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Your POV :

Suddenly my phone did buzz, it was a LINE text. Who can be texting me this time?
And then I saw at Baekhyun's face who was hiding himself under the blanket now. I ignored the text because my mind was at processing, a deep one. Did he confess? What he meant by he love me? And then he's being shy. What should I say? Should I keep quiet, mom help me!


"well ~....." Baekhyun was going to say something.

"I.. I. Oh.. Have to c.. Check my phone. Excuse me" I stuttered and ran to living room cuz now I wanna ignore him for a second.

I checked my phone. It was Chanyeol's text

'hey ! ik maybe ur sleeping. Well then have good dreams ...of mine ;-) well mom just shouted at me for not taking u home. U should apologize. 😡 anyways goodnight girl ~♡'

Phew! Why suddenly i feel like being zoned. That Bacon just said 'I love you ' and Mr. Business being over Caring. I really don't know what to do. I don't feel good more in baek's house. Okay! I don't know anything..I'm going.

I quickly took my coat that was lying on sofa and quietly went out of his house . And as I just stepped out the cool breeze of Gangnam hit me. It was late at night, barely anyone would be outside. I started walking not knowing where to go, I just than ran so anyone can't chase me.

I was now peacefully walking on the footpath it was over midnight and barely cars passes by. All I could see was just these empty streets and these lights. So many things crossed my mind, why my everything had to leave me. Mom, dad. Chanyeol, why he cares! Do Baekhyun he actually love? What is my life? Do my life is supposed to be this. Am I so bad to not to deserve even a single person who I could understand and who can understand me?

I never believed in God but now I'm asking you, why God ur far away then y ur trying to ruin me? Why?

Tears were all down my cheeks and my legs felt weaker. I realized I was just near my house. MY HOUSE..

Hopefully I had keys in my coat and I went in. I sat at the couch. I was a bit worried if Chanyeol and exo were searching for me but I don't care. I locked the house and closed the light so no one can know there's someone inside.

I sat siting with a pen and my diary, when everything around me is dark and just a little lamp lighten up. I started writing and I felt my feelings would never end, I just kept writing.

The sunshine hit my eyes. I didn't realize when I slept. I opened the light.

"omma! Appa! Where are u! Omma I'm hungry! " I shouted. Just when I saw my diary.

Phew! I remembered. I have to forget them.
And yeah it's the funeral day. I went to my room, washed and wear my clothes. And went to the graveyard where I know Chanyeol would be waiting for me. But I will escape, I will.

I stepped out of my house and saw Chanyeol waiting in car. WHY THE FUCK IS HE HERE! IS HE A STALKER OR READS MY MIND OR SOMETHING ELSE!

Well I just ignored him like I didn't saw him and started walking. But know what as usual I felt someone pushing me and it was Chanyeol AS USUAL.

"sit " he commanded in a very very very angry tone.

"whatever " I sat

"where were u last night? " he said

I ignored him and watched out of the window and there was no other utter out of his mouth.

It was soon, we reached and sooner when I their graves and tears flowed out my eyes.
As I stood against my mom and dad. Every memory every flashed back. I looked around everyone stood completely either emotionless or crying. Even Baekhyun and i don't know why exo was there. But I want to get lost, get lost with my parents in paradise . I can't ever forget them . It's so much pain to take and tolerate. It's so hurtful. Why they leave! Omma! Appa! I want you.

I started sobbing and fell on the ground on my knees feeling myself weaker. The funeral ended but I don't want to leave. I wanna stay there with them.

Chanyeol said "come "

"I don't want to you may go, plz " I said and he didn't say a word and went.

Now I was sitting there alone and it started raining, I was all wet and decided to go back. A last tear fell off and I went out hoping Chanyeol outside but he wasn't, hun! Why he would. Why he would care about me .

I went back home, I decided that I will move to Daegu today and be with Yuta Hyung ....maybe . I packed my bags and went to the Railway Station, I hopefully I knew Hyung's home and I didn't care about telling Mark and Johnny. I didn't tell anyone, I wanted my time alone. Ryt now I want no Chanyeol, no exo, no one.

I finally reached Daegu, the city is also a rush and seriously I felt fresh. Maybe this refreshment was needed and finally I'll be meeting hyung. I caught a taxi and moved to his house.

"ma'am can I ask u something " the driver said

"yes " I said

"are u a celebrity or a trainee? " he asked

"haha, no I wish but " I said laughing a bit

"well u look really beautiful, anyone can mistake u for a celebrity " he said

"haha thanks so much " I said

The car stopped in front of a house. The house didn't looked very big ,it was actually so small only enough for 2 ppl well. Maybe the interior is big.

"thank you " I said to the driver and gave money.

*ding dong *

I pressed the bell. And suddenly a lady in her 30s came out.

"Anneyong , may I know you? " she said in a very sweet voice.

Maybe she's his elder sister.

"umm. I'm here to see yuta hyung " I said

"I'm sorry, maybe ur at wrong address " she said

"are u sure? " I said

"yeah. It's my house... Well wait, are u talking about that Japanese guy Naka? "she said

"yeah, yeah his name is Yuta" I said smiling

"well, I'm sorry To say ,he lived here on rent but last week he moved to Japan " she said

And my smile instantly faded.

"oh.. OK. Thank you so much and sorry for bothering you " I said

"no, it's OK. Nice to meet you. Have a nice day " she said smiling

"you too " I said and she then waved at me as I went.

How sweet lady! Well I guess I can still spend a days in Daegu for change.
I was sitting at a coffee shop when my phone rung. The caller is JinShi.

"yeoboseoyo" I said

"hi, and where are u! " she said

"in Daegu " I said

"what, WTF u know something big happened " she said

"what?! " I said

"Hanuel did suicide " she said

"what?!? " I said

"yeah, I'll be telling you everything once you'll come, u need to come please " she said

"OK I'll get the flight asap" I said

"nae, bye! " she said

"bye" I said and declined.

Phew! I have to go back,why it's all happening over and over. Can just I get some time first to overcome the past things. But..... Why always me only!

Hello yeorobun!
Well I'm sorry cuz maybe it's a lame update! Again wanna thx u all for support and plz be tune! Saranghae ~
Why do u think Hanuel had to take this big step?
Do u think (y/n) will actually go back stepping back from her decision to move to Daegu?

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