Mastering new powers

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Patricia's POV :

"So what new powers do you actually have?" KT asked Nina and Eddie.
"We have the powers of the deities" the replied in sync.
"Is that one of them?" Amber asked referring to their speaking together.
"What? No!" They replied again. Amber didn't look too sure.
"Well, I have healing, along with guardianship, and combat perception. That allows me to understand how somebody strategises in battle and allows me to plot against them, blocking them and potentially winning the battle" Nina told them.
"And the others?" Alfie asked.
"Well the healing is simple. I can heal. Mostly battle wounds, but when I master it I should be able to heal general wounds, from paper-cuts to broken bones. Also the guardianship is to look over things, sacred items, guarding peace, hostility, oh and keeping the natural balance between life and death, so keeping spirits in the underworld and the living up here." She explained.
"That's cool" Alfie smiled.
"And then I have plant growth and manipulation. So I can change the appearance of a plant, in other words I attack using trees and stuff." Eddie said. "I also happen to have enhanced combat and eh, charisma" he said flipping his collar.
"Charisma, yeah right" I scoffed. He looked at me unimpressed before continuing "it means I can fight better, and then I can charm people to follow my orders."
"Oh this is going to be great" I muttered. Never trust the weasel with something where he can control others. "We're dead, we're all dead" I said out loud.
"Well I'm glad to see somebody has faith in me" he sarcastically replied.
"So you said about mastering them, how will you do that?" Fabian changed the subject.
"Well we have to practise obviously" Nina started.
"But with the extent of our identities it basically comes naturally" Eddie finished.
"Apparently." Nina made sure to add.
"So can you make the plant grow? The one for science. I never actually did the work" Alfie asked Eddie.
"Possibly" he replied. "I mean I'm not exactly meant to, but since when have I ever listened?"
"And this is why I said we are all going to die" I pointed out.
"Yacker I'm touched that you believe in me so much" he put his arm around my shoulder. I just laughed.
"Our first training is tonight." Nina added to the conversation. "After about 3 training sessions we will be ok to not practise anymore. That's what Eddie meant when he said it comes naturally." she finished.
"So how long are these training sessions? And where will they happen?" Fabian asked.
"About 3 hours each session, but because we will be called up to the palace, it will probably be about an hour and half your time. The palace time and all that is different" Eddie told everybody.
"We don't actually know when we will be called, it could be in the middle of class, it could be after Victor's pin drop."
"So how often will you have the training?" KT asked more questions.
"Probably in the next two weeks they will be finished, so we have days to practise in between, in the woods, secluded places, things like that. It might only be one full session because of who we are, but we're not 100% sure ourselves" Nina told everybody.
"So the first one is?"
"Today" Nina told Amber in reply.
"I'll be training with Osiris and Nina with Ammeris, then we'll have a battle, Me and Neens .V. The god and goddess, based on what we learnt. If we win, it will be the end of training, if not, we'll go back." Eddie explained.
"Guys, hate to break it to you, but class started 5 minutes ago." I butted in as everybody grabbed their bags to leave the clearing. A good 10 minutes walk to class.
"What lesson is it?" Alfie asked.
"I'm in French" Nina said.
"Same" Eddie, Fabian and KT joined.
"You're with me in maths Alfie" I told him.
"And me" Amber added.
"No fair, the American's speak that language and get you out of detention." Alfie moaned.
"We better get back" KT imputed.

Eddie's POV :

'Training time has come. Make sure no mortals are around. Tell me when it's ok to bring you up' I heard Osiris say casually. I looked at Nina and she nodded.
"Miss, I don't feel too good." She raised her hand as she faked ill.
"Alright go to the nurse." Our teacher replied. She's new and I don't even know her name. We have new one's practically every week. No teacher stays here anymore.
"I'll take her" I offered. The teach nodded. As soon as we got out of the classroom we went to the bathrooms to be taken to the palace.
'Osiris, it's time' I replied as casually as he had spoke to me. Suddenly, I was in the palace again, and instead of being in my uniform, I was wearing work out clothes. I looked around and saw Nina, deep in conversation with Amneris.
'Good luck' I told her before moving to the plant room with Osiris.
"So this is where you will train your plant growth and manipulation." Osiris told me.
"So what do I have to do?"
"Get used to circling your hand." He muttered. "Circle your hand over the top of the plant and say 'Incrementum Incrementum. At the same time.
"Incrementum Incrementum" I repeated circling my hand over the plant. A green light surrounded the plant before it grew about 7 inches.
"What does that mean?" I asked.
"Plant grow, plant grow" he said as if it was obvious. Oh.
"So how do I make things bigger?"
"Think of the height you want at the same time as saying it. It works the same for making it smaller." He explained.
"Now this one. Say 'continere planta mutare herba.' Whilst holding your hand towards the plant.
"Continere planta mutare herba" I repeated. A blast of purple shot from my hand and the plant changed its formation. "That's so cool. What does that one mean?" I asked curiously and excited.
"Control the plant, change the plant. Twist your hand" he told me. I twisted my hand and the plant twisted.
"Cool" I explained.
"Now say 'Non mutare, non amplius imperium' it means control no longer, change no longer" he told me before I could ask. I repeated the words and the plant changed to its original form.
"Now practise for a bit before I come back" he told me leaving me in the room.
"Alright, let's have some fun." I muttered. "Incrementum Incrementum" I circled my hand over the plant. 5ft, 5ft, 5ft. The green light surrounded the plant before it grew. Hmmm tape measure? Ah, over there. "Hey, it's 5ft" I said out loud. Ok, so this is cool. "Now, continere planta mutare herba" I pointed my hand at the same plant. It twisted and turned with stems becoming arms to attack with. "Non mutare, non amplius imperium" I pointed and it turned back to being a 5ft plant. This is going to be cool.

Nina's POV :

"Ok chosen one, you've had it easy, but not with me. I'm sure you know by now you are my descendant." I nodded. "Your gran does not know about this. You see it is your mother's side that is my descendant. Sarah, the last chosen one, was your mother's grandmother. Your grandmother and mother were not chosen ones. You are. It was always your destiny. Your mother escaped the curse, or privilege, by a mere 2 minutes; being born on Febuary 2nd at 1:58am." I never knew any of this. Sarah was my great gran? So does that mean I'm related to KT?
"Yes my dear. You and her are cousins, somewhere down the line." Amneris told me.
"KT and Jake aren't related are they?" I asked panicked.
"No dear" she smiled. Thank God. I would hate to tell her she couldn't date him anymore. They make each other so happy. They're so cute together.
"Now background is covered. You will train. And hard. Just because you are family does not mean I will go easy on you. You will be the best paragon and do things where others have failed. My child, you have already done so much. You would've made an excellent pharaoh. First, we will work on healing. We try with wildlife first before we take you to the human ward." I nodded as I followed her down the hall. We entered a room full of injured wildlife. Rabbits, deer, other animals. It was like a vet, but wasn't.
"I want you to repeat after me. 'Sanabit laesae' while pointing your hand at the injured area."
"Sanabit laesae" I pointed my hand at the rabbits leg. A blue light shot out and slowly circled the cut, healing it. "It means 'heal injured' right?" I asked hoping I wasn't wrong.
"Correct chosen one." She whispered.
"Practise on one more and then I will take you to guardianship." She told me.
"Sanabit laesae" I pointed at a deer whose leg looked broken. The deer stood up after the blue light disappeared.
"Good, follow me." Amneris told me walking through a new door.
"This is guardianship. Behind there is the Cup Of Ankh, something I once put in my lovers tomb. Protect it, hide it"
"Keep it safe" I cut her off.
"How did you know what I was going to say?"
"Sarah once said it to me. How do you have the Cup? I thought it was safely back at Anubis where I kept it?" I asked curiosity getting the better of me.
"What do you mean child?"
"When I first found out about my identity. It was all because I had to put the cup together on the hour and the day once in the 25 years. The cup was stolen from King Tut's tomb by Sarah's parents in 1922. Sibuna found the pieces you had smashed it into, around the house before putting it together." I explained.
"Then what is this?" She asked revealing a cup.
"That's not the cup." I replied taking it out.
"My dear, I gave my love the cup. I know what it looks like."
"Amneris, I have the cup. Back at home. I've been guarding it for 5 years now. I've fought off evil to protect the cup. I know what I'm doing. And I know, this isn't the cup." I told her as nicely as possible.
"Could you get me the cup?" She asked.
"I nodded." Truth is, I don't want to give it up just yet. But it does belong to her.
"I'll send you home to get it. Be careful."
"I'm always careful" I replied before seeing her nod. Next thing I knew, I'm standing in the attic. I quickly held my locket to the panel and it moved revealing the cup. I grabbed it. "I'm gonna miss you. You were my first mystery." I sighed before closing the panel. "Ok Amneris. I'm ready" I said loudly. I found myself standing back in front of her.
"Here you go" I handed the cup over.
"This is shocking. Not once have I seen the cup restored, and looking so new." She told me. "You said you've been guarding this for 5 years?" I nodded. "Well part of your guardianship is to protect sacred items, put it back, keep it, make sure it stays safe." She smiled at me. Within 5 minutes the cup was back behind the panel and I was in the combat room.
"Combat perception. The hardest trail yet." Amneris said as the lights dimmed. "You have to fight. And understand that fight. But most importantly, you have to win."


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