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Chanyeol's POV :

I saw her got dull instantly when she picked the call. Her smile faded and suddenly she blacked out. I was really confused at what happened. Who was the caller and what did the person said? Was it jimin? Or who?

I held and laid her on sofa. I tried wake her up but she was actually unconscious. I poured water on her eyes she still just moved. I felt really worried I have seen any being unconscious like this. I held her in my arms and rushed to my car to take her to hospital.

While driving I saw her lying at the back seat. Her face looked innocent as ever. She seemed like a baby sleeping. Why she's so precious. Why?

I arrived at hospital and carried her in bridal way, a nurse came and took her on a stretcher. I was waiting outside when I saw two bodies coming out of a room. I just felt so bad. They maybe someone's parent, someone's special.

"excuse me" the nurse came

"is she all fine ?" I said

"yeah, she just got fits bc of extreme shock and depression. Plz take care and u may go and buy these" she said giving me medicine's name on a slip.

I walked towards the lift. I felt really released that there's nothing serious with her health ,but what's the matter. I was standing waiting for the same lift where those 2 bodies were and seriously I felt like vomiting.

Suddenly because of the wind the cloth over the bodies removed. I looked at them, I was able see their face. I felt my legs weaker not for me but for her.

It was her parents. "No, it can't be" I mumbled.

I ran to the doctor. "doctor! Doctor! Are they, they dead? " I said
"yes, sadly, we all are sorry, we called their daughter but she didn't come " the doctor said as tears start flowing off my eyes.

"how did this happen? " I said

"reportedly they were coming back from airport and got in an severe accident " the doctor

"are u a relative? " doctor asked. It was obvious by the way I reacted.

"no" I denied. I just don't (Y/n) to know cuz she have no relative, no friends, no siblings all she had was her parents. She can't be broken. She don't deserve it.

I wiped my eyes and turned back and saw (y/n).

"you? O m. My God.. Ur here" I fakely laughed

"I wanna go home, no need to pretend " she said

She already know that, obviously she do. Why I'm so dumb.

After that I got a call from mom.

"yeah mom"
"talk her to our house, I heard what happened " I listened my mom crying.
"ok" I just hung then. My mom was her dad's old friend, she must be feeling sad.

"kaja" I said
"but... " the nurse said

"she'll be OK with me, not here ,don't worry I'll buy medicine and I paid too" I said and just grabbed (y/n) and drove.

She sat like lost, she don't know anything . I know how it feels when someone can't hug u anymore  when u can't listen someone's voice anymore, when u can't see them anymore. When they are no more.

While driving I saw the park where I kissed her and decided to take her there.

I wanted to cheer her up but that seemed the hardest thing for me ryt now. I parked the car and went to the other side to open the gate for her.

"I don't..... " she said

"shhhhhhhh" I said

"don't shush me " she said

"Hajima! Kaja" I said

"but I won't go" she said

Seriously how can a person argue at this status of mind. Are all girls like This?

"come " I said

" I won't "

This rebel!

"if u won't come then... " I said

"then what? " she said

"then... Ahhh " then I suddenly gave her a peck on lips and carried her. I saw her disgusted face with those red cheeks .

We went inside and sat on a bench. I kept quiet, I don't know what to say. Just wanted to give her time with herself.

But everything reminded me that.....
I was just thinking about my past everything she's with me.


"Chanyeol "

Me: "nae? " She texted me

"I'm sorry "

Me :"what why? "

"I don't love you "

Me: "oh shut up! "

"I'm not kidding, I can't love u the way she do "

Me: "no I just want you, she's no worth "

"I'm not a good lover "

Me: "u r"


Me: "wae"

"cuz I'm.d....n. ..Nothing like her"

Me: "u don't have to be like her "

"forget about it, bye ~ This was my last texts to you "

Me: "no, Stay plz for me, I can't live without "

"don't be troubled I know u love her too "

Me :"I just love you "

"I don't care care then ,be ready to loose "

×.....blocked you •

How can she block me? I won't let that bitch live, she keeps coming b/w me and her now even thinks I love her.

I picked my coat and ran to my girlfriend's home .

I took a step,  IDK why my legs were shivering. I suddenly listened a loud scream. It was her.

I ran towards her room, but I was too late.

I saw here lying unconscious dead on floor with a knife engulfed in her stomach.

"I won't let the person live who killed her "

Flashback over

I was again thinking about it.

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