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Your POV :
I was waken by someone shaking me, I'm really tired I don't wanna wake up.

"Jimin please! I wanna sleep " I said in almost unconscious sleeping state.

"I'm ur Boss" I heard a deep voice rather than that voice of like a 12 year old.

I opened my eyes to see Chanyeol lying beside me on his bed. I quickly sat up.

"Chanyeol? " I said
Then suddenly I got reminded about what happened yesterday. I sigh.

"I'm sorry I called u jimin " I said

"it's OK " he said smiling

Wait! Why I'm in his room?

"BTW why I'm here with u" I said

"didn't u remember after I sung for you, what we did " he smirked and came closer.

"w.. W.. What? " I stuttered.

"u know what happens between a young boy and a girl " he said coming more close.

Suddenly a chuckle escaped his mouth, and next what he was laughing his lungs out at lying on bed.

"what? " I said being frustrated

"look at ur face, omo I was just kidding " he said catching his laugh.

I felt relieved. I put my hands on my chest where my heart was ready to pop out.

"ur insane! " I shouted at him.

"wow wow cool down, chill  ,u just fell asleep on my bed and I slept on the couch" he said still laughing.

"now go change, ur going school with me, and yes ur mom and dad will return in some more days " he said

So I have to live with this rascal for days now!

"I don't wanna go to school " I said

I just want to ignore the scene of Jimin and all. I don't even want to face Mark or Johnny .

"oh.. Ok but I have to go, I hope it's OK with u to stay alone? " he said

This big ear can't leave his gang! Whatever

"yeah I'll  be ok" I said

"y/n Chanyeol breakfast is ready! " I heard Mrs. Park's voice .

As we both went to the kitchen to have breakfast.

"good morning unnie, good morning uncle " I said to Yoora unnie and Mr. Park

We had our breakfast in a whole silence. It was awkward. Than Unnie went to her university, Uncle to his work, and omi to her cafe, she even asked me if I wanted to come but I denied.

It was now noon, I'm not hungry, I'm just so bored and as I have nothing to do. Jimin keeps Poping in my mind. And more why hanuel did so.

I wanted to ignore this feeling so I switched on TV. And watched my favorite drama.

And what a day!  The boy and girl were also breaking up in the drama. Why everything reminds me of Jimin.

Everyone was right about Jimin,
Chanyeol told me he's a cheater, even Yuta hyung also gave me idea, even that crazy bacon and baozi. But I never believed anyone just bc of my love.

I should go to cafe. I want make up my mood. I quickly changed into clothes that Yoora unnie gave me.

"omo why this jeans is so skinny " I said frowning

Why did she keep a crop top. I'm not a girl that like to show very much. I need something comfortable. I opened Chanyeol's cupboard I was going take out one of his T-shirt when I saw something.

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