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Fabian's POV :

"What does it mean?" Nina asked confused.

"Robert always has crazy riddles, this is another to add to the list" Alfie said.

"Wait, look closer" I pointed out.

"Are those hieroglyphs?" Nina asked looking closer.

"Yeah" I said.

"Can you translate them?" she asked.

"I'll try, get pictures. I'll need them" I said still pointing my torch at the riddle.

"Footsteps, it's Victor" KT said quickly.

"Hide" Amber said.

"Through here" I ran towards the door praying it was still open. "This is where we unlocked to get the guys out of under the sennet. It's still open" I told everybody.

"Be quiet" Nina whispered as we crowded in and shut the door.

"It's bigger. And the ceiling has changed. I knew something was up. There's writing." Victor. "Another riddle ay Robert. What have you got up your sleeve this time." He said. Slowly we heard the footprints walk away and we exited the door where we were hiding.

"Right, we need to translate those hieroglyphs as soon as we can. I'll work on them tonight" I told them.

"We'll try to see if we can find anything that gives any hint about the riddle" Nina said pointing to herself, Amber, Alfie and KT. "You guys are the sneakiest and have access to information from Sweetie, so you try and find out what's so special about the music project." She told Trix and Eddie.

"Sibuna" Amber said happily.

"Sibuna" we all copied.

Nina's POV :

"When the world looks alone, find a friend from above, beware the wind blown and the presence of your foes" Amber read. "Yep just because you say it over and over it doesn't give you any hints" she sighed.

"What can it mean?" I wondered aloud.

"Friend from above." Alfie repeated.

"Sarah, that's our friend from above" I said. I can't believe I never thought of Sarah!

"What about foes?" KT asked.

"We've had a lot of enemies so that narrows it down" Alfie said sarcastically.

"When the world looks alone" Amber pondered. "Even I have no idea."

"Wind blown, what does any of this even mean?" KT asked frustrated.

"I have no idea. We just have to see if those hieroglyphs can help us." I told them.

"So, so far we've got, when the world looks alone, Sarah will help us but beware some wind and enemies. That clears everything up" Amber ended sarcastically.

"Guys we know about the music project" Trix burst through the door.

"Please say you were subtle with it" I prayed.

"Sweetie doesn't even know" Trix said happily.

"So?" KT asked.

"They just want info off us. They want to know what we write about. Biggest set backs, push aheads, distractions and they want to know if we know anything." Eddie said.

"Sibuna-wise" Trix added.

"That's it? That's the big mystery?" Amber asked.

"This is bad" I said.

"Bad?" Alfie asked.

"They will know all about us. What we like, dislike. They'll know EVERYTHING. How to set us back and get ahead on the upcoming mission." I pointed out.

"How to distract us, how to take our attention off the mission and onto something else so they can lead ahead" KT added.

"All that from 3 songs?" Alfie asked.

"3 songs per group. Also did you notice how they only set the task to the Anubis kids? Not Isis or Mutt or Hathor, just Anubis." I said.

"So this is bad" Alfie confirmed.

"Our group don't have anything, so it's not as bad" Amber and Trix pointed out.

"Nina we nearly have all our songs, all based on feelings" KT told me. Well this is fantastic.

"We have ours nearly done aswell" Alfie told us.

"I think Willow has hers but I have nothing so our group isn't as bad" Eddie told us.

"Hey guys, it's not THAT bad" Amber said adding emphasis.

"How'd you mean?" I asked.

"Well, all they will get from Fabian's song is love and the same from yours. You two are each other's distraction and you are both in Sibuna meaning you will still focus." She's got a point.

"Let's just hope so" I said.

Fabian's POV :

"Morning light. 100. Strong wind. This is the confusing symbol. It's either death or life. I always get these mixed up" I sighed to myself frustrated.

"Got anything yet?" Nina asked as they all walked in.

"Something about morning light and 100th day. The strong wind is mentioned again but it could be metaphoric, there's something about glass but I think it means shatter, something about a sacrifice, nothing new there and I'm stuck if the is life or death." I explained.

"It's death. See the little squiggly line there." She pointed.

"How did I not see that?" I asked.

"And that one is life" she pointed to the other symbol.

"So what have you got?" Amber asked hopefully.

"When the morning light rises on the 100th day of the moon, death can reign and life shall shatter. A strong wind is the key. Life forever will change and a sacrifice will be made." I read out.

"So another riddle?" Trix said un-amused.

"It's Robert. What do you expect?" Alfie asked her.



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