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Your POV :
I was heading to the airport, unfortunately or I should say hopefully I got a flight back to Seoul. Well after 2 days I planned to go back to Seoul.

After a time I peacefully landed in Seoul and as my phone caught network. I received 9 messages . I got a taxi & decided to check the messages. None of them were of JinShi but from Baekhyun, Lay, D. O,Chen,Sehun,Chanyeol,Suho,xuimin , Kai.
All saying

"I gotta tell u something! U can't believe it. But WHERE ARE U! "

They must be telling me about the same Hanuel incident so I ignored the texts. I headed to my house immediately. When I reached out there I saw someone, actually 5-6 people who looked very professional actually I thought they were officials.

I paid to the taxi driver and went out.

"Hey what what are you doing?! It's my house! " I shouted

As I saw those were Sealing my house gate.

"plz be patient ma'am, it's government's property now as the owner is no more and his contract says some Specifics. And anyways who are you? " the person said

"I'm his daughter. The owner's daughter. Here's my identity " I said showing him my passport.

"it's OK but I'm sorry, u may come and check whatever contract at our office but for now this needs to be sealed. U better not interfair cuz it's a official work " he said

"ahh.. Oh. Ok" I said

Now my house is also snatched away from me, where to go? I don't have anything. And and..what will happen to dad's company? Am I not the responsible? What's in the contract?

I decided to go the park and sat there under the same tree with all my luggage. I felt like there's nothing belonging to me in this world. Nothing...

Suddenly I felt someone tapping my shoulder, I turned to see who it was.

"Mrs. Park? " I said

It was Chanyeol's mom .

"what are u doing here dear? Where u have been? " she said and immediately hugged me.

"I- I.. I don't have a home anymore " i said as a tear felled from my eyes. Her hug felt the same, the same my halmoni would give me.

"I know what happened, and why you saying u have no home? Hun?" she said and hugged me harder

"I'm your aunt right? So my home is urs. Come with me " she said

"but... " I was going to say something but she cut me

"don't u believe me? "she said

Chanyeol has learnt emotional blackmail from her anyways.

"oh.. Ok" I said and she took me to her home.

When we arrived Chanyeol was not home, he would be probably in school.

" you comfortably sit.Coffee shop is off for a week bc of some repairs and No one's home and Chanyeol has gone to SM" she said handling me lemonade and sitting beside me.

"oh" I said smiling at her

WAIT! WHAT! SM? she meant SM entertainment?

"but SM? " I said giving her a questioning look

"oh. Didn't he tell you? " she said

"what?" I said

"he and his all friends have been gone through SM entertainment auditions and they are selected. So he has gone for signing the trainee contract." she said

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