Victor finds out

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KT's POV :
"I wish there was just one day when we could be normal" Amber said as we made our way back down to the tunnels. "No mysteries, no life or death situations" she started a list, "actual time for outfit changes" she added.
"Ambz, you're listing things again" Alfie told her but she continued her list.
"I haven't kept up with fashion and I haven't been on a real date since prom!" She finished.
"We had a picnic at lunch last week" Alfie said.
"I mean a real date boo" she replied. " The picnic was nice but we only had 30 minutes during lunch." She said sadly as Alfie hugged her.
"Well, how about Saturday night? I'll take you to the fanciest restaurant around" he smiled.
"Really?" Amber asked her eyes lighting up.
"You guys class McDonalds as a fancy restaurant right?" he asked us before turning to her. "Of course" he told her.
"I'll love whatever we get. Thanks boo you're the best." She replied.
"So we are basically looking for anything else that looks out of the ordinary. Clues, hints, drawings or symbols" Fabian told us as we reached the senet section of the tunnels.
"I can't see anything" I said as I pointed my torch at the walls and floor.
"Fabian, this wasn't here before" Nina said as she searched over by the mask cabinet. "See, over here" she pointed to a spot on the wall.
"What is that?" Fabian asked as he crowded round her.
"It looks like the start of an opening to another dimension, like on cartoons" Alfie inputted.
"Alfie that's stupid" Trix butted in.
"Sophia and Ammut are in a different place, the afterlife, which in theory, is a different dimension" I told everybody.
"Well this is great. There's a dimension that could mix with ours any second and we are staring and poking at it. Good going guys" Eddie said sarcastically.
"He's right guys. We don't know what Sophia and Ammut are capable of." Nina told us. "They could be listening now, they could be able to pass through dimensions, or at least are trying to."
"Let's go back up to the house" Eddie told us.
"Get pictures" I said.
"We'll study them upstairs, to be on the safe side" Fabian told us.
"I've got the pictures" Trix said.
"Come on guys" Nina beckoned us to follow her.
Amber's POV :
I've messed everything up haven't I?
"Ambz, you ok?" Neens asked me.
"Yeah" I said. No. Of course I'm not fine. I think I've messed everything up with Alfie. He worked so hard on that picnic and I basically said it was rubbish.
"Ambz, tell me the truth" Nina told me. "Come on" she dragged me to our room. "Is it Alfie?" I nodded in reply.
"I've messed everything up" I said sadly.
"How?" she asked me.
"I told him the picnic was rubbish when it wasn't. I loved it. He put in so much effort and it made me love him even more. I just, I feel like I'm missing out because whenever we talk, it's about a mystery, I mean I like helping solve them, I just feel like I'm falling more each day and I can't do anything about it" I let everything out.
"Come here" she opened her arms for a hug. This is the thing with Neens. She doesn't question my smart moments or when I show my feelings, she's just there. I'm the blonde, the dumb one, and people forget I have feelings, even daddy.
"You haven't lost him. He's taking you out Saturday. Saturday, make it an Amfie day. Just be with Alfie. And it's ok to fall harder each day. It's natural. It's what happens when you love somebody." she told me.
"Thanks" I replied smiling. "Now this portal thing, let's go see what it's all about." I said walking to the door. "And Saturday, make that a Fabina day. You need it as much as I do." I smiled leaving the room. I heard her mumble a 'maybe I do' first though.
Nina's POV :
"So have we got anything?" I asked following Amber into Fabian's room.
"If you zoom in on this photo it looks like an outline of a person" Trix showed me an image.
"But it's just the bottom so you can't see anything" KT added.
"You ok?" Fabian asked as I sat down.
"Yeah, Amber girl problems" I whispered.
"Do you think it could be Sophia?" Alfie asked. "Or Ammut?"
"It could be" I replied. "You guys all know them better than I do. Maybe you could recognise them easier. Do the other photos show anything?" I changed the subject.
"No. I've analysed them as much as possible, it's as if the shadow walked across and that's how we got the image. It's not on any others." Fabian said.
"Is the person side facing or front facing?" I asked. "Then we know if they actually were walking past or not" I added.
"They are" Trix dragged getting out her phone. "They are facing forwards."
"So how did we only get them on one picture? You clicked repeatedly" Amber stated.
"It doesn't make any sense" I looked at the picture.
"Unless that's what they wanted" Eddie murmured.
"What do you mean?" KT asked.
"They wanted us to know they were there. As a warning or a clue. To show they are on to us." Eddie told us. "Think about it. We think we are on to them but in all fairness, they have the upper-hand."
"He's right." I sighed.
"So what's next?" KT asked.
"We wait. We translate the hieroglyphs fully. We work out the riddles. And we wait. They're one step ahead so we wait for clues. We wait for anything." I told them calmly.
"Wait" Amber echoed.
"Then we wait. You two" Trix said pointing at Amber and Alfie "search the library for anything. You guys" she said pointing at me and Fabian "work on the hieroglyphs and we" she said pointing at her Eddie and KT "will work on the riddle."
"Good dictatorship" Fabian praised her. "Come on" he said as we left the room to start on the riddle.

3rd Person View :

"Well, well Corbierre, looks like the children are going to wait. So now, we can soar ahead."


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