A lot more feelings and a day of dates.

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Nina's POV :

"Fabian" I said when he didn't respond. "Fabian please" I asked crying.
"Come here" he said pulling me in for a hug. "Don't you ever think that ok?" He asked after kissing my forehead. He would say that. I know the truth ok? "I know you won't believe me. And I know you blame yourself. But it's not your fault Nina. I promise ok?" He pulled away. "Look at me." I didn't. "Nina look at me." He tilted my head up so I was looking at him.
"Oh hell-I'm just going to turn around" Trix walked in, in her clothes, but left after seeing me.
"You were 5 ok? It's not your fault. You couldn't help the fact that the van went into the car."
"Yes I could Fabian. I covered her eyes. I made her drive off the road. It was my life that made her spin the car. It was my fault." I cried.
"You made a mistake. Everybody does."
"But everybody else's mistakes don't kill their parents" I shouted.
"You didn't know what would happen. You didn't know that what happened would. You can't keep blaming yourself. Ok? I promise you it wasn't your fault. And if they were here they would say the same thing. They would be so proud of you right now. I'M so proud of you right now." He finished pulling me into another hug. "You just have to trust me. Do you trust me?" He asked. As a response I nodded into his chest. "I promise you it was not your fault ok?" Again I nodded.
"I can't even remember what they looked like or their personalities. I only have photos and a few home videos. I'm forgetting them and I hate it." I admitted after I pulled away from the hug.
"Listen. A lot of people can't remember their childhood so it's not your fault you can't remember 100%. At least you have things to keep forever and look back on." He told me.
"Thank you. Thank you so much." I whispered wrapping my arms round him.
"I would never let anything happen to you" he hugged me back.
"I love you" I smiled.
"I love you too." Ok, be happy. Take your mind off things.
"Where are you going?" I asked as Fabian was about to walk out my room. "I knew it." I said.
"What?" He asked confused.
"You know the truth and you're leaving. I knew it" I whispered. I thought he was different.
"I'm just going to change my shirt. I can't go out with tear-stains all over it now can I?" He laughed to lighten the situation.
"I know I'm just being stupid. And I think mascara stains suit you" I laughed lightly.
"Oh really?" He asked.
"Really" I replied. "In fact, I think you should wear that top more often."
"Yeah well maybe another day" he said as he left.
"Shouldn't of said that. I'll hold you down to that now" I called after him laughing. He can make me smile when I'm sad and I love it. Now to sort out my face because I can not go out looking like this. "Yeah?" I called after hearing a knock at the door.
"Is it alright for me to come in? I need my phone off charge" Trix called through.
"Yeah" I replied.
"You ok?" She asked walking through the door. I nodded.
"Now, do I have to throw juice over some slimeball?" She asked.
"No" I laughed.
"So he didn't do anything?"
"Nope, well yes, but nothing bad. I promise." I laughed.
"What happened then?" She asked casually.
"Feelings, secrets, crying, laughing." I paused. "And it's only 10'o'clock" I added.
"Did he want to hear a pin drop?" She asked doing a poor imitation of Victor. I laughed even more.
"Be careful or I'll poke my eye out" I said indicating I was re-doing my mascara. "And I'm finished." I smiled.
"Are you still wearing that dress?" She looked up from her phone as she was sitting on the bed.
"Yep" I replied popping the P. "But I might add a jumper now." I said walking to my closet.
"A jumper over a dress?" She asked. Oh right. England.
"Cardigan" I told her. I'm getting pretty good at this lingo. Or not.

Alfie's POV :

"A bit further" I guided a blindfolded Amber.
"Alfie I swear if I fall over something in these shoes. Or if I step in something." She complained.
"You won't. We're nearly there." I told her.
"And why have you cut through the forest, there's a path you know?" She asked.
"And we're here" I ignored her last comment. She took her blindfold off and admired what I set up.
"Oh boo I love it" she kissed my cheek. I set up a picnic in the middle of forest with a beautiful view. You can see the water, also known as a pond but on this day the british weather is being weird and is actually sunny. So, the sun reflects off the water which is pretty. Yep, definitely been spending too much time with Ambz.
"Look how pretty the river looks" she pointed over. And what did I tell you.
"Want to eat?" I asked.
"Well I missed breakfast" she moaned. That's the funny thing. I'm becoming more like her, bad, bad things, but she's becoming less girly, not that it's a bad thing but she's lightening up. She doesn't care as much about looks or weight like she used to. But I guess that's the beauty of it all isn't it? Seriously is it? I should read those magazines Amber gives me.

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