Half A Heart

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Your POV :

It was 1 AM and I walked down the heavy fog , barely any car passed by. The street was as silent as a empty universe seems to be. My footwear's sound was heard on the footpath and I smelled the sweet fragrance of the night flowers.

I'm wearing my favorite clothes today, it was the last gift given to me by my parents. When I wear them I feel like I'm connecting to them. But today something made me feel numb.
I wonder ,why Chanyeol asked me to come this late?

I reached the park and my eyes shot open at the view, that tree was lighten. It felt like nature has sprinkled glitter on it. My eyes delighted at the scene. There was a path made leading to the tree with rose petals and it was shown with the candles. I walked on the roses I felt like I was leading to him ;  to my love.

I stopped as I saw a box,  the same box he offered me around hundreds of days ago. I picked it and opened, there was the ring the same ring he asked me to accept on his knees. I accept it today. I do.

Suddenly I heard someone singing, it was him. I carved for his voice and he was singing our song "In the middle of the night ". I remembered our own small studio. I remembered we used to have our own home, our own little world.

He sat down laying his back on the tree, and I sat beside him as well. I hummed the song with him ; line to line , note to note, string to string.

He stopped playing when the little snow balls started falling. My eyes and heart turned into a glitter at the feeling.

A park where it all started was decorated with rose , the tree where we both felt love towards each other was lighten up with gold. This snow falling seemed like crystals of diamonds and he was just right beside me holding my hands matching our heart beats.

"Let's wait, till it stops" he spoke,  covering us both in the long coat he was wearing still lying under the tree.

It felt his warmth against me , for a moment I felt like feeling his lips dancing with mine.

I turned my face towards him
"I wanna do it once again under this tree " I said

"Do it one last time like this " he said

Yes of course, next time he'll be the one to do it first. I gave an explanation for his line to myself.

I took his cheeks in my hands and looked straight into his eyes, Oh lord! I adore you for making the deepest ocean to be his eyes.

I kept going closer to him until our lips met, and as I tangled my lips against him the snow started to stopped falling like it was waiting for something to happen.

He suddenly took my hands and said
"Let's go"

"where? " I said

"Home, one last time " he said

One Last Time, what is it Chanyeol?

I stood up as he gave me a piggy back .
It reminded of the first time when he took me to Park's Coffee Shop. It was the first time when moma I mean his mom saw us together.

"Do you see these stars? " he said

"yes, I do. Aren't they beautiful? " I said

"Just like you, you're a star. " he said

" And you're the sky, without you I won't exist, I won't shine " I said

"but without stars, the sky still stays. Maybe the darkest at night but still, it stays. " he said

"yes it does " I said

I expected to feel happiness in his words, but I feel sorrow . A pain that have carved into his heart making it shallow.

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