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I woke up again myself in the new city. It's just 2nd day but feels like a lot. Much things happened yesterday. I'm glad that Jimin was there for me.
And that Mr. Business Chanyeol and the whole EXO I'm gonna knock them if they do anything. They made my first day hilarious. And I got ready for school and seriously I don't feel like eating but I sat with my family.

"so how was your first yesterday? " dad asked as he came late night.

"pretty good " I said

"u don't seem impressed.  Did jimin made his princess  angry? " my dad said

"no not like.that  It's quite different here all. Well dad I'm getting late byi" I said and left . Even I wasn't getting late.
My car was ready and I headed for school. I reached and I was too early. Bad Liar.

I headed to my class. There was no one and just EXO's bags were there and I think today their leader came.

I decided to roam around the ground. As I was walking a girl came and patted at back.

"hi" she said. " hello" I replied

Her appearance was nice. She was actually beautiful with blond hair and blue eyes. A perfect girl.

"look like ur new " she said

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"look like ur new " she said

"yes" I said
"can I sit "she asked
"oh sorry, plz sit" I said

"I think u need a company " she asked

"ya, amado" I said

" so we can be friends " she asked. I don't even know her. Weird but still I didn't know anyone here.
"sure I'll like too" I said

"ur in EXO's class right? " she said.
My class is called EXO's class. Fame tho. Big Gang.

"yeah. Don't call that EXO class " I said
"oh. Well I'm in Jimin's class. High school last year " she said

"oh good he's my boyfriend " I said.
"oh" she said. Seriously she kinda looked jealous.

"seems u already messed with EXO don't u? " she said

"yes unfortunately on first day. " I said

"jinjja? What did they do? " she asked

"when I was at locker --------that's all. I hate them " I said

"hmm. So Chanyeol said ur his business " she said

"weird right? " I said
"but he always mean what he say " she said

"what do u mean? " I said
"I don't what He meant but in whatever manner you'll be his business ,well.. " she said. I'm pissed

"well whatever I'm not scared " I said

"baekhyun and Sehun is so cute right " she said

"well I don't find them cute at all. They're lit anyways but still I don't like them" I said

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