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Your POV :

I stood there watching my boyfriend making out with someone. He was not just a boyfriend but someone who was meant to be my life partner.

I felt my legs getting weak, I wanted to scream on him but I felt no energy. I felt like it was an end of me.
Why did I love him so much?
My face became all a mess bc of those tears that fell without even me realizing when did I started crying.

I was angry, I was sad, I was dissapointed, I was a total mess. I was Hurt.

I snatched the bracelet he gave me and threw it on his face. I had bruise on my hand cuz I snatched it that hard.

Jimin came to his senses when that hit him. He stopped and Hanuel turned to see me. I was raging. My blood was gushing hard, it was boiling inside me. I straight away went to Hanuel and gave her a tight slap. So hard that she bleed on her lips corner.

"y/n listen let me explain " Jimin started speaking but I showed him by hand and told to shut up.

I again went to Hanuel grabbed her collars.

"u bitvh ,u distant bc u were with Jimin, why? Why? Why? Did u do this. U already knew it " I raised my voice to the highest and tears were still streaming down my face.

She was so startled that she ran away.

"never show me ur face! " I shouted.

Then Jimin held me by my arms. And I quickly removed his hands off mine.

"don't u dare to touch me " I said

"plz y/n let me explain " Jimin said.

"what jimin?what u have to explain? That why u kissed her? Why u cheated on me, or why u never meant what we were. U know what I wonder if u ever meant our relationship since we were 14, if u ever meant it. And truth is you were just playing with my emotions. " I said

"I'm so-" jimin said

"stop jimin! First tell me how many girls you have dated? Or it's just Jinshi and Hanuel " I said

"r u not listening to me " jimin said

"shut up! Ur just a playboy. Idk if I was special for you  ,or I'm just one of those girls you had for fun" I said

"ur just a playboy, just that " I said and I pushed him.

"chocochip " jimin said

"don't say that with ur dirty mouth " I shouted and slapped him .

"how dare u slap me? Don't u know who I am? " he said

"yes I know, a weak playboy, who keeps getting beaten by a gang" I said

And there he goes out of control.

"U BITCH.. SHUT UP" he said

I took a step back, I wasn't able to stand still. What did he just say ?

"you are special, out of all those. U know why? Cuz ur Rich as fuvk ,I dated u so I can marry u, get all of ur money and then just throw you " he said

Throw me? I can't take this all. Did my money always mattered more than my love. Is money so much important in this world?

"I throw u, ur a shit garbage. And a looser " he smirked and pushed me and left.

I stood there, I didn't knew anything happening with me. I felt weak and weaker, I fell on ground. I sat under that tree.

I'm a garbage? Yes I'm, I know what I have done in past but that doesn't mean I'm a garbage. I'm not criminal, I didn't kill anyone. I didn't. I can't suffer all my life because of that. I know it's only Jimin who knows it, I can't trust him anymore on it. Bc it was not my fault. Why everything get ruined because of it.

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