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The car stopped in front of the huge school gate . There were many students standing there at the time. It's probably about to school reporting time. As the car stopped and I stepped out a lot of students were staring at me and most them were saying something about the car. Did the car look so attractive. It's really wierd to be get stared at like they r gonna eat me or what!?

I signalled the driver as he went off. I stretched the straps of my bag. I'm a bit nervous actually. This is so different. I walked towards the entry.

As I entered the school there were many girls giving me death glares. Seriously what I did?

Well I decided to go the reception to know about my section and locker that's all formalities.

As I entered. A teacher appeared . I bowed to her.

"anneyonghaseyo" I said

"hello. If I'm not wrong ur (y/n) the daughter of (y/f/n) who holds the Busan Ltd. " teacher said.

"yes ma'am .nice to meet you " I said

"OK  come to my office I'll give the information about ur class and all" the teacher said.

"OK ma'am " I said and followed her to her office.

As we reached her office I saw a nameplate outside. She's the co-Ordinator of highschool .

"come in. " she said

I went inside and sat down.

"firstly do u have any problems reaching here " she said

"no ma'am. It was a pleasure to know this beautiful city " I said as she smiled.

Wow! I'm trying hard to make an good impression seriously I have never been this formal.

"well here r ur locker keys. And ur class is B section " she said.

"ma'am is it the same section as jimin " I asked

"no. Why? " she said

"oh my bad. He's a old friend " I said

Suddenly a short heightened boy came.

"she's a transfer kid from Busan introduce her to the school " she said and I looked back at his appearance.

"JIMIN! " I said in excitement as I saw him.

"(y/n)?! hi" he said. But really in a weird way like he was pretending to be happy.

"okay so I'm president of the school so let's start " he said as he showed me the whole school.

It was weird with him maybe bc it was after a long time.

"well do u remember u made a promise to me.... " I was about to say something as a girl came with 2 other boys.

"jimin! Jimin! Where were u? Come with us" the girl said seriously ignoring me like there was no one.

Then jimin without saying a word or giving a glance walked away. Isn't it rude towards your girlfriend?

A bell rung. I think it's first period I took my bag and head up to the class. I still didn't went to my locker and decided to do that after lunch.

I entered the class "a zoo I think "
Everybody was shouting like hell!
Seems like the teacher is absent for the first day of mine.

I looked around to get a seat then I saw some seats empty at the back. The whole class was seated and only those 10 seats were left.

I went and sat on the window side.

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