Old memories, new discoveries

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Fabian's POV :

"Hey do you have that book Uncle Ade gave us? I can't find it in my room" Nina popped her head round the bedroom door.
"It's probably over here" I put down my guitar and went towards a pile of papers and other things. She walked in and helped me look for it. "Why'd you want it?"
"It seems like it would help. I never got a proper look at it when he gave it us, but we have a battle on our hands and this is all about the battles." She told me.
"Here" I handed it her, pulling it out from the pile and making my papers fly everywhere. "Great" I muttered.
"Here" she mimicked as she picked them up. I smiled. As she was about to leave I picked my guitar back up. She turned back. "Play something for me?" She asked. I started to play the intro picking to On My Mind. It's not as embarrassing now she's heard it already, multiple times. She sat on the edge of my bed as I sang and she started blushing.
"You're cute when you blush you know?" I laughed as I finished.
"Just, oh just stop" she covered her cheeks.
"What? I'm telling the truth" I smiled.
"I'm leaving now" she joked as she went outside.
"Man you've got it bad" Eddie said walking back in to our room.
"Shut up" I threw a book at him lightly.
"Hey" he complained. I sat down with my notepad, the one with all the information from the quests in. Victor took my first one, but I got a new one.
"How long's left?" Eddie asked.
"Even though it seems like longer we've only had 17 out of the 103 days." I explained.
"Wait, only 17? Wow." He said in shock. "So that's what? 90 left?"
"86" I corrected.
"Eh same thing. Toma(y)to, Toma(r)to." He didn't look up. He just waved his hand. "Anyway, any new discoveries?"
"Eddie, you're in Sibuna, you know everything." I scoffed.
"So the answer to my question is" he trailed off.
"No, we've found nothing except for what you know already." I sighed as my fan blew a bunch of papers off of the desk and onto my bed. There has to be something we're missing with the mystery. There's always something we are missing. The puzzle pieces were the cup, the fake mask was real, the clue was under our cloakroom, the piece was a broken locket, everything was right in front of us. Wait, everything was right in front of us. What if, now this might be crazy, but what if the 'strong wind' isn't that strong? What if it's not wind at all. What if, what if the wind is wind created, by I don't know, a fan perhaps?
"Eddie come here" I called him over. "I've never seen these papers before, but they were on my desk."
"They look like diaries" he told me.
Ok so it doesn't look too bad to read. 'Day 1, I shouldn't have let myself gain too much pride, I'm always told I'm modest, apparently not. This thing isn't bad for now, I can still understand everything, I just don't have a soul, and they can control me, mostly. I don't know why I understand things, Trixie doesn't. It kills me to see my sister like this. I feel like I still have some soul left, but I know that wouldn't work.'
"Fabian, is this what I think it is." I nodded. How come I don't remember writing this? I clearly remembered everything during my time as a sinner. "Don't read ahead" he pre-warned me.
'Day 8, we have advanced greatly. Eddie keeps trying to stop us but he never will. The last bit of my soul that remained is diminishing, and I like it. Soon, with Ammut's help, we will kill the Chosen One and her little Osirian. We may need help but with Ammut raining chaos on the world, the Chosen One will be distracted enough to capture and obliterate, once and for all. It's time.' No, no no no no no. "Nina" I whispered. "Get Nina" I shouted.
"Hey, what's up?" She asked running into the room after Eddie ran out to get her. I handed her the papers.
"Apparently I was still subconscious for a while" I muttered.
"So it's me they want?" She looked up, holding back tears. "Then they can have me" she got up to leave.
"Now stop being stupid" I pulled her into a hug.
"So, they want me, and Eddie is the sacrifice? Our wind was the fan? And Sarah is our friend from above, who helps us somehow, possibly through Zach's room, or that might be the entry for Sophia and Ammut. We have 86 days left and we also have to beware the wind." She said after I'd explained everything.
"Don't believe any of it" Trix ran into the room.
"Amber has a theory." Amber?
"Eddie just explained everything. The riddle said beware the wind didn't it? Well what if this is a trap. What if you weren't subconscious at all and these papers have been planted to distract us when actually, they want something, or someone else." Amber explained. Nina looked at me. It's possible I guess.
"That might be, but we still need to be on guard, it could be true and the wind to beware might not be the fan, it says beware a wind and that a wind is the key so it might be two winds. Just" I sighed trailing off. "Just be careful, and never leave Nina alone. Always make sure somebody is with her at all times." I requested. Everybody nodded.
"Sibuna" everybody covered their right eye with their right hand. Everybody walked out to get back to what they were doing, leaving Nina and me.
"Did the book say anything?" I asked trying to divert her mind from what just happened.
"Yeah actually, it says it's hard for humans but descendants of Gods, alchemists, expedition teams, etc.. will be better in battle. Well we have me and Eddie, KT, Trix and Alfie. So you and Amber will have to sit this battle out. Work on the theory side." She explained.
"You do realise Amber and I aren't following those rules, right?" I asked.
"Fabian" she warned.
"No, I would risk my life to keep you safe, and I'm going to."


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