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Patricia's POV :

"Look, we have 83 days left. Just 83. They're going to go fast so we have to think of a way to solve it, because, let's face it, we're slacking, badly" Nina sighed.
"It's true guys, we have less time for this mission than we have for any other, and we were further ahead then than we are now." Fabian backed up her point. Nina sighed again. Obviously still not over him.
"So what do we do?" Alfie asked.
"We go back to the tunnels and we investigate the hole thing more. Me and Nina will speak to Sophia and Ammut, try to find out what they are planning. We know there is going to be a battle, so it's not like before, but obviously they want to rule the world. So we have to stop that aswell somehow. But for now, Sibuna?" Eddie explained everything to us.
"Sibuna" We all followed.

Eddie's POV :

"Come on then. Zach's room?" I asked. Nina nodded.
"Sophia. Ammut. We need to talk" she called as the locket unlocked the door.
"I was wondering when you would call. Chosen One." Ammut appeared clearly very happy to see us. Or not.
"And the puny Osirian too." What did she just call me?
"Well go on then. What do you want?" Charming as always Ammut.
"This may seem like a weird question, but how does the locket help you?" Nina asked.
"Why would we tell you? So you can stop us? Nice try but we're going to rule the world, from the underworld, and we're going to defeat you two while we do it, stopping the bloodline somewhat and defeating all Chosen Ones and Osirians, the only power greater than ours. And when we take your powers when you are no longer we will be indestructible."
"You idiot." Ammut roared. "Sophia you just spilled our whole plan to our enemies."
"Whoopsies." And me and Nina took this as our chance to leave.
"Yes" I high-fived her as we left.
"So they want us dead. Do they know we've been training?" She asked putting emphasis on the word 'know' making her sound like Amber.
"Probably not. They see stuff up here but not up there" I told her, referring to up in the 'field of rushes' as we've grown to call it. It's not even the 'afterlife' anymore. It's the Duat or Field. We've been spending way too much time with Gods, Goddesses and High Priestesses. Yes I'm talking about you Amneris. 'You're going to England. You're staying with Eric, you'll be fine' yes mom, I'm fine. Just marked for death. Casually.
"Does your mom know?" Nina asked me. "I know Sweetie does, was she in on it too?"
"I don't know, I don't think so. But, it's possible. I'm still shocked dad knew, I didn't think family knew" I admitted.
"My mom knew." She paused. "She escaped it by two minutes. She knew I was Chosen because Sarah was her gran and she was Chosen. She would've helped." Nina said starting to tear up. "Sorry, still new information. It's a lot to take in" she stopped herself from crying by waving her hands in front of her face.
"Don't worry about it" I smiled.
"Let's head down to the" she started opening the door coming face-to-face with Fabian. Awkward. "Hah, looks like we don't need to" she looked at me. 'Say something doofus.' Right.
"So did you find anything out?"
"It's getting bigger. We got some photos. Trix?" Yacker showed us the photos, as instructed by Fabian. "There's no shadow this time" he continued.
'Well obviously, they were talking to us at the time. Idiot.' Yeah Neens, so not over him.
"Shut up Eddie" she said in a sing-song voice. Out-loud. "And it's not true" she tried to save herself. Emphasis on 'tried'. "Heard that" and, the sing-song voice is back.
"So what did you guys find out?" Alfie asked.
"They want to kill us and stopped the bloodline somewhat." I told them.
"Yeah so if we fail, KT, it's up to you to carry on the bloodline" Nina laughed slightly.
"Ooohh Jakeara" Amber squealed.
"Not necessarily."
"What do you mean?"
"Oh right I never said" Nina gave me a 'look'. "It's nothing big. We're just cousins. Somewhere down the line." She paused a lot whilst talking to KT.
"Yeah, Sarah is my great gran. Funny story actually. And she's the half-sister of your grandfather so hey, Chosen bloodline runs in you too." She tried to lighten the mood.
KT's face dropped. "Don't worry. It's on my moms side and Jake is my dads so, you guys aren't related. At all." She smiled lightly.
"That's a lot to take in. Ok, that's pretty cool. Explains why we lived close in America then, if family roots say anything." Nina nodded.
"I thought Sarah had no kids" Yacker spoke up, she'd been really quiet.
"Well, she had a daughter, obviously not a Chosen One. She grew up and moved to America for love, they had a kid and that was my mom. Gran said they moved back over here when my parents died, I don't remember ever meeting them" Nina shrugged.
"So you're one of us? Up top."
"Alfie what are you going on about?"
"Seriously Neens, you're leaving me hanging?" He sighed. "And she's British babe, partly anyway. If her mom was like half British, she's got to be a quarter." He directed at Amber.
"You just did math" Fabian said slowly.
"I did didn't I. Alright." Yeah, he's happy. Alfie is like Amber in that sense, seems ditzy, is actually really smart when he wants to be.
"I guess I am kind of British aren't I? That's weird." Nina sighed.
"So this is like your family house" KT told her.
"Huh, I guess it is. At least now the house talking to me isn't that weird." She paused. "Scratch that. Still weird that the house talks to me" we all laughed in response. Except Yacker. Something's up. She hasn't been speaking, and she's called Yacker for a reason.
"Eddie" she whispered as we made eye-contact. That's when I knew something was up. She never gives in. She's stubborn as heck. And her voice breaking shows she's given in.
"What's up?" I asked as I pulled her out the room. In response she pulled up her sleeve revealing a small Eye of Horus shaped mark on her wrist.


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