House Of Protectiveness

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Fabian's POV :

What have we done? I know she wouldn't cheat. I mean, it's Nina. She's my best friend.
"Nina" I shouted chasing after her. No reply. "Nina" I grabbed her arm halfway up the stairs but she pulled away. "Neens" I followed her to the doorway of her room. Damn she's crying. Please no, not the crying. I can't handle when she cries. "Come here" I tried to pull her in for a hug but she pulled away, again.
"Fabian" she started her voice cracking. "I meant what I said, I just can't do this" she wiped a tear.
"No" she cut me off, "I just can't right now. This, everything, it's toxic. This whole chosen one thing. You know it Fabian, you know it." And more tears. Nina, please, if you're listening to me, just don't do this. "I nearly got you killed, and now you can't trust me. I can't put you through that Fabian, I love you too much. So, I've made my decision. I told you, I can't do this anymore. Fabian, I can't do us anymore" what? "Please just leave."
"Nina please" I begged, but she had walked into her room. She also had her back pressed to the door forcing me to leave, although I was reluctant. I didn't want to leave, but I know Nina, and she'll be worse off if I stay. Slowly descending the stairs I come face-to-face with Eddie.
"Hey mate, what's up?"
"She broke up with me. Happy now?" It's all his fault. If he hadn't sauntered around with her, we wouldn't be in this mess. It's all so much clearer now. It's all his fault.
"Just leave me alone" I stormed past him and into my room. God dammit Nina, just give me one more chance to say you're mine. I'm forever waiting for her, and it's crazy. I pick up my guitar and let all my emotions slip out, as I always do when times get rough. Just give me a moment Neens.

Amber's POV :

"You wanted him to stay?" I asked sitting up.
"No, I told him to go, I'm fine, honest" she slowly stood up from the door and wiped all her tears. Except for a burning where my mark is I feel fine.
"Neens" I cautiously warned as I walked over to hug her.
"Of course I wanted him to stay. I didn't want to break up with him. I make rash decisions sometimes, I can't help it. He left though. I'm confusing I get it, and it's for the best, I'm not worth getting hurt over, and I guess seeing you hurt helped me realise that. Not that this is your fault, don't blame yourself but"
"And you tell me to stop with adverts." I laugh. "Right, infomercials" I joke using her slang. Finally, a laugh! "He's probably just giving you time to vent, you know he loves you, and he knows you inside and out, he would never hurt you, he knows how to let you cool off." I wrapped my arms around her.
"Amber, go back to bed, you're not well yourself, you need rest" she tries to drive me back to my bed. Typical Nina, putting others first.
"I'm fine, forget about me. I'm getting Patricia to make you one of those Chocy Woccy Twin thingy-mi-bobs and then I'm having a word with that heart-breaker and I will then sneak some films up and borrow Alfie's laptop so it's better quality for our movie day. I'll also get other snacks" I told her before leaving.
"Trix I need one of those break-up ice-creams" I instructed as I went into the kitchen. "Also raid cupboards for snacks, we're having a movie day" well, she is in our room. I left and went into Fabian's room. "Nice song, now tell me, why is Nina crying?" I initiated the conversation.
"She broke up with me. Me and Trix may or may not have questioned about the fact that maybe Eddie and her were dating." He replied sheepishly.
"That was for even thinking such a thing" one slap "that was for saying it out loud to her" two slaps "and that was for walking away when you know full well she wanted you to stay" three slaps.
"Ok, I deserved that" he muttered.
"Ok, that over, you're one of my best friends too, so it's only fair I ask how you are, because I can tell you're hurting" I sat down next to him.
"I wrote a song" he replied.
"Can I hear it?" He shook his head. No fair! Don't tell me you've wrote a song if I can't hear it!
"But, I miss her already, I don't know. She's being harsh, she thinks it's all her fault, but it's not, nothing is." He sighed.
"Then tell her."
"I don't know how" and I walked out the door. And laptop.
"Hey boo" I walked in and say next to Alfie.
"Hey Ambz, you ok?"
"Yeah, listen can I ask a favour?" And flash a winning smile.
"Nina and Fabian broke up and I was wondering if we could borrow your laptop so we could have a movie day, to cheer Neens up?"
"Sure" I kissed him on the cheek.
"Thanks boo."
"Do you need any movies? There's a pile over there. I'll speak to Fabian, see if he's ok" he told me.
"Thanks, love you" I headed for the door.
"Love you more" he smiled. Don't drop the laptop. So my knees may have give way. What? It's his fault anyway. It's just, I love him, I really do. And I know how it feels when we were broken up, and it's not a nice feeling, it's a horrible one, and Fabina is the best couple of the house! They need to be back together. They both love each other, and they go so well together. They're just; they're just best friends. And I know how much they're both hurting. And I want to help them.


A/N ok, so I don't really like where this ended but I sort of do at the same time. Update isn't as good because my friend came (from Weymouth) and is visiting and I BROKE MY FOOT last week, so I've been in hospital and up fracture clinic multiple times with that. So it's not that good quality of work.
But, I still pushed to update for you guys. And I did. So, don't hate me for it not being as good as other chapters.

Thanks again.


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