The Unconscious Night

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Your POV:

I started walking away and then I heard someone. It was a familiar heavy and raspy voice.

He suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me.

"Do you still love me? Cause I feel love in my veins again " he said

"w..were you a... am.. awake all this time? " I said

I said it all because he was unconscious, I can't go back to him now , I can never say true feelings on his face.

"didn't anyone told you I'm an fabulous actor too? " he said and pulled me closer inches away from his lips.

"w.. what are doing?!" I said

"you can do it , then why can't I?" he said and suddenly my phone beeped.

It's a good excuse!

"w.. wait it can be important " I said and quickly let go myself from his grip.

The text was from Kris : 'I won't be home tonight , I'm busy. I'll be there till tomorrow noon.'

What!! Kris plz! You're my one and only way to be far away from him. I turned around to see chanyeol smirking as his usual on the sofa.

"are you scared Kris won't be home tonight? " Chanyeol spoke

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"are you scared Kris won't be home tonight? " Chanyeol spoke

"n.. no" I said

He always knows everything! hella this can be even his plan to get me back.

He suddenly stood up and walked towards me closer and closer, o my gosh! Why the wall is so near. I thought and soon my back hit the cold wall.

Now there was only a inch or even less of air between us, my heart raced faster and faster I wanted to clench it but it was impossible right now.

He put his hands behind my back and grabbed my waist while I was smelling his scent, his old scent I was longing like for decades and there I started loosing. It started raining again, the thunder, the lightning and his warmth was wrecking me. 

He pulled my chin up and said " you don't know how much I missed you "

"I do, I did the same "  I said

"look into my eyes " he said

And there!  when I was trying to stay in desert I ended up dying in the ocean and isolating it in, like the Titanic.
The windows flung open and the curtains were flying, the only light coming through was the lamp and the moonlight. It felt so right for the first time.

"How can you control me? You always do, you know this body, these hands, your eyes and these lips drive me. You drive me crazy that I can't stop myself ." he said

And came forward until our lips met, I replied to him as the lighting was our music, rain was our cry ,  the thunder was our hurts and this wind was like our love , endlessly flowing.

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