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Patricia's POV :

"Hey Neens, I brought you something" I slowly walked in to our room, one arm full of snacks, and one carrying a sundae. So they're meant to be for twins, but this is Nina, she's one of my best friends, and she's upset. I get where she's coming from, it happened with me and Eddie, last year, the whole no trust thing. And it happened earlier, the only difference being me and Eddie talked it out, no rash decisions made, and we're ok. We're working through it, we haven't broken up. He gets where me and Fabes were coming from because he felt it last year, and I guess I'm glad, because, and I will kill anyone that says it out loud, I don't want to lose him. And even though those few hours felt like torture, they were only a few hours, and we grew on that. We're stronger now. Nina and Fabian, I don't know, they're good together, but, they make decisions based on impulse because they don't want to lose each other, and then it always ends up with them losing each other.
"I look that bad huh?" She laughed as I stopped to think. I looked at her. General cliché break-up look. Mascara stained, red, blotchy cheeks.
"Hey, it's better than I look on most days" I attempted to make her smile.
"Hey shut up, you're beautiful." Yeah, no.
"Hey I brought movies" Amber shouted. "Open up" I laughed as I opened the door, putting the snacks down first, and examined the sight in front of me. Amber, hunched over, a laptop tucked under her arm and too many movies to carry, being carried. "A little help would be nice." Right. "That's better" she dropped most of the movies into my arms.
"Um, Amber, how many movies do you want?"
"There has to be a selection. Duh."
"Are these all Alfie's movies?" Nina spoke for the first time. Amber nodded in response. "Why does Alfie own Nicholas Sparks movies?" She asked again as she held up 'The Notebook', 'The Last Song' and 'The Best Of Me'.
"Ok I've seen one of those movies and it's cliche. Why does Alfie own them?" I spoke up. "Joy made me watch 'The Notebook' years ago, just to clarify" hey look at that, I got a laugh.
"When you have Amber Millington as a girlfriend you have to know these things." Of course you do.
"Come on then, what are we watching first?" I asked.
"No classics? 'The Breakfast Club'? 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'?" Nina asked.
"I have Disney classics" Amber smiled slyly, knowing Nina too well.
"Bring me the Mufasa" and we're watching Lion King.
"Insoyyyyyaaaammmmaaa" I have to sit through a day of bad singing too?
"Pass the chips will you?" I handed Nina the crisps. So you get a few perks having an American boyfriend. You understand the slang for a start.
"Ooh ooh ooh, Scar's on" Amber shouted sounding like a monkey.
"You know his name actually translates to Garbage right? They named their kids, King and Garbage" I laughed as the memory came back to me.
"How do you know?"
"It's in the Lion King novel series" that I never used to read. Obviously.
"You so did" damn it Nina. Quit reading my mind. "Nope." Hey, at least I got another laugh.
"So I used to want to be a Disney Princess. It's not bad. I just turned into Grimhilda instead." I shrugged.
"Who's Grimhilda?" Oh Amber. Poor Disney deprived Amber.
"The evil queen. From Snow White. That's her real name" I explained as I ate my ice-cream. Well actually I stole the Asda Neapolitan that Trudy buys, but nobody cares about details.
"Why does Mufasa have to die every time?"
"Because it's a movie Amber" duh.
"And then Simba goes on the journey and then we have Nala and Pumba and Timon and HAKUNA MATATA" Nina continued.
"It means no worries" Amber stop singing.
"For the rest of your days. It's our problem free" well I suppose Nina needs cheering up, and I am a good friend, and everyone else is already singing.
"Philosophy. Bam. HAKUNA MATATA." I sing drum beats, what's it to you?
"Hey we got her to sing in less than a full movie. Up top."
"Seriously guys? Do we have to do the whole high-five thing? We're not children you know?"
"Yeah we are" ok, so Nina's right. For nineteen year olds, we still act like we are nine. On the bright side, Alfie can finally make a cup of tea without there being a fire now.
"The credits are rolling. Put in a new one" Amber instructed. No, that mock salute wasn't sarcastic. Ok, maybe a little bit.
"Incredibles or Nemo?" I asked.
Well, Nina is the upset one, so Incredibles it is.
"I love how Jack Jack is all sweet and innocent and then BAM he's the devil. Literally." Nina gushes.
"I like Dash because he's fast and like pew pew" seriously? Finger guns? "And then they are all like 'well I'm gonna save my family.' Pew pew." Ok let me rephrase that. We act like we are nine, except Amber, who's five anyway.
"I like Carrie because she's dumb and I used to make fun of her" I admitted. And horrified faces. Disney lovers. "But Frozone's wife is pretty cool too. 'I am your wife, I am the greater good' that would so be me." Did I just say I would get married someday? Yeah, no.
"Thinking about weddings already huh?"
"No" and stop teasing me. You're not five. That's Amber, how many times.
"Yeah, well, at least you could" oh great. Me and my big mouth. Not the ice-cream. Now it's bad.
"Look, you're so much better off without him" I put my arm round her shoulders.
"No I'm not. He's my rock. You know I'm not. But hey, I pushed him away. It's fine. I brought this on myself. It's my fault. But, maybe he'll finally be happy. I don't know. But he'll be the one better off without me. That I know."


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