Meeting the family

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Fabian's POV :

"So you want me to travel, up there?" I asked. The last few weeks were pretty uneventful. Alfie still hadn't gotten the mark meaning Sophia and Ammut were still training and we hadn't had any visits from them. We were not any closer to beating them, but we can't exactly do much more until the actual fight - set to happen in just over a month. 42 days to be exact. We also haven't had any signs that the Secret Society were up to no good. And the lack of drama has made my girlfriend believe it was time for me to meet her great great great great... grandmother. In a castle on the clouds.
"It's not like it can hurt you!" She exclaimed innocently.
"Okay that's it, I'm not going up there."
"Oh come on, NeNe really wants to meet you. And I haven't been up there in nearly a month."
"I'm not stopping you going up." I told her.
"But you said you would come!"
"When did I say that."
"Well, you said you would do anything for me, so this counts in that!"
"Come on, stop being scared of meeting NeNe and come up with me" she pulled her infamous puppy dog eyes.
"You're not going to drop this are you?" I asked.
"Nope." She replied smiling. "I've also been working on travelling up, so I can go up without Eddie now. So are you in?" She asked already knowing the answer. Reluctantly I nodded. She grabbed my hand and then my eyes started to blur. When I regained focus I saw a new room with nobody in it except for Nina and I.
"Okay, I hate travelling like that" I said as my ears popped.
"But you didn't die, now come on" she said grabbing my hand and leading me out of the room.
"Neens" I heard running behind me.
"Soph!" Nina exclaimed hugging a girl. "Fabian, this is Sophie, Sophie, Fabian" she introduced us.
"Hi" I said.
"So, you're Fabian?"
"Soph" Nina warned.
"Now I know you've had this speech from Amber, nice girl I like her, but if you hurt my girl, I hurt you okay?" She asked. I nodded. "Now, you need to come up and visit more. And bring Amber back up, I kinda miss that blonde goofball."
"Wait, you brought Ambz up?"
"Well you wouldn't come up" she shrugged as they carried on walking with me behind them.
"Hey slacker" a boy called over as we entered a larger building.
"Dan" Nina replied running across the hall and jumping into a hug. "Fabian" she called beckoning me over as she let go of the hug. "This is Daniel, Dan, this is Fabian."
"Well, I'm glad to actually meet you. Instead of pictures and being you."
"Being me?"
"We impersonate people in order to train young hopefuls" Sophie butted in. "For example" she suddenly shape shifted into Nina causing me to jump back. She transformed back to herself before laughing.
"Very funny" I chuckled along not quite believing anything.
"Hey, have you seen NeNe?"
"Her and Osiris went star fishing, they should be back soon" 'Dan' told Nina before she nodded and walked over to another room. I followed her in order to avoid awkward conversations and found the room to be a kitchen.
"Do you want a drink?"
"Star fishing?" I asked.
"Well, we are on a cloud Fabian" she chuckled. "What do you think we do for fun, train all the time?"
"Well, yeah" I muttered starting to get embarrassed. She laughed before offering to show me around the 'house'. We went to a lot of different rooms. It turns out, only the bottom floor is the gym-like area. The rest is a normal house. It has a games room and guest rooms, bedrooms for people and other rooms that are in normal houses.
"And this, is Eddie's room" she said pushing open a door to a room that was very large. It had a desk inside and was painted blue and white. A large bed sat in the middle and Sick Puppies posters hung on the walls, with CDs stacked next to a player on the far corner of the room. We left his room before going a few doors up. "This one is mine" she said opening the door. Her room was the same except her bed was pushed against the wall. She had a balcony overlooking a bright blue sky (just north of clouds) and instead of posters on the walls, she had pictures. The whole Anubis gang features in different places, and her family in others. "This is the best part about our rooms" she said as she pushed open her wardrobe. She moved some training clothes and changes of outfits out of the way before pressing her locket to the corner. The wardrobe opened up to a larger room. On the one side there were plants and trees. On another, a few animals. There were multiple doors, not just ones leading from the wardrobes. "It helps us train. That's Eddie's door" she pointed to a door. "And that's his side" she pointed to the plants and trees. "I sometimes help him with the tree thing; I can't control them but we help each other out. This is my side. Whenever I'm here they'll send some animals up. We get them when they are so injured they might not make it. I help them. Sanabit laesae" she whispered the ending helping a horse stand up. "His leg was broken, he couldn't stand and without it he could've never gotten better. Now that my powers are good, I can help them." She said before pressing a button on the wall. "That just lets them know they can come take him back down to the stables" she explained before going back through the door and into her room. "That was, that was pretty amazing" I told her as she sealed the door and we sat down.
"It wasn't that good. I can only just heal regular broken bones on humans. I've transferred life once. That was when I had somebody else's powers and I still felt ill afterwards. So, I'm still working on it."
"Oh shut up, that was brilliant and you know it" I laughed along with her.
"So, how do you like the castle."
"It's not too bad" she gave me a pointed look in response. "Okay, I like it."
"And my friends?"
"They seem nice."
"They didn't scare you away?" She asked laughing.
"No way, you're not getting rid of me that easily." I joked.
"Just wait until you meet NeNe." She reiterated.
"Did somebody say my name?"


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