The battle

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Eddie's POV :

Enhanced charisma. Not so hard. I mean look at me.
"So hey" I winked at the girl in front of me. My task was to get her distracted.
"Hey" she smiled.
"Cadunt pro me" I whispered. Fall for me.
"What can I do for you?" She asked love-struck.
"How about you don't kill me? I can think of better ways you can spend your time. Go partying. Or horse-riding. That's what girls do right?" She nodded in awe.
"So I'm gonna go, ok?" She nodded again. Awesome, I escaped being killed.
"Done that Osiris. Are we gonna fight now?" I called.
"How many rounds did you go through again?" He asked.
"Very well, come on through to the combat room" I followed him through.
"Hey Neens how are things?" I shouted as I saw her circling a tall boy, dark hair. Strangely looks like Fabian. Nina didn't reply and instead ducked when 'Fabian' tried to punch her before jumping up and kicking him to the ground. She smiled and waved at me. Ok, weird.
"Here is your training partner" Osiris returned with Trix.
"Yacker? I'm not fighting her." I stood back.
"This is Sophie. She has been trained to be a fighting partner. She is modified to look like people to help train others. Along with Daniel" he pointed to 'Fabian' "and Jack" he pointed to another boy who was hitting a punching bag. I nodded.
"They are modified to look like people you care about, a way of ultimate distraction." Osiris finished.
"So, fight. To activate your enhancement repeat 'pugnabit pro me' meaning fight for me." I nodded. "Fight." I punched out only for Yacker's doppelgänger to grab my arm and flip me. Great. She pinned me down and I couldn't fight back. "Pugnabit pro me" I whispered before pushing her off me. I jumped up onto my legs whilst crouching, like in action movies, before doing several backflips into a side-kick knocking her over. It's not Yacker, just think of that. I pinned her arms around her back and flipped her down once more. I whispered 'dimittere eam' meaning 'send her away' as I held my hand up and a red light surrounded her before she vanished.
"Congratulations" she said as she re-appeared, Sophie, not Yacker this time.
"How?" I started.
"The guards know to let us out of the prison cells. That is where you send us. And they're just there, that's how I was back so fast." She explained as she pointed to a door explaining where the cells were.
"Well you've done your training for today. So has your friend. Change into these" she produced a new outfit. "Osiris said it's time for battle. You have 15 minutes to change. Your friend is waiting for you. In the time you need to discuss tactics with her." I nodded and she left. Changing rooms. "That way" she turned around pointed to another door.

Nina's POV :

"Eddie hurry up. Do you want to discuss tactics or not. We only have 5 more minutes." I shouted banging on his changing room door.
"I'm coming, I'm coming." He said as the door swung open.
"Good, now let's get to that arena." I grabbed his arm and marched him to the arena. "Ok so what's the plan?" I asked.
"Wing it?" Of course. His only plan would be to wing it. Idiot.
"Ready?" Amneris walked in, this time in combat outfit. A t-shirt and tight leggings with a fluorescent pink stripe. Matching mine, except mine was electric blue. And let's just say I'm rocking it. And I've been with Amber too much.
"Yeah sure" I smiled. Well done Eddie, well done. Wing it. How stupid can you be.
"Heard that" he muttered.
"You were meant to" I replied as we took our positions opposite Amneris and Osiris.
"Begin" Osiris shouted. A bolt of light shot out of Amneris' hand and I managed to push Eddie out of the way.
"Pugnabit pro me" Eddie's voiced boomed around the arena. The next bolt Eddie backflipped to avoid before jumping out of the way of a tree branch that went to hit him.
"Continere planta mutare herba" he shouted as he began to control the plant. The tree then twisted around Amneris. Good job Eddie.
"Nina watch out" I flipped to avoid Osiris. I did not know I could do that.
"Dic mihi indicare mihi" I shouted as I circled Osiris.
'Distract the blonde while Amneris sneaks up. Then pounce on the girl' I heard.
'Eddie, Amneris is behind you, watch out.' I thought knowing he could hear me. I heard a body colliding with the floor and satisfied it was Amneris I attacked Osiris. I jumped and kicked him over.
"Nina, shout 'dimmitant eum' it sends him away" Eddie shouted in pain. Wait pain?
"Dimmitant eum" I pointed at Osiris and a blue light surrounded him before he disappeared. I turned to face Eddie and found him being held down by Amneris. I snuck up behind her kicking her down.
"Incrementum Incrementum" Eddie pointed to a bunch of plants that grew and blocked her in a circle.
"Eddie" I rushed over to him. "What happened?"
"She hit me with a bolt" he said holding his leg.
"Sanabit laesae" I pointed at his leg and the blue light shot out. He jumped up just as Amneris broke free.
"Two against one, how fun" Eddie taunted as we circled her.
'Eddie from the back, Nina from the side when she is helping him.'
'Eddie she's coming for you from the back.' I told him. As she snuck up he turned and flipped her to the floor. I held her down as Eddie whispered 'dimittere eam' and she vanished.
"Yes" I shouted as we high-fived.
"Good one Neens." He smiled back at me.
"Well done, you have proven yourselves worthy. We knew that this generation was stronger. You two have an unbreakable bond. It's stronger than ever before. And it proves to have worked." Osiris started.
"I have never seen anything like this, and I myself have trained many chosen ones and counter pieces. You two are truly unique. You will not need further training. I trust you will be alright with your new abilities. Use them wisely. I hope to see you two again sometime." Amneris finished.
"You too" I smiled. And with that we were sent back home.
"My legs are killing" Eddie said grabbing a drink from the fridge. We ended up in the kitchen for some reason. And we were both in our school uniform.
"What are you two doing back lovelies?" Trudy asked walking in.
"Nina wasn't feeling well." Eddie told her.
"Yeah, Eddie was told to stay with me." I told her.
"Well, I don't really want you miss school but I suppose if you've been told to. Go watch TV. The others should be back soon, well those with a half day anyway." She smiled.
"Who has a half day?" Eddie asked me.
"Everybody in the gang except KT. She does photography on top of everything else." I told him.
"You gonna tell them or am I?" He asked.
"You can, my head is killing me." I said as I grabbed my head.
"That's the travelling. Always makes you woozy. Don't you remember last time?" Yes I do. And let's just say it wasn't very pleasant.
"Yes, add that to using mind control and analysis and it gets worse" I groaned.
"Catch" he threw me some aspirin.
"Thanks" I nodded as I grabbed a glass of water.
"Guys your back" Trix said when she saw us.
"Yep, and we have one hell of a story."


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