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Amber's POV :

"Bye guys" I waved as Joy and Mara left. The last two to leave before it was just us.
"And you call me if you need anything. And remember Mr. Sweet will be in the school. You will eat properly won't you?"
"Yes Trudy" a chorus of voices sounded as Trudy hurried about.
"Well just in case there are some frozen dinners in the freezer. Are you sure I don't need to stay?"
"Trudy, go, it's fine. Have fun this Christmas."
"Okay, okay. Come on sweeties, group hug" she held her arms wide as she bustled into the hallway with the rest of Sibuna following her. We all joined the hug before her taxi beeped the horn and she took her cases outside.
"So that's everybody" KT spoke up. Victor went out earlier after informing us he would be out for a few days. Which is slightly suspicious if you ask me.
"Never thought we'd be alone in Anubis." Eddie half-heartedly laughed. "Is it me or is it creepier now?"
"Hey guys. No curfew" Trix laughed.
"Two nights without a pin-drop."
"I can't believe it's Christmas next week."
"I can't believe I haven't shipped gran's present out yet."
"Which reminds me. Sometime soon. We're going Christmas shopping." I pitched in.
"Actually yeah, I've still got to buy all my presents." Fabian added.
"Me too."
"So what do we actually do when nobody else is here?"
"Party!" Alfie shouted jumping up.
"Movie fest?" Trix suggested.
"But what about the party?"
"Well, I think we should scope out the cellar while Victor isn't here but that's just me" Nina said pointedly.
"We can do all of those things. Except maybe the party, that's a little juvenile. Besides who would we invite?" Fabian pointed out.
"Nina and Amber pick the movies, Fabian and Alfie get blankets and pillows, KT and Yacker get snacks, I'll set up the TV" Eddie said. "Oh and girls, not every movie has to be Disney".
"Yes it does" I called back.
"I'll go with them" KT said following us.
"You know you want Disney too" Nina laughed as we walked upstairs.
"Shh, they don't know that" she winked at us before opening the door ahead.

Fabian's POV :

"Ugh, guys I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm bored of movies" Alfie moaned after about three movies.
"Actually I'm a little bored too."
"Well what else can we do?"
"It's nearly 5, somebody could get tea sorted if they want?" KT suggested after pausing the movie currently playing.
"I don't wanna. How about a takeaway tonight?" Murmurs of agreement went around.
"We could check out the cellar. I mean, if we have nothing better to do" Nina slyly snuck in.
"Okay, so who was it that guessed four hours?" Eddie stood up.
"Me!" Amber shouted happily. "Pay up guys."
"No way, you guys bet on me?"
"On the bright side, you lasted longer than I thought you would" I added.
"Wow, so inspiring" the sarcasm dripped from her tongue.
"Well, I suppose it's better than nothing, onwards to the cellar peasants." Eddie mocked pushing his arm out in a superhero pose.
"Who would've thought, willingly going into the cellar on a weekend. So fun," Trix drawled as we followed.

Nina's POV :

"Umm guys, I think I've found something" Fabian called as we searched around the cellar. We walked over to him - by the small cupboard - for him to hold up a fairly large vial of golden liquid.
"Is that what I think it is?" Amber asked.
"It looks like it" Fabian said.
"Here" I said trying to get a closer look. "It really looks like it is."
"But, how can Victor even create an elixir, we had the tear" Eddie pointed out.
"What if we didn't. What if Victor knew we were coming that one time and took the tear out. Or even had already used it. When Amber and I were looking about Ammut in Robert's study there was a book on the mask of Anubis, hold on" KT said as she quickly scrambled in the numbers and entered the tunnels. After a few moments she returned holding a book. "See, here it says that some people used to concoct a mixture that looks like the tear and has some of the same properties, such as resurrection, but couldn't create a true elixir. It was used to trick enemies into believing the had power when they didn't, thus leading to their downfall."
"Because they wouldn't realise until it was too late."
"Exactly. So what if Victor did that with us? I mean, it's not really a downfall for us because we wanted the resurrection power, but if he created the mixture for us, he would still have the tear for the elixir, leading us both to what we wanted." KT finished.
"He just wants to live forever. Is he really a threat? Besides, didn't they Victor say in the cellar the tear was gone?" Alfie, who had been quiet so far, pointed out.
"So the secret society is back. Doesn't that mean they're up to something?" Trix asked.
"The cup is out for them, they can't use that myth. Fabian, Nina, are there any others you know that involve eternal life?"
"None that I know." Fabian spoke up.
"I know one" Eddie looked at me and I nodded before continuing.
"It's a secret kept purely to the Gods. No mortal is supposed to know certain secrets because they can use them against us."
"There's a story called the 'Epic of Gilgamesh'." Eddie started.
"Back in Ancient Egypt, Gods and Goddesses had to stick to certain diets in order to maintain immortality, if you will. It was believed that if a mortal were to follow this diet, they too would become immortal."
"Some of these were available on Earth but not many people knew about them. The story references a thorny plant which can be found only at the bottom of the ocean. It's almost impossible to reach, impossible to any mortal in Egyptian times, but it was still kept a secret in case they found a way to find it and harness its powers."
"With modern day technology, if the secret society know about this plant, alongside whatever elixir is left, saying that the tear is gone because they used it on a bad batch, they could be immortal, just like the Gods of Ancient Egypt." I finished.
"It was everything our ancestors tried to prevent," Eddie started.
"So we have to make sure it doesn't happen."


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