prologue :fog (Chanyeol)

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Every night he looks at his empty side waking up from those dreams.

He hung every memory on the wall,
Maybe you'll look up at them someday.

He remembers every winter day when you walked hands in hands in the fog feeling your love.

He felt lonely but he kinda loves it now but he knows that his soul is with you. But you left his heart.

He just want you to be  with him, to stay.
He want to be with you Dusk till Dawn.

He don't want to be around people but he feels alone. He's not with himself cause he find him with you.

He loves you this much. 

And now he's again waking down that

Fog to get you and

To find the



This was just a short chapter about a bit description or I should say for a little warm up.
I hope you'll like the entire story.
Please drop comments!
It's my first time writing EXO fanfic. Well my bias from EXO is Chanyeol.

Who's ur bias?
Thanks! Kamsamhamnida!!!

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