Victor's back

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Victor's POV :

"Well Corbierre. My destiny called and I chose these wretched children. Why. I don't know. This house has more mystery and I intend to find it before those children. They meddle to much. It's time they learnt their lesson. Something is rotten with that sophia girl, I can tell. My late father always told me to stay in this house as there were more mysteries than anywhere. I never intended to but I need to. Tonight, I will check out the tunnels. I can use the library short-cut. Something is rotten Corbierre. And I need to get to the root of the problem."

Nina's POV :

"Are you sure he said he was going to the tunnels tonight?" I asked walking through the school.

"Yeah he was talking to Corbierre again. And he said there was more with Sophia" Trix replied.

"Does this mean there's more Sibuna?" Amber asked. "Are we getting the gang back together?"

"I don't know. It seems absurd." I told her.

"Since when has there ever been a year that hasn't had a Sibuna mystery?" Fabian asked me.

"Since before Nina came to the school." Alfie inputted.

"Does this mean we're going down tonight?" Eddie asked while I grabbed my books and shut my locker.

"You guys know me too well." I laughed.

"We have to follow him, it's obvious we need to know what's up. Especially since Victor said we couldn't know." Amber said.

"Yes, yes. Yes they have been assigned the project."

"Shhh" I put my finger to my lips as we walked past Sweetie's office.

"Yes they are in the groups you wanted."

"Music project" KT whispered.

"Yes Victor, it's all sorted."

"Victor." Trix whispered.

"Quick, come on" I said motioning for us to leave.

"We are going to be late for class" KT said.

"We have music next" Alfie pointed out.

"Look we need to know what's going on. So tonight. After pin drop. We follow Victor down. For now, we act like we know nothing and try to find out about this project ok?" I said as we were outside the door.

"Ok" everybody agreed. I was about to follow everybody in but Fabian pulled me back.

"Still on for lunch?" he asked.

"Of course" I smiled walking in and taking my seat by KT.

KT's POV :

"So we need to get an idea of another song" I said. "Nina hello?" I asked realising she zoned out.

"What?" she asked snapping out her trance.

"What were you thinking about?" I asked smiling. "Hang on" I said as my phone beeped.

'Just wanted to say I Love You. Continue with whatever you're doing beautiful' now that text made my smile grow.

"Lunch date with Fabian. Now what's got you all smiley?" she asked me smiling.

"Jake" I smiled.

"Ooohhh. So what did you say earlier sorry?" she asked.

"Topics for songs?"

"Something that makes us happy." She said. "What makes us smile?"

"Boys" we laughed.

"So we write a song influenced by Fabian and Jake?" she asked.

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