Park's Coffee Shop

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Your POV:

The day at school just finished.  I'm still confused at the thought that Am I really a friend with EXO? they are the bullies, the bad boys why would they be friend with me? Suddenly I just felt someone pocking me at back and I came to my senses.

"Mark? Oh hi" I said

"hi !!let's go home together " he said

"but ur house is really far" I said

"no I'm staying at my aunt's place today" he said

"oh OK but I'm sorry I'm going on a date with Jimin" I said

"oh... R u sure " he said

"yes obviously now bye I'm getting late " I said

"OK bye!  See u" mark said as I peddled to Park's Coffee Shop

IDK if Jimin will come after what happened but my heart says he will.
I know he loves me. And if he do he'll surely come to fix everything.

I was just peddling to the coffee shop I loosed my balance and fell on group and locked at my cycle and saw my tires were damaged. I sighed and looked for a repair shop. And I had to go back towards school and there I found  a repair shop.

I suddenly listened two voices kinda arguing. Is that Jinshi I looked around and saw her,  when they started moving I saw a boy beside her he looked just like Jimin from back. Was he? No why would he be here with Jinshi... Well who knows?

My cycle got repaired and I decided to call my mother to tell her that I'll be coming an hour late than usual and went to the coffee shop.

After total 15 mins , I finally reached. I looked at shop I barely comes here but it's my favorite place after this short time living in Seoul.

I went in and the guard bowed to me. It's always a bit awkward for me to receive so much attention bc of my father.

I grabbed a table. It was noon and there wasn't much ppl .

"Hey y/n how are you? " someone said. I turned around to see Mrs. Park

"hey auntie " I hugged her. Well did I mention my mother is a childhood friend with Mrs. Park,  and my father also know Mr. Park bc of all business things.

"how's unnie? " I asked

"she's good" she passed me a smile

Unnie is really sweet and I met her couple of times in parties and all. Well Mr. And Mrs. Park also have a younger son of my age , I never met or saw him but I've listened a lot about him and I'm already impressed a bit.

"well where's ur mom" Mrs. Park asked

"umm,  actually I'm here alone,  I'm meeting a school friend here " I asked

"oh OK. Now I Got to go I have some work, have fun" she said

"OK thx " I thanked her and sat again waiting for Jimin. And I actually didn't realize it has been already 30 mins after the school overed.

I don't why I still think he'll come.

I waited for another one hour until I fell asleep there.  I woke after half an hour again by some commotion made by 9 figures as 8 of them were going out. My sight was still blurry as I just woke up. Then I listened a voice recognizable of a boy.

"anneyonghaseyo eomma " the boy said

He was definitely Mrs. Park's son.  I can't see him bc of a huge lamp that was placed . I really wanna see him. IDK just curiosity. 

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