Sassy remarks

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Amber's POV :

"Well well well, what do we have here?" Sophia asked sarcastically walking around.
"Two girls, sitting talking to you, right?" I asked backed as I looked to KT for back-up. She nodded and shrugged her shoulders giving Ammut, who was standing in the corner of the room, a sarcastic look.
"Very smart. Now let's cut to the chase" Ammut stood up straight and started to walk over. "I know that you know that we know that you know how the locket helps us" she said quickly.
"But that means we know that you know that we know that you know that we know how the locket helps. So we have the upper-hand" don't play smart with me.
"Huh?" Sophia is such and airhead.
"We'll cut to the chase shall we?" I asked standing up from my dresser. "Listen here, me and KT know the locket transformed into a key and gives you access up into our world through Zach's room. Right?" Ammut nodded. Wow. I actually have a Goddess under my power. Sweet. "And you know we can tell anyone, right?" Another nod. "And you also know that we know that you think you aren't strong enough to battle Eddie and Nina alone, let alone all of us with them" now I'm the one circling them.
"And, we know that you know that we know that Sophia has no powers whatsoever. That's right. We know your little plan failed when we poured the tear of gold on Sophia, and we know easy it will be to defeat you in that battle" KT butted in.
"You have no right." Ammut jumped up aiming a hand at KT. She muttered something I didn't understand before KT put a hand to her side, doubling over in pain. "Let me remind you that I have the power here. I am the one that controls you, not the other way around, am I understood?" Her voice boomed as I nodded in order for her to let KT go. "If you tell anybody, you'll be in trouble" she muttered to me before her and Sophia left through Zach's room. As soon as they were out of sight I rushed straight to KT. "Let's get you some ice. And hey, welcome to the club" I joked in attempt to make her smile.
"What are we gonna tell the gang?" She asked cautiously.
"I don't think we should tell them anything just yet." I muttered hoping she didn't here.
"Are you crazy?" She whispered as we passed Trudy on our way to the kitchen.
"Probably" I responded.
"How are we going to keep a mark and all this information to ourselves?"
"Not tell?" Ok so I'm being vague and to put it simply, stupid, but there's a reason that I do what I do. "Listen it sounds crazy but we need to talk to Ammut and Sophia before we do anything with Sibuna. I know that they have empty threats, but this one was serious, I could tell"
"Yeah I know, I've met her before, remember?" KT butted in.
"And defeated her, yeah, I know. Look, I just think it would be better if we cleared some things up with them first. Or at least do some more investigating in the library or anti chamber. Wait, did I just offer to do that?" I asked snapping back into reality. "Anyway, I just think that we should"
"Play it cool, Alfie alert" KT muttered to me as he came up to us.
"Hi KT, hey babe, are you two ok? You missed teatime because you were doing make-up, and babes, I know you might do that, but KT? Seriously?" He asked.
"KT needed love advice. Her and Jake had a lovers tiff." I explained creating an alibi, quite loudly, just so the rest of Sibuna heard.
"No way, what did my idiot cousin do?" Nina cut in, having overheard the last sentence from the armchair.
"Ummm" yeah good going KT.
"Nothing, nothing" I started. "He's not replying again, but I explained that would be time difference or business, most likely. Worst possible outcome is he has somebody else but that wouldn't happen, right KT?"
"Right" she replied unsure.
"Ouch" Jerome muttered.
"Coming from the guy who dated Mara and Willow at the same time" Joy threw back sassily, changing the subject somewhat. Jerome fell silent causing Eddie to bring the cookie plate out tapping his shoulder and whispering 'she got you there bro.'
"Anyway, what were you saying?" Alfie asked remembering he cut off a conversation.
"Oh, right, what I was saying was" think Amber! "That KT and I, and whoever else wants to join, should go" shopping? "Shopping. To get her mind off of things with Jake." I said proudly.
"Yeah, I'm not really up for shopping. Don't worry Amber, I'll be fine" she stared my right in the eye and I knew she was talking about the mark.
"Don't forget, you can talk to me if you need too" I smiled then turned and saw a couple of confused faces. "I am the love expert after all" I flicked my hair, playing it cool, before leaving to sit down.
"Well I'm going to go to bed, it's nearly curfew anyway. It's been a long day and it's a school day tomorrow" Mara said standing up almost as soon as I sat.
"Is it that late already?" I asked looking at the clock to see it was nearly 9'o'clock. "It's only 9?" I told her but it came out like a question.
"We have early curfew again, Trudy told us at supper" Joy spoke up.
"What are you all doing up? I thought Trudy told you that you had early curfew tonight? And it is nearly 9'o'clock so I suggest you get ready for bed" Victor's voice boomed right in time. Oh great.
"Night everybody" Mara left before Joy and Jerome.
"Night babes" Alfie said kissing my cheek.
"Come on Ambz, let's go before he evil eyes us out" Neens muttered. We went up the stairs with Victor's 'hurry hurry' following us.
"Alright Captain Curfew I'm going. Seriously Victor? You're shooing me now. Oh the toothbrush. Really? Find a new punishment. Oh. Okay. Yes Victor. Every toilet in school. Okay. I'm going, I'm going." Trix stormed into our room huffing. "Every toilet in the school with this" she held up an old toothbrush.
"Tough luck" I muttered.
"Seriously what is his problem?" She asked walking over to the wardrobe pulling out some pyjamas.
"Ok. Don't freak." Nina spun around causing us to look up.
"I think, maybe, just maybe" she paused. "This is just a theory, but I've had a hunch for a while now" another pause. "It is logical. I mean when was the last time we had early curfew? And like this may be crazy, but I don't know. I just have a feeling. I think, I think Victor" she stuttered. "I think the Secret Society is back together" she finally spat out.


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