Coming home

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"I wonder what crazy mystery we'll get stuck with next" Alfie muttered as we set the table up for Trudy. Everybody was coming back today and school started back in three days.
"Alfie, it's only January, at least wait a little bit" Nina begged.
"Come on Neens, one term down, another two to go. We've still got until July. There's going to be something" Eddie laughed.
"I don't know what you guys are laughing at, it just means more training sessions in the castle and more time in Frobisher's study" she replied in a snarky manner, shutting us all up.
"Well, I think we deserve cake after everything we've done to save the world." Alfie muttered as he walked into the kitchen.
"No Alfie, no more cake, you've had three and nobody else is back yet. Wait for the rest of them to get here" Trudy said swatting his hand out of the way with the fish slice she was holding. Trudy had returned yesterday, two days after we beat Sophia and Ammut. Victor knew somehow. He's changed somewhat - he didn't shout or really say anything just called us all up to his office said congratulations and a thank you (which nobody saw coming) and then had a word with Nina and Eddie which has yet to be disclosed to us (although something was mentioned about the whole 'with great power comes great responsibility' speech).
"Trudy whatever you've cooked smells amazing" a voice called in as the front door opened.
"Joy!" Trix shouted as she stood up to hug her before we followed.
"How was your holiday?" She asked us all.
"Same old, same old, pretty uneventful" Eddie smirked as he lied, sharing a small smile with all of us. "What about yours?" He finished cueing a long day-by-day summary cut of almost 20 minutes later buy Mick's voice.
"Good vibes, this year is a good one!" Willow said as she walked into the room and started giving out hugs. Mick had walked straight into the kitchen for food followed by Alfie's 'more cake' shouts.
"Thanks for holding the door" Jerome struggled through with more bags than usual.
"What's with all the bags?"
"Poops decided to do the rest of her last year here. I don't know why. I mean, start a year somewhere finish it there, don't move back, right? So now I'm stuck with all of her bags until tomorrow when she goes to Isis."
"I missed Poppy, she was nice." Alfie pitched in.
"In an evil, blackmailing kind of way."
"Oh shut up Jerome you know you love her" Joy laughed off their conversation.
"Yeah yeah, I kind of have to" he retorted.
"Hey Fabian" Eddie whispered sitting down next to me (as Fabian was on my other side). Eddie tilted his head to the door before leaving and Fabian followed soon after.
"Okay what's going on there?" I asked Nina who shrugged her shoulders in reply and looked curiously at the door they had exited.

Amber's POV :

A few more hours had passed and Mara was the only one who hadn't retuned yet. Apparently she had spent Christmas abroad for one of her father's competitions and her flight had been delayed.
"Hey Alfie, I need to talk to you" Jerome said nervously as he walked by the door and Alfie followed shaking his head at me.
"Man, is it time now?" Alfie whisper-shouted as they left the room.
"I think all the boys are in on something" Trix whispered to me. "Fabian and Eddie left to 'talk' earlier and now these two have. If Mick is called out we know it's true." As if on cue Jerome called for Mick from his room.
"Okay, what is going on?" Joy asked joining us. "They've all left at some point" we were still whispering due to Eddie and Fabian now sitting across the room.
"Hi guys, sorry I'm late" Mara called as the door opened, cutting off our conversation.
"Mara!" Mick exclaimed as he left the bedroom and saw her in the hall. They hugged for what seemed like forever before letting go and letting her come and say hi to everybody else.
"I thought you wouldn't be back tonight!" Joy told her as she hugged her and we all said our hellos.
"So what have I missed?" Mara asked as she sat on one of the chairs.
"Nothing, the boys are being weird and we've watched some TV. There's still some of Trudy's food left, and there's some cupcakes in now because Alfie is complaining still" Nina filled her in.
"I wondered what smelt nice! Where is Trudy?"
"Oh, she went out to the shops, you only just missed her. She should be back soon, only needed one or two items" KT pitched in from where she was checking the cakes.
"Are they done yet?"
"About seven more minutes Alfie" KT told him precisely knowing if she rounded the number he would count exactly.
"So, what are we watching?" Mara smirked from the kitchen where she was getting food, knowing our answer before we even spoke.
"F.R.I.E.N.D.S." What? It's our go-to show.

3rd person view :

He walked into the room his hands shaking. This was it. It was now or never. He could choose never. He could walk out the room and that would be it. Or he could choose now. Do the most nerve-racking thing he could ever do.
"Umm could I say something?" He said before he realised it. Everybody looked up from their positions around the dining table and living room. When they saw how serious his face was everybody stood up.
"You." He looked at his girlfriend. "You stand here" he grabbed her hand bringing her to the front of the crowd now gathered in front of him.
"I have something to say" it took him all his courage to say it but he did. He had started now. He had to finish.
"When I met you I always knew there was something. There was always something about you. We were friends. Sort of. Then best friends. And then I liked you. And I think I made it pretty obvious to everybody around that I liked you. There was always something trying to break us apart. But it was always you. There was always somebody or something in the way" he recited the speech he had been practising for a while before he looked up at a few people. One of her closest friends had her hand by her mouth. She knew what was coming. But it was her reaction he wanted to see. She was just standing there oblivious to what was going to happen next. So he continued. "Through it all. Through everything, it was always you. No matter when we broke up or how long or far we were apart for; it always came back to us. And I always want it to be us." He finished as he got down on one knee. He looked up to see tears in her eyes and her hand fly up to her mouth as she gasped while he pulled out a small, square box. He opened it to reveal a ring and with one breath looked her in the eye and said "So, will you marry me."



By the way, please read this to the end because there's a lot of information about a lot of things in here.

So yes, this is the end of the book. I'm sorry that it took long, but AS/A-Level prep is hard and I've had a lot of time off school due to hospital appointments and being ill. So the time I would usually spend writing I was catching up with work and finding teachers so that I could. Also, I have expectations to keep up with and a reputation to uphold which is hard to do (when you're top of the class once teachers expect you to hold the position throughout, it's hard when you're top of more than one of your classes). I have been super busy and right now I should be revising (my exams are in less than six weeks) but I did this instead.

FUN FACT: the last bit (3rd person view) has actually been written since last June..? Maybe before that. So the cliffhanger had been in the works for almost a year, and there has been little bits leading up to it for ages.

I will announce that (hopefully to your pleasure, I have had quite a few comments and messages asking for one) that there WILL BE A SEQUEL!!!
It will be the last of my HOA fanfic series, a trilogy rounded with an epilogue. The last book, I won't give spoilers, but breaks the fourth wall a little and I had the idea for the mystery around August last year. My aim for this one was to make all chapters at least 1000 words but I'm upping my game and aiming for 2000 in the next one. I have a few chapters written already (and it does pick up right where this one left of so you'll get to see who, and the answer). HOWEVER, I probably won't post any until July/August as that is when my exams and schoolwork is over.

I hope you like this chapter and that you'll read the next book. Thank you to all of you who have made it this far with me - whether you've been here from the first post or joined today, I love you guys so much! Thank you for getting me where I am. Without you guys I wouldn't have this, I probably wouldn't have even put any excerpts (for any of my works) into book form so thank you for your patience and your confidence in me.

For the last time in this book;


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