Epilogue: Universe & Heaven

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Chanyeol's POV :

Six years passed, it seems like 60 million years. Each day of threatening regrets and still walking with half of a heart, hoping I'll find the another piece somewhere.

Kris, Tao and Luhan left the group,  and today we EXO are here for a press conference to promote our song "Universe "

Everyone knows I wrote it, but no one knows the story behind it. I wrote Universe for her,  and I've been searching all through the universe for her hoping heaven is within this universe.

"First of all I wanna greet one of the biggest K-pop bands, EXO!! , the legendary artist. So as we know Chanyeol wrote Universe, fans wants to know what's behind it? " A interviewer spoke.

And all eyes landed on me.

"It's about a story, a story of a beautiful girl and a casual boy. They loved each other to the moon and back but misunderstandings never left their way. At the end the boy killed the girl being unaware of she was holding his child. ......it's what it is" I said as the else clapped.

But DO hyung was looking at me, he did understood ,he did predicted.

"was that true? " he asked

"no just a imaginative story " I said

"hmmmm" and he mumbled.

This regret is like a knife slowing creeping inside my heart, everyday getting deeper. Even from all these years nothing changed.

I've been walking down the fog trying to search her hands and have been diving trying to search her sinking.

But I never found her...

I wish to meet her somewhere, somehow. That is the only reason I wish I won't end up in hell,  I wanna meet her in the white peace of heaven.

"Chanyeol here's our new manager " Suho hyung came and siad.

"hello I'm Chanyeol " I said

"haha who doesn't know sir, by the way my name is Park ____" she said

She had the same name as her..... But I guess only the name.

Oh Lord! Tell me is heaven within this universe, if so I'll search the universe for her.

I'll search the universe for half of my heart.


Half A Heart : ft. Park Chanyeol (EXO) and You.

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