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Your POV :

"and you need to save Hanuel or she'll be trapped " JinShi said those.

Trapped? In what?

"trapped? " I said
"wait, I'll explain you" JinShi said

"did Jimin do this " Chanyeol suddenly asked when I looked at his face, it was red, he was clenching his teeths, and tightening his hands. He was all in anger. Even his voice was never so harsh.

"yes, he did so that y/n will be hated " JinShi said

"but why? " Baekhyun said

"because he wanted to take revenge of his insult, as y/n slapped him" JinShi said

What? Because I slapped he's making me hated by everyone! And for that slap he's worth it?!

"he'll be not OK anymore" Chanyeol said and ran

"Chanyeol where are you going? " I shouted at him, I knew he was going to do something to jimin.

"to give him what he's worth"he said
As EXO ran after him to stop him from anything bad.

I stood there staring at JinShi to explain what's the matter.

"Actually Jimin is definitely not what he shows, he's definitely the president of school, have good friends like Taehyung and Jungkook but since his parents death he earning money from blackmailing people and all" JinShi said

"how 'd you know? " I said

"cuz I've been a victim, he'd possibly make a video u know and then blackmail and get money as ransom " she spoke.

I can't believe at first , is this really what he had become? Money is everything for him? Doesn't he need love, and someone to care?

"and now it's the time to stop him and save Hanuel, see hanuel was told that jimin and u broke up, that's only why she dated Jimin, I know all this bc I was the one to tell her that " JinShi said

"so u mean jimin is using Hanuel too? " I said

"exactly " she said and continued "and u need to do something, I know it's you who can do, bc u know Jimin from Start" she said

But I don't know who's this now,people have millions of faces.

"OK, I'll think what to do" I said
"thanks " she said

"I need sometime alone " I said and she left without saying anything.

It's all happening, it is all because what I did earlier. Jimin left me, Johnny and Mark didn't talk to me now, yuta hyung is so far now. Who I have is only my family.
I can't still come over the truth of Jimin. He had become the worst, even worse than a gang.

"y/n!y/n!y/n!" I heard Lay shouting from behind

"what happened? " I asked

"plz plz come or Chanyeol will do something wrong, he's constantly beating Jimin in ground and no-one is able to stop him " he said in a rush

"what? Kaja " I said and we both ran to ground.

I saw jimin was lying on ground and Chanyeol was over him punching him non stop, jimin was really unconscious and he was bleeding badly.

"Chanyeol stop! " I shouted but he didn't listen

"do u think he'd listen to me? " I said to Lay

"he'll only listen to you " he said

Hun? Me?

"Chanyeol !!" I shouted and went to approach him.

But this Mad man was like hulk, uncontrollable, I took a glance at Jimin, he was about to fall unconscious, I still can't see him like this. At least I do care u know humanity.

"Chanyeol u need to stop! " I said

"no, I'm not stopping he's getting what he deserve" he said

"everyone is here " I said

"I don't care " he said . he was about to give jimin another punch

"Chanyeol !" I screamed and slapped him. I had no other choice. I'm sorry Chanyeol.

He immediately stopped and looked at me and then left without saying anything. I called Jungkook and Taehyung they took jimin to Clinic.

Meanwhile classes were going on I was thinking about Hanuel, Chanyeol was in principals office obviously after what he did. I really wanna go home. What? Wait! I'll be still staying at Mrs. Parks for one more day. Oh no! I slapped her son. I actually need to apologize Chanyeol for that. And I think it's Chanyeol who can help me.

It was Lunch time, I went out and searched for Mark and Johnny. I saw them at our pass out place in school near canteen.

I went near them.

"mark? Johnny? " I said they turned and sighed.

"plz didn't we told u not t-" Mark Was going to say something.

"don't u guys believe me? " I said

"not anymore " Johnny said

"plz I didn't hurt ur sister " I said

"yes, I saw, "he said

"can I get Yuta hyung's number I lost it " I said and I was to cry.

"he don't want to talk to u either sorry now u may go, or we'll leave " Mark said

"I'll go" I said as a tear dropped from my eyes. Even Hyung. Jimin ruined everything,and he was the reason I came here.

"I HATE U JIMIN " I screamed my heart out not noticing everyone was around me.

I sat alone and ate without any appetite, it's OK, I'm like what I used to be after Jimin went away. In Busan, I was like this, all alone. I'll be okay.

"ur not alone " someone said, I raised my head to see D. O and Xuimin there.

They Sat in front of me. As I smiled.

"where's Chanyeol " I said

"he's suspended for today after what he did " Xuimin said

"oh" I said

"umm, see ur not alone, we know the truth and u can trust us" D. O said

"he's right, even call me Minseok Hyung if u want , I'll protect you " he said

"we are all ur Oppa , and we are here for you " D. O said

I felt more comfortable listening to them and seriously a bit special.

"thanks but why are u doing this all for me? " I said

"because ~" xuimin was going to say

"mianhae it's a secret " D. O said in between.

"oh.. OK never mind and thank you so much " I said as they smiled.

"well we'll see u later, join us if u want " xuimin said

"okay, but I would prefer some alone time " I said

"thats ok" he said as they went away.

I can't understand EXO. They have two sides but both of then are pure, it's like they never fake things and that's what I need.

The lunch ended, the classes too , EXO didn't bunk today at all. Weird. None teacher gave attention to me. I have possibly lost my reputation bc of that hoe.

It was departure time, I remembered I'm supposed to go to Mrs. Parks place.

I was walking when I noticed Chanyeol sitting in the park near that tree. The same tree, that day he kissed me. I had flashbacks of my first kiss again. Whatever I need to say sorry to him. I went to the park and quietly tapped his shoulders .he saw me .

"hmm? " he said

"I'm sorry, i had no choice but to make u make you stop" I said in my sweetest voice, I know he was upset because of me.

Yo! Guys. Vas up? Sorry for lame update!
What do u think what Chanyeol will react now?
And will Johnny and Mark believe her?
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