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Mick's POV :

I followed her out the room. All I could think about was how beautiful she looked standing there. I don't even know what I'm going to say to her. It's been 2 years now. She's moved on. I know she dated Jerry. But as soon as I saw her standing there I knew I wasn't over her. And I know right now I sound like a girl or a wimp but I can't help it. Seriously, she's beautiful.
"Mara" I found the words coming out my mouth as I ran up the stairs and along the hall to her. "Mara" I called as she ignored me.
"Not now Mick" she said without looking around.
"Mara" I said, nearly shouting this time.
"What Mick? What could you possibly want?" She started looking around. I saw the tears. "To make fun of me? So what? Yes, I thought you were dating. It was a mistake. Just leave me alone!" she screamed at me.
"No" I retorted. "Mara, I, it's not like that!" I told her.
"Then what?" she asked still shouting. What? That's a good question. What? What exactly was I going to say? Should I tell her how I feel? Or should I say something else? I didn't really think this one through.
"Ugh" Mara sighed frustrated and going into her room.
"Mara" I followed her.
"What now Mick?" she sighed, again.
"Why do you keep running?" I asked her.
"No reason" she lied.
"Mara, I know you're lying" I told her.
"Well, what do you want me to say Mick?" she asked shouting again. "What do you expect me to do?"
"Just" I started. "Just tell me the truth" I shouted.
"You want the truth? That's rich. Very rich. Maybe you could've told me that you had a twin!" She shouted putting emphasis on the word 'me'.
"Well I'm sorry I'm not perfect." I shouted. By now we were both screaming so loud i'd be surprised if anybody downstairs couldn't hear us.
"Nobody said you had to be perfect Mick."
"Well it sure is coming across that way."
"Well why did you even follow me then? If you're just gonna scream at me. You're looking for the truth? Maybe if you told me the truth sometimes I would tell you the truth."
"Look. I'm sorry. Ok? That what you wanted to hear?"
"Well maybe I want to hear the truth too!" she screamed at me. Then it snapped. We both calmed down a little. Both stopped the shouting. And I realised. I had to tell her.
"You want the truth?" I asked, this time I was quiet.
"When you walked into that room looking for your calculator" I chuckled slightly, "I realised something" I started.
"Mick, I"
I cut her off. "I realised, that I, still like you." I said in between pauses.
"You wanted the truth Mara" I warned. "Now you probably don't feel the same way. Hey, you were just ranting and raving at me, but I can't help how I feel. So there. You have the truth. Are you happy now?" I finish confessing.
"Yes?" I asked.
"Yes" she said.
"Why yes?"
"Cuz now I can do this" she said. And she kissed me. But it wasn't like any other kiss. It was soft. Short and sweet. But I felt the fireworks explode. Hey, don't judge me. Being a boy doesn't mean you can't feel emotion. And god this girl drives me crazy.
"Sooooo....." Mara dragged. "Maybe we should give this another go. Us, I mean. Mickra, as Amber would say." She suggested.
"Maybe" I teased.
"What?" she asked.
"I'm kidding. Yeah, I think we should." I told her. She smiled.
"Well I'm gonna go downstairs now. I'll see you later" I smiled.
"Oh and Mara?" I asked.
"Check the floor before coming downstairs next time" I smiled leaning down to the floor.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"What I mean is you might find something that you lost. Like this maybe?" I smiled and gave her scientific calculator back to her. "It was on the floor." I clarified laughing.

Nina's POV :

"Well that was an interesting conversation." Jerome said sarcastically after we clearly heard everything Mick and Mara shouted.
"Yeah it was better than TV. We should've had popcorn!" Alfie said. "Well, maybe teenage mutant ninja turtles is better, but still, that was good." he added.
"You still watch teenage mutant ninja turtles?" Trix asked.
"Goth Pixie, it's turtles, and they're ninjas. What's not to love?" he asked.
"OMA do you think Mickra will get their thing back on?" Amber asked.
"OMA?" KT asked.
"Oh my Anubis. I mean, catch up KT, you've known me what, like 2 years?" Amber replied.
"Anyway about the Mickra thing. What do you think?" She asked.
"I think you should stop trying to set people up Ambz" Mick walked into the room.
"So no more Mickra?" Ambz asked sadly. "This is not on!" she said playing matchmaker again. "I did not spend hours on making scrapbooks for nothing!" she shouted.
"You made scrapbooks?" Mick asked.
"I do for all the good couples. Well, except for the 10 Mickber ones. You know. Mickra, after I got over the whole boyfriend-stealing thing at the time, Peddie, Fabina, Jeroy and then Amfie" she smiled. "See, I said Amfie again! Alfie I told you to stop making me say it, it's Alber!" she screamed at Alfie.
"Ambz, you say it not me." he told her.
"Ok, maybe it does sound a little better. Just a little." She admitted.
"Finally we have a breakthrough" I shouted earning looks from everybody. "What?" I asked. "I'm the best friend, which means I get stuck with the droning on and the contemplations of which is better. Sorry Ambz, I love you, but sometimes you can be so annoying" I told her.
"I know I can." She smiled. "I just care about good things. Like shopping. And clothes. And shoes. And"
"Here we go again" Eddie cut her off.
"Eddison Sweet" Amber glared at him starting a sentence.
"Don't finish that sentence sweet cheeks" Eddie retorted.
"Sweet cheeks? I'll have you know these cheeks are powdered with very expensive, very pink and NOT sweet blusher!" Amber screamed at him.
"Again" Mick started. "You made scrapbooks? How many do you have?" He asked.
"Well for Mickra I have 2" she started. "Jeroy only has 1 and a half, for now. Peddie has a least 7, wait, maybe more than 7, Fabina has around 8 maybe 9 or 10, or was it 11?" she asked herself before continuing, "and Amfie has about 5, because I'm so busy making everybody else's" she said happily.
"Wait 10?" I asked.
"Hey, I get good photos. And you two are so cute together it's easy" she told me. I felt the pink creep up my cheeks.
"You have 7 scrapbooks of me?" Trix asked.
"Maybe 8, or possibly 9, I'm not too sure." Amber sighed.
"How have you got photos for 2 scrapbooks for me and Mara?" Mick asked.
"It's easy. And there will be more. As soon as you two get back together. Like I said, I didn't spend hours on them for nothing." Amber said.
"Who said it was for nothing?" he asked.
"Eeeeeeee Mickra's back on" Amber screamed smiling.
"Squeeeeee I'm gonna have a sister" Willow said happily. And that's pretty much how our night went.


2nd chapter !!!

So anyway. Thought since it's a new book, and you're all reading. (95 reads already THANKS GUYS)
I thought I needed to concentrate a bit more on other characters aswell as Sibuna (I didn't really in the first book)

And I thought, what better way to start that, but with some fluff :) MICKRA FLUFF !!!

So I hope you have enjoyed this chapter. I also gave you an insight to Amber's views on the couples. Like how much she ships them with how many scrapbooks she takes the time to make and everything.

So yeah. That's it for this week! hope you enjoy (again)

(I appreciate it a LOT)


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