I have a HEART

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Chanyeol's POV:

Seriously this Lil girl is so weak and do act like she's somewhere's queen. But she doesn't know that the things I say I mean them.  After all she's all of my business.  It would be fun to play around with her.

I hate her bickering always 'don't u have a heart ' blah blah blah !

Babe I don't have a heart I never had .
Well I'm in a very bad ass mode today Suho would be happy lol.

Yesterday she fainted I think . MS. Falloff .

Well let's go school and bully some asses.

I went to school on my cycle. Wow!  I just came an hour ago. Let's prepare something.

I took out my phone and called members.

*Group call*

Me :- hey vas up!  CHOGIWAA!

Suho:- good.

Sehun:- why tf u called Chan.

Me:- guys cmon I'm in school Lets do something to shake that Ms. Fall Off

Baek:- who?

Me:- y/n

Lay:- hmm.. Good idea

Xuimin:- good keeping business. I'm on my way.

Me:- yo guys.. Cmon waiting!

*the group call ended *

I decided to go the music room and make my world. There's a thing that no one knows my love for guitar.

I once played it with all show but since that happened I never played guitar. I just like to do it alone.

I entered the music room and started playing the song my haraboji (grandpa)  taught me. Suddenly I felt someone coming. WTF

The person was about to come in. So I just broke the guitar, I threw it on the floor. And fake laughed.

"WHAT THE HELL! " y/n came.

"that was mine,  u broke it ur the worst " she said while she kinda cried.

"Why the fuck why r u crying " I said laughing. I can't really hold it.

"ur laughing right. Go away u don't have a heart! " she yelled at me

I clenched her and hold her hair. Awe baby girl.

"how dare u yell at me hun?" I said

"I - " she tried to say something

"should I tell u who am I, just for a guitar u yelled can't u get a new one! " I yelled at her making her so stubborn.

"wae- wae- why r u like this,  can't u leave me" she said

"didn't I say ur my business " I said
As she tried to escape.

"know Wat I can screw u right here if I wish , arraso? So just keep ur fuvking mouth shut" I said releasing her. As I see my hands marks or her arms as I smirked

She didn't say something just took the broken guitar and went outside.

"yaa!  I wanted to play more " I said in frustration. She's kinda interesting to hurt. Lol.

Well I saw all my chums in ground.

"yeah vas up " I said as they gave me a high five

"WATS the plan " xuimin said

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