Truth Time

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Amneris' POV :

"They lost? It was that girl. I told you to train her more." Osiris' voice boomed.
"Excuse me. I trained her. You know it. She did that on purpose and I want to know why. If she did that on purpose her heart will weigh heavy Osiris. She is the most powerful Paragon yet. Are you really going to let someone who is worthy of being a Pharaoh get away?"
"Those who hold great power get an explanation as to why their heart is heavy" he replied casually.
"Well we better ensure she gets that explanation" I instructed.
"Off we go" he muttered as we transported to the room of Maat.
"Her heart outweighs the feather." Eddie muttered. "Why? No she can't die. Can't you do something?" He directed the last part at us.
"Those who hold great power get an explanation as to why their heart was heavy" I directed towards Maat. She nodded and placed the heart back where it belongs.
"You hold great power therefore you are allowed an explanation. Now child. Why was your heart heavy?"
"I don't know" oh come on girl.

Eddie's POV :

I don't know! I don't know?Seriously 'I don't know' is the best you can do?
"Neens" I whispered. Seriously Neens.
"I don't know" she said a little louder.
"Well your heart was heavy for a reason. And you will die if you don't say what that reason is. So come on" I urged.
"If my heart is heavy then I should be down there already" she muttered again.
"Yeah and leave everything behind."
"Like what. My heart is heavy and I should be there because of what I've done Eddie. At least I don't have to live with the guilt of what Jack dod forever. My mom and dad are down there. Sarah is down there. I'm meant to be down there"
"What was that about Jack?" I butted in. "Neens I know you wouldn't cheat on Fabian. Why is your heart heavy?" Neens, listen. I know you feel worthless. I also know you miss Fabian like heck. So why did you agree to go with Jack? Was he a rebound? Was it something else?
"He was blackmailing me" she said aloud.
"What did he do?" In other words, my powers are strong and I'm about to wipe out some sucker.
"I lost the fight on purpose" she faced Maat.
"We knew that" Osiris scoffed. Ahhh, Gods with attitude. Definitely my ancestor.
"Jack, Seth's descendant, has been blackmailing me for some time. Wait, will you ensure that Eddie is safe if I tell you." She paused. Wait me? "Because I'm going against everything I've been working for, for these last few weeks" Amneris nodded.
"Yes child. We will do what is in our power."
"Ok, Jack has something on Eddie. I'm not going to tell you because that's Eddie's choice. But Jack wants to show Trixie. It's bad trust me. But that's not the worst part. He also has videos from up in the castle. He has battle videos and training videos. He has pictures and videos of Sophie and Daniel transforming and even of you two. He wants to out us to the world. To prove that magic exists and he's made a whole bunch of lies about Egypt and all my friends. He also wants to kill Eddie. This thing he has on him, is enough for Eddie to be weakened and killed. He wants to avenge Seth through Osiris' descendant. That and I've been lying to all my friends about liking him because he's been blackmailing me using this to date him also. That's one of the reasons I was so stressed when Fabian got over-protective and I broke up with him. It was as if he was Jack, really controlling and possessive and I couldn't handle that." She directed the part about Fabian at me, looking up when she had been looking down the whole time she was speaking. "I know I should've told, but I couldn't do that to Eddie. He's like my brother, and you can't back out on family." She half-heartedly laughed. "Sorry, that's something we used to say."
"Child, is what you are saying true?" Osiris asked cautiously.
"I might be a fairly good writer, but I'm not that good" she laughed.
"Now that is off your chest, as they say, your heart shall be re-weighed. If it weighs less or equal to my feather now, you will be free to go." Nina nodded. Maat took out her heart and she collapsed to the floor again. The scale rocked but landed equal to Maat's feather. Amneris smiled and Maat nodded granting, if that's the right word, Nina life.
"I'm sorry" Nina looked me in the eye after she finished coughing and spluttering back to life. We've all been there. Well, I have too, perks of going first right?
"Don't be" I smiled.
"You may leave"
"And re-do that fight" Osiris pointed at us as we were beamed back to the castle.
"Pugnabit pro me" I shouted. Another battle. Fun.

Nina's POV :

"I knew you could do it" Amneris smiled at me. "Right, we shan't be seeing you as often I expect, but by all means use the castle for training whenever you want" she told me and Eddie.
"Thankyou" I smiled back.
"Come on, get changed and we'll head back, I know someone who's been missing you too" Eddie joked in a sing-song voice.
"Shut up. I do not like him anymore" so I do but that's not the point.
"A) you admitted to Amneris, Maat and Osiris you broke up with him because of Jack, and B) who was talking about him? I was talking about Amber, she's your best friend, of course she misses you" he winked as we separated ways in order to go to the changing rooms. Damn it, I fell right into that one.
"Oh ha ha very funny" I mocked. Wow, I'm glad to be happy again, I feel liberated now Jack's not a threat; Osiris banned him, and stripped his powers, did you know high Gods could do that?
"Hurry up, Trudy will be serving tea right now down there, all that fighting has made me hungry." And I'm glad that some things never change.


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