Home Again

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Your POV :

"So we're finally home " My eyes opened as Kris said .

Home? I only have 1 home, any other house or building will not feel like home.

I looked out of the window to see Kris's newly bought house in Seoul. But this house was familiar, this is actually my home.

How the fuvk! He bought my Mom and Dad's house?! A person like him don't deserve to own it.

I got off the car as Kris opened the door, what a gentleman in front of others!

After seeing the house Lay was also shocked, he knew this was mine.

"Kris what is this? " I said glaring at him.

"what?" he said

"is this house yours? " I said

"like... " he was going to complete his sentence but my blood was at highest pressure right now.

"I ASKED IS THIS HOUSE FUVKING YOURS? DO U THINK YOU CAN EVEN CALL THIS YOUR HOME?!?! " I shouted at him as all others' eyes shot open in shock.

"obviously baby, cuz I bought it " He said putting his hands on my shoulders.

I hate his sarcastic side of showing love. Ugh!
I quickly shrugged his hands off and walked towards MY HOME. as I knew I can't really help it now , any arguments will lead to misery and sadness only with loss.

I got my luggage myself and went in as Kris opened the door, the house was very clean seems like he already got it furnished too.

Finally Home Again.

The scent of the house was just same, the fragrance of roses was still pleasuring me from the garden. The kitchen was all same, where once my mom stood making my favorite pizza and rice cakes; The cabin where my dad's all file works were done was now Kris's. And finally the bedroom where my mom and dad used to have best sweet times with me now was mine and Kris's.

I took a deep breath, and entered my room;  I mean the room that used to mine. I was amazed at the fact it was totally untouched. Still my guitar stood there, my study table where I used to do all my and sometimes EXO's homework too. Phew! My bed still had the same bed sheet the last time I left though it was cleaned. And my mini karaoke was still there, My bedmate teddy ' Haz' was laying down on an empty bed. I sometimes still wonder the fact, why I left everything even when I was supposed to take somethings with me. But here again I'm.

Is this my destiny?


I finally got down after washing my face and greeted everyone. Sehun, Lay, Luhan, Tao ,Kiyo were still here.

"Hey remember, now u gotta make us delicious food!! " Luhan screamed.

I actually laughed at this so called fake maknae. Well maybe people would think how lucky I'm to be the wife of Kris and friends of one and only EXO; but they'll never know me.

I quickly went to Kitchen started preparing Samgyetang , bibimbap and many other dishes like Black bean noodles with my mom's recipes. After sometime Kiyo joined me and also made some Japanese food.

As the food was ready, we invited everyone to the dining table and they all helped themselves .

"ummm it's really delicious! " Luhan said

"ah~ jinjja masshida" Lay said

Everyone appreciated and Kris just kept doing his work on phone and eating, he's seriously a mad man.

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