somebody who knows he can save the people he loves by dying himself and he is giving himself to the afterworld to save others. We can use that as an appeal. Come on Eddie, you've got to help me. Help him. Do this to help Patricia for crying out loud." Tears of anger started streaming down my face. Why is he so stupid and why are people agreeing with him? "Please. For Sibuna" I finalised. "Eddie say something" my voice shook.
"I never said I wouldn't help. He's my best friend, I understand. He's stupid. You do realise this is your fault right?" He laughed. "He's doing this because he loves you."
"Wow, don't I feel better" I smiled.
"Now, are we gonna do this thing or what?" He asked.
"Ok, ok I'm calm. What? Oh yeah sure, right" I muttered. Now to summon them. "Amneris? Osiris?" I called. "Is this even how we do it? I mean, these are Gods" I asked Eddie.
"That's what I was trying to say. The music box. We need to call them with the music box, the most prized possession of the blood-line that is passed on from paragon to paragon. Hence Sarah leaving it to you. And one day you will do the same." He told me.
"I'm not in the blood-line though. I'm the paragon because of my birth." I told him.
"Didn't Fabian ever tell you? Every chosen one is related through blood somehow to Amneris. You were related to Sarah and every Chosen One beforehand leading to Amneris herself." He told me.
"Fabian knew?"
"We found it out the end of last year."
"Let's just go back" I told him. Wait, did I just say that? Would I really risk his life because he kept it from me? I can't.
"Ok then" I opened the music box and the familiar tune of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' started to play.
"We need to talk to you" I said as I sensed Amneris and Osiris listening. It's now or never.


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