I belong to you

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Your POV :

"will you marry me my destiny " said chanyeol

Those words were like someone sprinkled rose petals over my ears. For a moment I felt like he clenched my heart, and denied it to beat. And my then released it to beat faster then faster and faster.

I curled my hands into his hair, and said something I've been longing to

"of cou-" but my tongue stopped, my heart became black and thoughts were like a smoke.

"You need to marry me" said Kris. Kris's voice echoed in my mind.

I wish I can just black out right now, and don't have to face this situation.
Chanyeol now was looking at me with a longing hope in his eyes, like he was waiting from years to listen me say yes.

I don't know what to do, I suddenly stood up. And said

"I'm s.. S..   *sigh* I'm, I can't " i clenched my eyes and said " I'm sorry chanyeol " as I saw tears enveloped in his eyes as mine already dropped and I just ran away,

I don't know where I'm going.

Chanyeol's POV :

"I'm sorry chanyeol " she said and ran away, maybe I know to where. But she don't.

Yuta  came and held my shoulders.

"it's ok, chanyeol. Maybe she needs some time. You know you're both still young maybe she first wants to accomplish something, her dream. It's just she needs time. Don't be tense " he said

Dreams ~?
But she has trapped herself in her parents' will.

"i need to go" i said

"Chanyeol, let her go and spend time alone. " mom said .

"No mom, I know she needs to rant out right now " i said

"but u don't know where she went, even I guess she herself ran away clueless" Yoora unnie said

"I know, even she doesn't. " I said And without wasting a moment went to where I think she's.

The place where everything started.

Your POV :

I again ended up being here, this tree . This park where he first kissed me. Where my life begun.

What I wanna do? I want to rant out loud asking the god, why my life is supposed to be so complicated!

Why?! Can't I live with my loved ones. Why for one I have to leave another one. WHY?!?


Why! Still I think, I need to explain that I haven't killed someone! I didn't.

The past flashbacked in my mind. That night, a part of me died when they blamed me. When they believed it. But, God knows I didn't kill anyone.


I placed my back at the grass, looking at these shinny stars. One of them will be her. And those two who are really close to one another ,would be my mom and dad. One day I'll be there too with them or may be sooner?

I know my end is near, I'll die. A girl, a weak girl like me don't deserve to live . I wish, I could die soon. I don't have any will to live anymore.

Suddenly all I can see was the black color, and see where am I? It's my dreamland where I meet her everyday. She's the only one who believes me.


I was waken up by a little drop of water on me. I opened my eyes saw it's quietly started raining . And to my other side I saw him, I was not shocked to see him here, He knows me, knows me better than I know myself.

"why are u counting stars? " I asked

As I saw Chanyeol being lost in the sight of sky, and he seemed to be counting stars.

"you're awake? , nothing I was just bored " he said.

"I'm sorry, mia-" I was going to complete my sentence when I felt his fingers on my lips.

"shhhhh" he said

He sat up and placed me between in legs so that my head was lying in his lap , and I was facing the sky.

Without no reason, a tear fell off my eyes.

"jagiya? What happened? " he said rolling his fingers through my hair.

"I can't marry you" i said

"and? " he said

"I want to... I.. I need to marry kris " I said as he suddenly turned me to face him.

I can see his dissapointed and confused face. As I looked at the ground, he lifted my chin and made me look in his eyes. Those eyes , they are a ocean ,I don't wanna dive into them, I just wanna sink into these beautiful pair of eye.

"You don't have to force yourself to love me now,  you can me leave me. I know I've hurt you " I said

"who's kris? " he looked a bit frustrated at this moment too, and I'm afraid of loosing him ,more of him loosing his love again.

"Yifan, that contract mentions him" i said the truth.

"but you said - " he said

"I lied, to everyone." i said

"you could have told me" he said

"no, I can't , I didn't want to, mianhae " I said

" You know, I haven't said this from a long time. But you, you have trapped yourself in your parents' will. No matter how much you want to hid, but I know what you want to be" he said

I didn't want to face the reality now, I stood as he grabbed my wrist.

"so you decided to be his, you decided to Kris's? " he said, I can understand he voice is breaking.

"no,  this heart ,this body, this (y/n) belongs to you " I said

"and you're dreams? " he said

"I don't have one " I said and started walking away.

"till when you'll run from reality? " he shouted

"forever " I said

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