Farewell Night

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You're POV

Who knew 5 months will pass like this? While when I'm still not capable in getting my family's business and home , here is Chanyeol and Mrs. Park helping and supporting me. And loving. Hehe Chanyeol is really a sweet boyfriend. Lol who knew I would I would fall in love deeply with a person who bullied me every day. Well it's like Fictions and Movies I used to watch came true for me. And know? what G-dragon is in military service. I can't get any update of him. I'm a fan loyal anyways. know what! Even me and EXO went to Big Bang's concert it was really amazing, my dream came true!

And whenever I would bias over GD Chanyeol would hit my arm. Well now, he's very busy in training at SM and finally others also got into the company. I've kinda moved on my mom and dad but I still miss em. But there's still someone who love me immensely and that's Chanyeol. He never make me feel like I'm alone.

But at this time of day, when I'm usually sitting in this Cafe waiting for him, I miss him the most.
'where is he! Why's he's always late ' I whispered in frustration.

When suddenly the door opened, I turned to see him but it was not him. It was rather a very cute couple. I admired them for that moment and turned to the other side again.


I immediately ran towards the couple and said

"Unnie? Hyung!? " in amazement of seeing him after a long time, it's like I found another happiness.

My Yuta Hyung.

"Hey! (y/n)? Long time no see " yuta said

And I immediately hugged him.

"I missed you so much, how are you? U changed a bit. New hairstyle. U also look tall " I said

" I'm fine but u still that 3'4 ft shortie " he said chuckling

"Yaaah! Jinjja! " I said hitting his shoulders.

Then I listened someone fake cough.

"I guess, u don't need me here anymore " the person said chuckling .

"HEHE, sorry Yoora unnie. U know I love you " I said

"I know right, but not more than Chan " she said

And there a confusing freak Yuta comes alive.

"wait, what.? U love Chan...that means Chanyeol equal to Mr. Park Chanyeol that's YOUR Mr. Business. I can't believe, what's happening. U even didn't tell me. Shame on you donsaeng. U think I won't let u date? But no, u won't date a bully? Will you? Majayo? " Yuta said breathlessly

"will you breath " I said giving him a straight face while Yoora unnie was chuckling (a bit too hard lol)

" I- " yuta said (tried to)

"I'M DATING, MR. PARK CHANYEOL. AKA MR. BUSINESS. I'M his business as a Love Business and I'm only his " I said EXPLAINING.

Actually Yuta was drinking water, and his mouth shot open and the water dropped.

Suddenly a big hard laugh was heard, when I turned around I saw this man holding his stomach trying to breath while half-ly laying on ground laughing.

This can be who else ?


~moments after ~

"OK, OK. O my~ hey Yuta! Hey unnie. Hey Ms. Fall" chanyeol said

MS. Fall something, I would listen everyday with my breakfast.

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