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The Boy next door by annino112
The Boy next doorby Annino
Eddie has to move all the way from America to Liverpool to live with his father. He is not happy about that, but will the girl next door change his mind? *Peddie fanfic*
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Things Happen (peddie fanfic) by BrokenBx
Things Happen (peddie fanfic)by BrokenBx
Patricia ends up pregnant!
  • peddie
  • baby
  • fanfic
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Peddie(hoa) by BrokenBx
Peddie(hoa)by BrokenBx
Patricia starts worrying about KT taking her boyfriend away.
  • weasel
  • patricaandeddie
  • yacker
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Impossible; House of Anubis (FanFiction) by SarahRCubitt13
Impossible; House of Anubis ( Sarah R. Cubitt
HOUSE OF ANUBIS FANFICTION (Season 1) "Everything was once impossible until someone did it!" Strange things are happening in the old English boarding school C...
  • nina
  • fabianrutter
  • peddie
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The Secret Life Of A Teenager by MsftsRep_18
The Secret Life Of A Teenagerby MsftsRep_18
Patricia is 16 year old girl who has very little of a social life What happens when she goes to band camp but attracts the attention of the most known person in the scho...
  • love
  • peddie
  • anubis
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House of Anubis Preferences/Imagine by Fuinnforever05
House of Anubis Preferences/Imagineby Fuinnforever05
I do all of the boys and you can ask me for an imagine and I will do it!
  • houseofanubis
  • random
  • barchie
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House of Anubis: Season 4 by kacipaige98
House of Anubis: Season 4by kacipaige98
Hey guys! Okay so this Is my New series! I have written 2 other books that you all seemed to enjoy called House of anubis: season 3 and 4 my way! I told you guys I would...
  • eddie
  • mabian
  • nina
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House of Anubis season 4 {editing} by sweetdreamsangel8
House of Anubis season 4 {editing}by Just A Beckham Obsessed Girl
This is a House of Anubis Season 4 that I wrote when i was very young. I am in the process of editing this book, but even still there are some major holes in the storyli...
  • ambermillington
  • mabian
  • houseofanubisseason4
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House of Anubis: What really happened to Nina? by kacipaige98
House of Anubis: What really kacipaige98
This is after the Touch Stone of Ra so Eddie has lost his powers. •MY SUMMARY• After the Anubis residents graduate from Amun Boarding School, Mr. Sweet builds a college...
  • peddie
  • jeroy
  • anubis
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Big Time Anubis (House of Anubis and Big Time Rush Fanfiction) by bigtimeanubis
Big Time Anubis (House of Anubis inactive
In Anubis House, things are never normal. When Eddie's old friends come to visit him, things start to get weirder. His old friends happen to be the famous boyband Big Ti...
  • bigtimerush
  • leohoward
  • arianagrande
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House of Anubis: The Sacrifice of Isis' Sword by SibunASeason34
House of Anubis: The Sacrifice Dovydas
Seems like even the old Sibunas have left the building, everything at the Anubis house is getting more intense, but what will the newbies do when they have no idea what'...
  • anubis
  • sibuna
  • mystery
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Lost In Hope (a peddie story) by cookiemonster12333
Lost In Hope (a peddie story)by cookiemonster12333
Patricia and Eddie have split up but what would happen if Patricia lost all her memory...... Note; I do not own any of the characters or House of Anubis
  • peddie
  • hoa
  • houseofanubis
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Peddie One Shots by district_anubis
Peddie One Shotsby district_anubis
Just a bunch of Peddie one shots with the odd Jadekely one thrown in. Could find barely any HOA on this so I made my own.
  • amber
  • millington
  • amfie
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House of anubis: the beging of the end by lonelyguyhufflepuff
House of anubis: the beging of Hufflepuff for ever
The old sibuna gang can come back for pre collage classes but the newbie bring a new mystery to find out what the mystery is you will just have to read it
  • amber
  • fabina
  • fabian
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House Of Anubis - the final year by LaurenWelch
House Of Anubis - the final yearby Lauren Jade
I really want a season 4 of HOA so I thought I'd write one and NINA returns but KT is still there and will eddie still be leader of SIBUNA ? Also a lot of drama - I'm do...
  • houseofanubis
  • peddie
  • season4
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House Of Anubis Season 4 : House Of Powers by written_enchantment
House Of Anubis Season 4 : House yeol
"The chosen one. You shouldn't keep you distance with the Osirian. You will be in danger. So shall the Osirian. You must come back. You belong with the lover. The l...
  • anamulvoyten
  • nathaliaramos
  • sibuna
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House Of Anubis: House of Drama or Regret by sb_cupcakelover
House Of Anubis: House of Drama Steph B
What happens when Nina comes back and Fabian is dating Joy? When the teachers have found another way to have eternal life? What will happen when Fabian's memory is erase...
  • sibuna
  • jerina
  • houseofanubis
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Find her  by Demi9639
Find her by Emily
He's lost, he feels weak, he doesn't know what to do. ... After Eddie losses his osiran abilities he starts feeling sick and weak. He doesn't know what to do. So he cal...
  • romance
  • houseofanubis
  • mysterious
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Inseperable by kierissi_alessandra
Inseperableby hoē
"Hey Martin!" Gary said running after me slamming my books to the floor. Ugh. He's such an idiot. "What's wrong with you Gary?" I said picking up my...
  • fanfiction
  • jara
  • peddie
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House of Anubis: Senior Year by readingdeity
House of Anubis: Senior Yearby A Person
The Anubis 9 return for their final year at the infamous Amun Boarding School. Expect the unexpected as Chosen One Nina Martin and her Osirian Eddie Miller lead the enig...
  • drama
  • mystery
  • houseofanubis
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