One more shop

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Amber's POV:

"We get to go shopping. Come on guys hurry up. I want to shop" I called up the stairs. Today we had decided we would finally go shopping - something I haven't done in ages. We all need to get Christmas presents for each other so I, being brilliant and all, decided we would shop in groups and switch about in intervals to buy for each other. Genius, I know.
"We're coming Amber, chill" Eddie called as he grabbed his infamous leather jacket from his room.
"So who is going with who?" KT asked as she joined the small gathering at the bottom of the stairs.
"Girls in Trix's car, boys with Fabian. I would've booked one of daddy's limos but I was told not to. And it doesn't help that none of you Americans have your cars over here. You have been driving longer than us, you know."
"Technically, I haven't. I passed my test about a month before I moved to the UK and I wasn't allowed to drive over here" Nina laughed as she joined us.
"That's true but you probably should get a car over here" Fabian added.
"So we're going now?"
"Yup" Alfie said leaving the kitchen with food.
"Trix isn't here yet".
"Yacker get your butt down here right now or we're leaving without you".
"Calm down, I'm here. Besides, I'd like to see you try to leave when I'm driving" she stuck her tongue out as she grabbed her car keys. "Let's roll".


"Right girls, let us shop 'till we drop. I have daddy's debit card and I'm not afraid to use it. I know what you're going to say" Amber held her hand up silencing Nina "and yes we will buy Christmas presents, but we're also having fun today. Be prepared" she finished doing the boy scout salute.
"Amber please, I just want to get this over with; don't make it bigger than it needs to be" Trix inputted.
"Trixie, it's shopping, it's the biggest thing about."
"Oh joy" Trix muttered, although it was loud enough for everybody to hear.
"Oh come on, it's Christmas, give her this one" I whispered laughing.
Nina joined in, adding "I wanna go upstairs first, let's go" as she walked towards the escalators.

Nina's POV:

"So what do you think of this, for KT?" Trix said holding up a dress that I'm sure KT would love.
"I think she'd like it, it's similar to what she wears usually" Fabian told her smiling, before I could get a word in.
"Oh and Nina, you're welcome" he held out a gorgeous antique clock that definitely would fit with the décor of my house in America.
"Gran will love this, thank you" I smiled hugging him. We'd since swapped groups around to buy for each other - part of Amber's master plan - and had been in the mall for about three hours. I still hadn't found anything for Trix, Alfie or Fabian, but now at least, I have my Gran's. Amber had also given me the idea of creating a cheap, yet efficient gift for my friends in America that I could ship over (a Christmas mug that looked like a snowman and had cocoa inside [what with my friend groups unusual love of all things Christmas - something Eddie swears is American]).
"Are we ready to swap groups again or..." Trix trailed off.
"I need to get Amber's first"
"I need to get Alfie's" I added.
"Okay, good luck with Amber's, there's a toy shop there if you want to look for Alfie."
"Who knew it would be Patricia who is the most organised out of all of us" I laughed.
"Hey! I grew up with strict parents and a sister who is now at a prestigious boarding school - I know how to organise" she joined in the laughing.
"Actually, do you know what everybody else has bought Alfie, because I know Amber hasn't bought him a skateboard yet and his old one broke, so that can be my first if nobody else has."
"No, Eddie bought him a joke set and everybody else bought personal gifts, I think" Fabian told me.
"Thanks, oh and by the way, I think Amber would really, really like, that" I pointed at something that had caught my eye at the back of the store. "And then maybe some chocolate too, she's a sucker for it, especially when she can use the holidays as an excuse." He laughed in response and made his way to the back of the store as Trix and I went to the toy shop opposite.
"They have penny boards" Trix said as soon as we walked in, seeing the wall stacked with the new craze.
"No, I wanted an actual board for him if they have one."
"They're probably with all the sport stuff at the back" she told me.
One skateboard later we were back with Fabian before we were meeting to swap groups again.

Eddie's POV:

"So I'd say today has been rather productive" I said to the group as I ate another fry.
"I can't believe we all got everything we needed in" she stopped to check her watch, "5 hours" Yacker sighed.
"I don't know about you guys but I'm exhausted."
"Well, I was going to say, after this, I want us all to pop to one more shop" Alfie pitched in.
"Really Alfie, why?"
"Well, growing up, my family had just one Christmas tradition. And you all know my family are, well strict is an understatement, but, I don't know, I've done this all my life, and I thought we could do it this year" he said "but, if you're all too tired, that's fine too."
"Oh, come on, we've got to go now, what is it?"
"Okay, so it might sound a little dumb but basically, every Christmas Eve, we would all have new Christmas pyjamas that we would wear on Christmas Eve night and wake up in on the morning. It sounds stupid but they would be wrapped and you would unwrap it early, instead of on Christmas and it, that for me is Christmas. You don't have to do it, I just thought it would be fun."
"I think it's sweet" Amber said leaning into his side.
"Aww even I think that's cute, and that's saying something" Trix added, making us all laugh.
"So, one more shop?" Nina suggested.
"Yup" we all replied in unison. One more shop.



So hey guys! I hope you enjoy the chapter! There aren't a lot of chapters left so this is a light, fluffy one with no mystery for you all. There will be one more like this (spoiler, it's Christmas Day) and then the drama will come back.

I want to thank you all for being so supportive. 'House Of Anubis - the final year' is almost at 150,000 reads (I KNOW RIGHT; HOW AWESOME ARE YOU GUYS) and this book is nearly at 23,000!
Thank you for sticking by the story and I might have some news for you coming up. The next chapter will be here soon (this is a literal promise as it was started before this one) and will be part of your Christmas present from me :)

Again, I hope you like it!


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