BaekHyun's Broken Heart

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Yours POV :

I woke by sun shining on my head and seeing Chanyeol pulling the curtains. He suddenly turned around and sat beside me on the bed. I realized that I was sleeping in his room as last night Yoora Unnie was here and she came with a boy I don't know who he was but they both shared room, then again Chanyeol's aunt stayed in the guest room and I had no choice.

Chanyeol kissed my forehead and said
"Choun acchim jagiya"

"what?!? Jagiya? " I said chuckling

"yeah ur my girlfriend aren't you?" he said

"seriously I don't remember from when we started dating " I said rolling my eyes.

"from last night since we kissed " he said

Wow! How simply and effortlessly he can say WE KISSED. I felt my cheeks burning up when reminded of last night.

"ummmmmm, someone blushing " he said winking at me.

"aish! Jinjja! Don't embarrass me" I said and looked down

"really? " he said and suddenly gave me peck on lips and my eyes shot open.

"we are a official couple now onwards " he whispered in my ears.

"wow" I said in disbelief as he went out.

Just as he went out I listened someone's fake cough. It was Mrs. Park. Oh gosh! Did she saw, even our position was very awkward chanyeol was kinda lying on me.

"good morning darling ,Future Mrs. Park" she said

What?!?!!?! Wow! now is she gonna tease me like seriously what would she be thinking about me . Ummm, me and chanyeol.

(A/N : guys plz give ur and Chanyeol 's relationship a ship name. Comments ~
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"g.. Good morning Aunty " I said being really embarrassed now, just a moment ago her son kissed me and she saw it.

"oh don't call me Aunty, from now on I'm ur mom call me omma or moma okay? " she said smiling

"oh.. Ok" I said, she's really sweet.

"well or would like to  call me mother -in-law?" she said

OMG! Why she's already giving wedding approval to me and Chan.

"oh plz aun....moma " I said ,what a morning! I just woke up and I can't stop blushing at all. Gosh this is embarrassing my cheeks are really red.

"haha well what I should call u both now... Ummmmm... OK I'll you both (you're ship name /YSN) " she said

"ah! Moma plz Hajima jebal" I said

Now she gave our relation a ship name too. It's nice tho isn't it? Hehhe

"haha well OK I'm going downstairs u may come for breakfast, n come fast as Yoora have already eaten and she has gone, it's only (YSN)  left. " she said

"OK! " I said and got

Mrs. Park seriously needs to stop calling us that. I did my routine n went downstairs for breakfast.

"hey " chanyeol said

"aye~aye~" I said

"what? " he said

"my new way to say 'hi' u know swag" I said showing some of my swag gestures.

And he chuckled a lot.

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