Maybe the truth is better shared

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Nina's POV :

"Eddie, I can't get them involved again. Not when these are the stakes. I won't. And neither will you. Promise me Eddie, you can't. Look what happened to Trix last time, they are so much stronger now."
"And what do we do Nina? Say 'don't worry the evil souls from the underground have called off the mystery. Oh, the matching marks of death? We decided to keep them as a memory. Yeah, we wanted some cool new tattoo's.' You know we can't do that." He replied angrily whisper-shouting. So, it's 3am. And let's just say, Sophia and Ammut are not very happy we found a loophole.
"Eddie no. They are not getting marked again. They are not dying because of me." I shouted back.
"Nobody has ever died before." He retorted.
"And you know they are stronger. They will do it. They have no mercy. They fight to the death. You've seen that with Sophia once before. Eddie, No." I told him putting my hands down. Foot down?
"Nina we can't do this alone. You know we can't." He told me.
"But I can't do this anymore. I can't hurt them anymore." I said. No Nina. No tears. No, you can't cry.
"Come here" he pulled me into a hug.
"I just don't know how much I can take" I admitted.
"Look, we are going to get through this together. All of us" he told me.
"Aliens. You're aliens. I knew it" Alfie said walking in. Great.
"Alfie what are you doing?" I asked.
"Getting water. But I know your secret space girl."
"Alfie, I'm not an alien."
"Then why were you and Eddie so close. You were going back to the spaceship right?" He asked. I'm not sure if he is half-asleep still or not.
"No, he was hugging me." I explained.
"You're cheating on Trix?" He turned to Eddie.
"She's like my sister, give it up and go sleep" Eddie told him. Alfie walked out of the room after that.
"Same old Alfie. Even half asleep." Eddie shook his head. "You should get some sleep" he told me.
"You too" I yawned as I left the room.

Mick's POV :

"So where did you run off to this morning?" I asked Eddie as I returned from my run.
"Nowhere, what are you talking about?" He asked me.
"I know you snuck off somewhere" I told him as I laughed slightly.
"I went to the kitchen around 3-ish" he shrugged.
"You were gone a while" I replied. I know, I know, why so many questions? They're up to something. Their whole group.
"Fabian, do you know?" I asked turning around.
"No" he left the room for breakfast.
"Ok, I was with Nina" he told me. Nina? Why was he with Nina? "She was upset" he clarified.
"Why didn't she call Fabian? You know, her boyfriend?"
"I don't know, ask her" he too left the room. What is going on with their little group? I quickly got changed and went to eat. I sat down and grabbed an apple, sitting next to Wills and Mara.
"So how did he take the news?" Willow asked me.
"Well, he seemed happy. Ecstatic even. He wants to meet up with you" I told her smiling.
"I haven't seen him in nearly 10 years" she said loudly.
"And mom?" I asked.
"I'm sorry" she sighed. Well that's good news.

Eddie's POV :

'Nina, I know you can hear him. Just tell him already. He's worried about you.'
'I'm not listening to his thoughts any longer. I can't, remember. We have to double-cross them' she exclaimed. This is actually a great way to have a private conversation.
'We all know you're listening' I retorted.
'Shut up. I can't do this anymore. I'm not. I'm not' reassuring herself; like that's gonna work.
'Thanks for the support' more sarcasm?
'Nina, just do it' I looked up at her.
'I can't.'
"Nina?" I said out loud and standing up. "I need a word" I dragged her outside.
"What?" She replied angrily.
"You and I both know the stakes, we both know what's gonna happen and we both know exactly how to stop it and save them, so we trap them for a while, but you've got somebody out there who loves you and cares enough about you to only think about you and how you are. Nina, look at me, are you really going to throw everything we've ever worked for, everything we've ever done, and more importantly Fabian, away, because of two ghosts?" I asked.
"But what do I say? We can't tell him. We can't tell any of them." She complained.
"Say it from the heart" Wow, I've been spending way too much time with Amber.
"I'm telling him, I'm ready, send him in" she told me.
"You sure?" She nodded. I left the room and sent him in.
"What was all that about?"
"What's going on?"
Questions greeted me. Oh, this should be fun. Fabian just gave me a knowing look before getting up and leaving.

Nina's POV :

Calm. Calm. You can do this. You can. You love him. He loves you, he'll believe you. He won't do anything he would regret. He won't hurt you. You know that. Just, stay calm.
"What's wrong?" He asked walking in.
"Sophia and Ammut" I replied looking up.
"This is Sibuna?"
"Sort of. But it's more you." I told him. He looked confused. "When I was under their power, I pushed you down a chasm, their doing, and they don't like the fact that you survived" I said slowly.
"It's not your fau" he started.
"And because you and I are dating they want you dead, because you're my weakness" I continued. He smirked. Great. "So they've basically been blackmailing me and Eddie and we have to betray Sibuna and help them in order to save your life. The only problem is if we betray Sibuna, all the group dies." I told him. "And we aren't supposed to tell any of you." I added. "They're on a power search and the locket or 'piece of the heart' is helping them. They want to rule the underworld and have revenge on KT's family, the Frobisher's." I explained fully.
"So it's I die or we all die?" He asked.
"But we don't know they'll stop" I finalised.
"So we know what we have to do" he looked serious. And this is what I was afraid of.
"No" I told him. He can't.
"Nina if it helps Sibuna, and you, we have to" he told me.
"No" I shook my head. He can't. I need him. He can't.
"Nina" he grabbed my hands. "I have to."


Enjoy the chapter.
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