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Eddie's POV :

"I am so not ready for today" Yacker moaned as we walked over to school. "I can't believe Victor is making me clean all these toilets by the end of the week." She complained further. "You do know this is the part where you're supposed to be a good boyfriend and offer to help me right?"
"Sorry but I'm not doing that" I laughed.
"I hate you" she moaned.
"Yeah yeah" I muttered.
"And we have French first. I hate French" she complained some more.
"French isn't that bad"
"Says the person who spoke the language fluently aged 12" she cut me.
"Technically I could speak most of it aged nine" so it's fun to tease her.
"And the teachers are a nightmare."
"Tell me about it. We literally have a new one every week."
"Victor probably scares them off" Yacker laughed beside me.
"The mystery awaits" I laughed as I dragged her into the French room.
"Bonjour classe" the teacher said turning around from facing the board.
"Bonjour Madame Andrews" we all replied in sync. Reflex.
"Wait, Miss Andrews?" Amber shouted as she came to realisation, making all our heads snap up.
"Yes Amber, glad to see you noticed. Now, can somebody please tell me what you've been doing for these last months of college?" Nobody answered. Nina looked over at me and mouthed 'Sibuna clearing, lunch' to me. I nodded and nudged Yacker whispering what Nina had just told me.
"Ah Eddie, nice of you to volunteer. Explain please?"
"Well we've worked on conjugated verbs but that was high school work. Also, we worked on subjunctions" I explained.
"That's it?" I nodded. "Looks like we have some catching up to do then" she turned to the board.
"So you're staying?"
"Yes Alfie, I'm staying" she replied before turning back to the board writing a lesson plan down.

Fabian's POV :

"We heading over now?" KT asked walking over to Nina and I as the bell rang. I nodded before we went down to the clearing and waited for the others. Soon enough, everybody arrived, Amber with snacks, yet again.
"Ok, so what do we need to know?" Alfie asked through a mouthful of crisps.
"Well we all know how Mrs. Andrews is back" Nina started. "And I've had this theory, I was telling the girls last night"
"It's quite plausible actually, especially considering what happened this morning" Amber butted in.
"Ok, well, with the early curfews and that, the last time we had them was my first year, and last year, also known as, Melody and the Secret Society. With Mrs. Andrews being back,"
"You think the Secret Society is back?" I asked and she nodded. Well this is just great.
"So what do we do?" Trix asked now knowing the idea had been finalised.
"Well, KT and Eddie have no experience with the Secret Society, so they don't know any techniques they used, so that's our downfall" she explained, not being rude, just stating a fact.
"But we all do, so we know little tell-tale signs, like Nina did with the early curfews, and the elixir; we know Victor hasn't made any more because we had the tear of gold, which means it's nearly all gone, if not already, so their aim might have to do with that" I continued.
"Also, they had the music project a while ago in order to see our downfall, which could emphasise the possibility of a Secret Society being formed against us" KT brought up.
"I thought Mrs Andrews quit the Secret Society though." Alfie stated.
"Yeah, but Victor could've persuaded her back. That means the others are back. The society needs a certain amount of people. And I bet it's the same people." Nina nodded in response to Trix.
"So we have to look out for Nurse Delia, Sergeant Roebuck, Fredrick, Victor, Mrs. Andrews, Sweetie and Jason." Amber listed. That's kind of her thing.
"Who are these people?" KT asked.
"Main ones, you already know, Jason is Mr. Winkler, he left the school before you came, Frederick is Joy's dad and then a Nurse and Police Officer basically" Amber  explained.
"Wait, Joy's dad?" KT asked.
"It's a long story" Trix said. "Which brings on my next question, are we telling Joy?"
"No, we don't need to get more people involved, not yet anyway, not until we've found out more and have proof. This is just a theory right now, and there's no point telling her if that's all it is." Eddie butted in before Nina could reply.
"Exactly. We don't need Joy worrying about something that might not be true. And with Sophia and Ammut on our trail, we can't endanger anybody else. Also, with KT and Alfie being the only ones without a mark, we need to be careful in that area too." Nina spoke up.
"And with Alfie's near-Mark experience, AKA the dream he had that he was luckily awoken from, which we all know about, we need to be even more careful."
"I'm still confused as to why they said I was the last one" Alfie spoke.
"We can worry about that later, they most likely got confused, or were warning you that you would be the last, the main thing is, you aren't marked yet" I finished what Alfie had cut off me saying previously.
"So that might be a warning that KT's next?" Amber asked.
"Possibly, look I think right now our main focus is Mrs. Andrews and the possibility of the Secret Society being back, so, for now, keep an eye out, and next early curfew we will sneak down to the cellar and see what they are doing." Nina instructed.
"But, don't forget our main focus. Still think of Sophia and Ammut possibilities and how to defeat them, we still have no plausible plan and although it seems like ages, we only have around two months left. Just above 60 days may seem like a lot, but it's not. We've been slacking these last few weeks through no fault of our own, but we need to get back in the game, and defeat them once and for all." Eddie added. "So, I think that's a wrap for today, and lunch will be over soon, so Sibuna."


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