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Alfie's POV:

"Wake up everybody it's Christmas" I shouted as I walked about the downstairs of the house clanging pots and pans.
"Merry Christmas" KT shouted as she ran down the stairs, clad in the Christmas pyjamas we bought when we went shopping.
"Has Santa been?" Eddie asked as he came out of his room with Fabian trailing behind him.
"Of course" I smiled.
"Girls, wake up it's Christmas!" I shouted as I walked up the stairs to their hall.
"I'm awake, give me a chance to get up" Trix shouted as I banged on their door.
"Merry Christmas Boo" Amber shouted as the door opened and she jumped into my arms, knocking the pots and pans to the ground.
"Merry Christmas Alfie" Nina popped her head 'round the door.
"Merry Christmas guys!"
"Is it present time now?" Trix asked as Amber left the hug.
"See Trix, you may act tough but we know you're secretly a little kid at heart."
"Oh shut up Alfie" she laughed along as we headed downstairs.
"Right then, we want presents, do you guys?" Ambz asked as we walked into the living room to meet the others. An eruption of cheers went around the room as we all sat down to open presents.
"Nina, this one is for you" Eddie said looking at the tag and handing the small wrapped box to Nina. We had decided to open presents one at a time, instead of all at once.
"Oh, this one's from Julie!" She exclaimed as she looked at the gift tag. We had been to our respective families houses the previous day, to give presents and spend a little time with our parents. Nina and KT had gone with Fabian, considering their being related and American. "Oh, it's beautiful!" She gasped as she opened it to find a locket.
"Wait, that was my grandmother's!" Fabian exclaimed.
"Oh come on, your mom loves Nina, of course she's going to give her a family heirloom" Trix said as if it was the obvious thing in the world.
"Remind me to thank her" Nina said to Fabian who nodded in response. "Who's next?" She asked.


"My turn!" Amber shouted. "This one is from, Alfie!" She ripped into the wrapping paper almost instantly and smiled as soon as she saw what was in there. Alfie actually outdid himself this time - he's been planning this present since October, and had gotten everybody's help. "I love it, I love it, I love it" she exclaimed as she threw her arms around him. He'd made her their own scrapbook.
"I thought, since you always made them, it was time to give you a break" he murmured into the hug.
"I swear this is the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me! This is so cute; thank you Alfie!"
"Alright love birds, it's my turn" Trix laughed as she unwrapped her own present. "Of course she did" she laughed at the gift Piper has bought her - a brand new leather jacket, complete with chains and studs - a real biker's jacket.
"This one is for Amber again, from Fabian." She took her present from Eddie before quickly ripping some paper.
"Be careful it's breakable" Fabian interjected. She continued but a lot slower before gasping at what was underneath.
"Fabian I love it" she said as if under a trance before she pulled the last of the wrapping paper away to reveal her new jewellery box, complete with a old ballerina on top. After gawping at it a while she suggested we move on, to which Alfie shouted 'yay more presents'.

Fabian's POV:

"I don't know man, Christmas is as good a time as any."
"But is it the right time?"
"Do you think it is?"
"I don't know. I just, should I do it? Or not?"
"Oh you're definitely doing it."

Alfie's POV:

"Hey guys, dinner's ready!" Nina called from the kitchen where her and KT were cookie Christmas dinner for us.
"No way, you do it that way too?"
"Family secret."
"Me too!" They both laughed as they discussed more recipes together.
"Guys, we said dinner's ready" KT shouted after a few minutes passed and I was the only one there ready to eat. Everybody soon came tumbling into the room exclaiming how nice the food looked, right as the girls were serving it out.
"And Alfie, don't forget there's pudding too, don't eat everything on the table now" Nina laughed as she set the turkey right in front of me, aka the centre of the table.
"Okay, and we can eat" KT said finally serving the last plate and sitting down. Everybody scurried to serve themselves part of the feast in front of us. Murmurs of approval for the cooking went around as we dug in, and let me tell you, this food was amazing. I mean, most food is amazing, but this food was Amazing. With a capital A. It was that good.
"How the heck did you learn to cook like that."
"Gran taught me when I was young."
"And in my family, I always used to help out cooking the big meals. Thanksgiving, Christmas, all of that sort of stuff."
"This turkey is better than my mom's. No lie. And literally, my mom goes all out for thanksgiving - we have the whole family 'round, all the aunties and uncles, and this is so much better. I literally want to come to your houses on thanksgiving and Christmas from now on. I swear I'm not lying. I will leave my house and travel across state for this turkey." Eddie gushed.
"Okay Mr. Dramatic, dial it down a little."
"Or a lot."

Nina's POV:

"I can't believe Christmas is almost over" Amber whispered as we all sat watching movies.
"It feels like it's gone so quickly" KT murmured from by my side. We had all curled up on the couch whilst Fabian and Eddie had disappeared somewhere and Alfie had fallen asleep.
"I know. I'm glad I got to spend it with you guys though" I looked up smiling.
"Everything's going so quickly, I don't want it to end" Trix muttered softly, almost minutely, inaudible to anyone who wasn't intently listening.
"What's going to happen to us?" Amber asked as she lay across our laps. She looked up into my eyes as she asked.
"I don't know."
"It's all going to be okay though. We have each other, we'll get through anything" KT added hugging into me closer.
"I'm glad you're my family" Amber spoke again.
"Me too" Trix said.
"And we're here too" Eddie said as he and Fabian came into the room.
"We'll always be here" they laughed as they squeezed in between us.
"Me too" Alfie said as he miraculously awoken. "Because Ohana means family" he started. "And family means..."
"Nobody gets left behind or forgotten."


A/N hi guys, so you have the Christmas chapter! I know that technically Christmas is over but it's not Jan 6th yet which is really when Christmas ends so here's the chapter.
I do have to say there's only one or two chapters left (I'm thinking two but it might just be one super long one). I just want to ask in advance - don't hate me (wow the foreshadowing there - totally not noticeable).

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