The waiting game

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Nina's POV:

"You guys ready?" Amneris asked as Eddie and I stood in the castle in our battle uniforms. We had some made for the others (all with different coloured stripes obviously) so we can fight properly - because that's going to be happening. Also, we look super cute whilst being simultaneously badass - so there's a plus.
"As ready as we can be" Eddie answered.
"You'll be fine, I know it. Look after your friends. Beat those guys. Send them back to the Duat where they belong." Osiris butted in.
"And remember we are proud of you, no matter what."
"Good luck Neens" Sophie said hugging me before moving to Eddie.
"Don't worry slacker, you'll be fine. Pinky promise" Daniel ruffled my hair - as usual - before sticking out his pinky. I locked mine with it before hugging him and getting ready to leave.
"It's time to go" Eddie sighed.
"We can do this, we always do" I whispered before we left.
"You guys ready?" We asked as we walked into the sitting room where everybody was waiting for us. We handed out their outfits before sitting down waiting. Because that's what today is. A waiting game. It's happening today. Whatever 'it' might be. It's all going down. 100 days after the sun. January 3rd. Today.
"I'm rocking this outfit" Amber said as she excitedly bounced down the steps.
"I like it" Trix added as she joined us too.
"So what do we do whilst we wait?" Alfie asked.
"There's nothing we can do, just wait" Eddie told him, the sun's golden rays reflecting through the window behind him.

Amber's POV:

"More. Fight harder, Amber. You can't let your guard down" Eddie pushed as I hit the pads. We had decided to train a little more whilst we waited - mainly Fabian and I as we had little experience before now and our lives were on the line - despite the sun shining through and making us over-heat.
"Amber, don't let your guard down" he shouted as I was pushed to the floor.
"We're so unprepared" KT added softly as she hit a punching bag that we will have to take down before Victor sees. He came back shortly after Christmas and training has been hard - luckily the castle was open for us (and I got to see Sophie again which was fun) - but we've still had curfews and him watching us like a hawk. Or Corbierre watching us like a raven.
"Oh come on guys, we'll be fine. We have two badasses over here with magic. Some kind of magic between Alfie, KT and I, and you two, you've done enough training" the last part directed at Fabian and I "so quit your whining. Okay. You're doing my head in." Patricia finished as she too hit a punching bag, the sweat on her face glistening in the sunlight.
"Okay guys, take five, we've done enough and obviously this isn't helping. We need to save our energy" Nina told us all lowering her pads. Fabian got a swing in right around her face as she lowered them and started apologising profusely.
"Well done mate, that was a strong one" Eddie laughed hitting his back as he continued saying sorry. Nina laughed it off and 'Sanabit laesae'd' where he hit as we all started to disperse.
"Hit one of them like that and we have the fight covered" she whispered to him as we walked downstairs.

Patricia's POV:

I watched as the clock ticked towards 2pm. We had been waiting all day and nothing had happened just yet, except for a little more training. But as the second hand clicked over the 12 the ground started to shake and the sky was starting to turn red, the golden rays of the sun disappearing, with crimson ones replacing them. Without words we all slowly rose up, simultaneously preparing for the incoming fight. It was something we knew would be happening, yet somehow, it still came as a shock when it happened. It's the first fight that had a time-frame that stuck. We have no evil people keeping us prisoner in a classroom, no ghost dragging us to the library with a mask, no old towers and sinners, no necklaces - just a time and a date, with no interruptions. The eerie quiet is the only thing that sounds out of place, but you can faintly hear birds chirping and cars driving by - a sign that life is continuing without us, out in the distance.
"Oh look at this Sophia, they're wearing matching costumes. This is going to be like taking candy from a baby" Ammut, in the flesh, fully formed, drawled.
"Yeah, for us" Amber attempted to snappily retort. Both Ammut and Sophia laughed at her attempt to be intimidating, obviously unimpressed.
"Are you just going to talk to us or are we actually going to do something?" I asked wanting to defeat them as soon as.
"Oh, honey. This is just a warm-up, we've barely even got started."
"But if you guys are so confident, we can handle jumping straight in" Sophia cut off her superior.
"Is that so 'Little Miss No-Powers'?" Fabian cut in.
"That's it" Ammut's voice boomed as a dark green light shot out of her hand. Nina jumped in shooting a golden light towards her which eventually dimmed Ammut's light. As Ammut cowered KT jumped in with an uppercut, knocking her down. Eddie took the opportunity to target Sophia, whispering 'Cadunt pro me' as he circled her. Nina stepped back to decide her next move, deciding to whisper 'dic mihi, indicare mihi'.
"Hey Eddie, her thoughts are all gooey, did you know she's thinking of frolicking with you through a field of rainbows right now - keep going". Nina shouted. "Go hit her while she's weak" she directed herself towards Alfie and I.

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