Seat Mate

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Your's POV :

I woke up by someone pocking me, and trying to wake me up. As I opened my eyes I saw a familiar figure .

"did u wait all night? " he said

"j.. Jimin? " I tried to adjust my eyes to the bright sunlight falling on me.

I just realized I was still at the Coffee shop, I looked at my wrist watch .
Phew!  I'm not late for school 

"did u wait that much " jimin said

I got my attention towards him, I was just going to reply when I saw his lips.

There were swollen and red. My heart ached for a second. Is he faking?

"what's there? " I said

"where? " he said

"your lips " I said

"hun? What do u mean? " he said

I fixed my hair and said "they are, uhhh... They are swo.. " I stuttered

"oh that!  A bee bit on it " he said

Or he lied. Where was he all night? Why didn't he came? Even Chanyeol said he's cheating on me.

"where were u? " I asked him

"I was, uhhh at JinShi's place " he said and blood raged through my veins.

"oh really?  Then why u even come now? " I attacked him

"uh teacher asked me to go at her place and help her in project " he said

"good excuse " I said and left to ready for school.

I'm really mad right,  I may hit someone, even myself right now.
He spent the evening with JinShi. He even didn't remembered we had a date.

I reached my home, hopefully dad was at work and mom was out. I rushed to my room and got ready for school.

I reached the school gate and as usual Hanuel was there.

She came to talk to me.

"hanuel plz I'm not in mood " I said and straight away went to class.

I sat there as the class started . Wow good!  I forgot to take my books From lockers in English class, the teacher would probably curse me.

"y/n where's your book? " the teacher asked

"I'm sorry i-" I was going to make an excuse

"get our of my class right now " the teacher sad.

That was rude, at least listen to me.

I went outside the class and stood there. And then I felt someone standing beside me.

"WTF Chanyeol? " I said

"I didn't brought the book too" he said

"stop lying" I said,  I knew he brought his book.

"OK I just wanted to stand outside " he said

"Wae? " I asked

"I like it. Any problems? " he said

"your the problem " I mumbled

"did u say something? " he said

"never mind "  I said and turned my face.

He slightly kicked my leg.

I turned to him, suddenly I didn't realize our heads were too close. That if we move just a bit close we would have kissed.

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