Feelings. A lot of feelings.

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Amber's POV :

"Nina wake up" I said.
"What time is it?" She asked.
"Already?" She asked jumping up. "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" She said indicating to the fact I was dressed as she searched frantically for clothes.
"You looked peaceful" I said.
"But I'm meant to be meeting Fabian at 9" she told me. Oh. That would've been useful information before now!
"I told you last night" Whoops?
"Would now be a bad time to say I have to leave for Alfie?" I asked.
"No just go. Have a good day Ambz. And. Just. Forget Sibuna and mysteries. Just be with Alfie" she smiled.
"I will. And Neens. Do the same. Just with Fabian not Alfie" I laughed.
"I will" she smiled as she got her things ready to change.
"I'll see you later" I smiled as I walked out the door. "Wait" I walked back in. Nina looked up. "Do I look ok?" I asked.
"Ambz you look amazing" she shouted a little too excited.
"Ok" I nodded leaving again. Chill Amber it's just Alfie. Obsessed with Aliens. Eats too much. The boy you've been friends with since you were 11. Who you now love. Ok, calm down. It's just Alfie. Nothing special. Except for it's the first date since prom. And he
"Hey Ambz" Alfie said as I walked downstairs.
"Hey" I smiled. Just Alfie. It's not like it's our first date or anything. Nothing to be worried about. But what if I say something wrong. He's not going to break up with me he'll laugh it off. But what if he doesn't. What if he realises there's someone better. What if he
"Ready to go?" Alfie asked. And breathe. WWVBD. She wouldn't freak out every time David took her out. She'd be happy. Ok Amber. Go VB style.
"Yes and can you tell me where we are going yet?" I asked.
"I told you it's a surprise" he held my hand as I laughed, guiding me out the door.

Nina's POV :

"Too bright" Patricia said FINALLY waking up. It's hard to avoid making noise when you are trying to get ready.
"It's nearly 9" I said.
"Too early" she moaned rolling over trying to get back to sleep. Just then I thought it was the perfect time to knock over a hairdryer. Causing a loud bang. And a grumpy Patricia.
"I'm trying to sleep" she snapped.
"And I need to get ready" I replied.
"Why are you dressed so dressy?" She asked facing me.
"I'm going out" I said casually.
"Dressed like that?" She asked gesturing to the fact I was wearing a summer dress, in winter.
"It's casual but not too casual" I shrugged.
"It's cold but very frosty" she retorted gesturing to the frost on the grass you could clearly see from our window.
"I have nothing else." I said starting to regret my outfit choice. "Aren't you meant to be going out with Eddie today?" I asked changing the subject. We all decided to have a day off Sibuna. Relax. In Amber's words, keep our relationships alive.
"Yeah but we're lazy. We're meeting at 2 not 9" she told me. Well that explains a lot. "That's a hint to shut the curtains so I can sleep" she told me annoyed. "Nina" she moaned getting up shutting them herself after I wouldn't. She never actually gave me a chance.
"Sorry" I replied.
"Well I'm up now aren't I?" She asked rhetorically.
"Coming to get breakfast?" I asked.

Fabian's POV :

I'm ready to go out except for food. And I think my stomach rumbling is a hint to go get breakfast.
"No way. You. You did THAT?" I heard a voice laugh. Patricia.
"Yeah, it was back in America. Me, Jake and Cami. We pulled it off. Never got caught. In fact you're the first person to know except for us." Was the reply. And that was Nina.
"Morning" I walked in.
"Hi" They both smiled.
I grabbed a plate and sat to eat.
"Well I'm just gonna go. Leave you two lovebirds" Patricia left the room making Nina blush.
"So..." I started breaking the awkwardness. What awkwardness you've dated for how long? The awkwardness Patricia caused.
"I booked reservations for 1 is the okay?" I asked. She laughed. God she's beautiful. "Why are you laughing?" I asked curiously.
"Because. It's always awkward and we try to change the subject off whatever caused it and. I don't know. It's just funny." She smiled. I laughed.
"Why do we even do that?" I laughed.
"Hey! Me? It's mostly you who does it." She laughed throwing food at me.
"Well why do I do that?" I changed my words sarcastically.
"Because you're a geek" she laughed in reply. I faked hurt. "But..."
"But what?" I asked.
"But you're my geek" she smiled.
"Nope. Not anymore. I think I might go and be someone else's geek" I told her.
"Oh really?"
"Really. And you never know who it could be. Maybe Willow." I laughed.
"Oh. Willow? Really?" She asked.
"Yeah" I replied. This whole conversation was sarcastic, so we both knew everything was a joke. As a reply to what I said she threw some cereal at me, laughing.
"So is that how you want to play?" I asked.
"Bring it Rutter" she stood up aware of what I was going to do. I threw cereal back at her. Before long a food fight broke out and lets just say the kitchen isn't the only place that's messy. What? The settee's are good defence!
"What happened here?" Trudy came in.
"There was a spillage. Fabian knocked the juice over. And the milk. And the cereal. And the pancakes." Nina listed smirking. Oh so I'm taking the blame?
"Well. Help him clean it up okay?" Trudy said. "I'll be back in 10 minutes. I expect it clean." As soon as she walked out we looked at each other and burst out laughing.
"Come on, let's clean" she said walking through to the kitchen from where she stood by the armchair.
"Because of you I might have to change reservations for 2" I laughed.
"Hey! Me? You started it" she smiled.
"Yeah I threw one thing. You threw a handful. You started it" she laughed looking up from where she was cleaning up cereal to stick her tongue out at me.
"5 now are we?" I laughed.
"Ha. Yeah." She fake smiled. She walked over to a different spot to clean. Further away from me. I'm pretty sure she wiped away a tear as she muttered something.
"What's up?" I asked.
"Nothing." She replied.
"Neens come on. I know the smile is faked. What's wrong?" I asked walking over to her.
"I said I wish. You know. When you said I was 5?" She asked. "I said it because when I was 5, everything in my life was great. As you know, although we lost touch, I met my best friend that summer" she smiled at me. "And it was the last year I had with my parents." She told me. I hugged her tightly. "And I can barely even remember it" she cried onto my shoulder. "There's something I need to tell you." She said pulling away.
"But not here. Come to my room." She said.
"Are you sure?" I asked.
"I need to tell you this. After it. Decide if you still want today to happen. If you still want us to happen." she looked at me with seriousness.
"Okay. But just remember. Nothing can be that bad I promise. I would never leave you." I smiled at her.
"Yeah right" I heard her mutter.
"You might want to sit down" she told me as I shut the door.
"Ok, now I'm starting to worry" I admitted.
"I did it." She started. "I was 5. We were heading to my ballet practice. I was wearing a pink tutu and my hair was in a bun with a pink hair tie."
"Ballet?" I asked.
"What? I was an aspiring ballerina when I was 5" she laughed.
"Anyway" she regained seriousness. "I was sitting in the back of the car and wanted to play a game. We were on a long stretch of road. And I knew it was wrong." She was pacing. "I knew I shouldn't. I mean I'd been taught better. But I took my seat-belt off. I lent forwards covering my moms eyes. But she was driving. She drove off the road. All I saw was headlights. I remember my dad saying 'save her, save yourself, let me die' and my mom replying 'I'm not letting either of you get hurt.' I knew something was wrong so I sat down but I couldn't fasten my seatbelt. My dad undid his so he could do mine so when my mom spun the car so she could save us both and the van hit her he went flying. Both of them died to save me. And it's all my fault. Fabian." She looked me in the eye. "I killed my parents."


A/N Ok so I'm soooo sorry it's took SO LONG !!!! I had writers block for like a month but SURPRISE UPDATE !!!! I have ideas so I'll try to update for Monday and hopefully in the next few weeks get back on track. Again I'm so sorry !!!

Thanks for the support through this whole book, honestly I can't express my gratitude enough.


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