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Blinded Roommates (Chanyeol) by SooYunPCY
Blinded Roommates (Chanyeol)by Miya
It was a coincidence to meet each other the day before College starts. Young Hee's friend had convinced her to go along to a blind date for fun. That's where she met &qu...
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Exo Imagines || EXO x Male Reader by Kayden1210
Exo Imagines || EXO x Male Readerby 캐이던
Male Reader [REQUEST CURRENTLY OPEN!] A collection of oneshots with Exo! I will take any request and do my best, to write it for you! I will no longer be writing smut bu...
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My Addiction for Him (Chanyeol x Reader) by SooYunPCY
My Addiction for Him (Chanyeol x Miya
This is a story of Y/N falling in love with Chanyeol, she always had been a fan of EXO throughout her years meeting them in a fan sign, concerts, etc but one day she fin...
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Fan girl (EXO chanyeol) by Berryyeol
Fan girl (EXO chanyeol)by Berry yeol
Kim Hannah(you) is an EXO-L since she was a teenage.Even though she grew up in a foreign land later in her twenties she got to met exo chanyeol, her bias.But because of...
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park chanyeol imagines #Wattys2019 by cuddlypcy
park chanyeol imagines #Wattys2019by jongdae protection squad
title says it all, fams :)
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room 127 ✿ park chanyeol by parkchanyeolling
room 127 ✿ park chanyeolby kushina
→ thank you. i'm sorry. i love you. that was all i ever told her. that was all i could ever say. {completed september 2015}
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My Bully | Chanyeol & Reader  by RoulaMichel
My Bully | Chanyeol & Reader by Pandatic Roula🐼
His rude persona was only to protect himself from the world. She was the only one who he opened up to, told her his story. She was the only one who changed him, who love...
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Lotto • p.c.y (hiatus) by MilouVulpen
Lotto • p.c.y (hiatus)by 「мяѕ. нαρρу νιяυѕ 」
What to do when you get dragged into the dark world of guns and gangs because you witnessed a murder? [ A/N: I'm in college now so I have no idea when I'll be able to up...
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Monster // Chanyeol x Reader by lumi4lyfe
Monster // Chanyeol x Readerby 💧α & я💙
When (y/n) comes face to face with Park Chanyeol, the school bully who everyone has their eyes on. They immediately clash because of their sour personalities. Little doe...
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l o v e ⇢pcy by pyonsuke
l o v e ⇢pcyby 🌙p🌙
chanyeol x reader 💕I wouldn't change you for anything in this world,💕
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My Happy Virus || 엑소 찬열 by oohfluffy
My Happy Virus || 엑소 찬열by fℓuffy-nim
"Can I be selfish for a while?" ⌨ Started Posting On: November 9, 2014 ⌨ Story Ended On: August 15, 2015
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The Rental Boyfriend || PCY ||  by author_potato
The Rental Boyfriend || PCY || by putitoh
(COMPLETE STORY) {chanyeolXcrisa(you)} Fanfiction..... English story! "You're Heart broken??" he asked me "Yeah, he cheated on me" you answered ...
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The Bet (Park Chanyeol x Reader) by jungle-jungkook
The Bet (Park Chanyeol x Reader)by dylan
"So all this was some stupid bet?" You say choking on your tears. "No no it's not some stupid bet, I mean it was at first but it's not now." He tries...
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I Think I Love You ||Chanyeol x Reader|| by Uniquelover17
I Think I Love You ||Chanyeol x Uniquelover17
You and Chanyeol have undeniable feelings for each other, but keep it a secret in fear of ruining your friendship. Neither of you know what's worse; letting your secret...
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Virus; P.CY. ✔ by cheekyidols
Virus; P.CY. ✔by -sunshine.
"You're my happy virus, Park Chanyeol"
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You || Chanyeol FF by Jo_Coolio
You || Chanyeol FFby 🐥 Jo.coolio 🐥
"HEY! STAY AWAY FROM ME!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Calm down Y/N!" he covered my mouth but I bit his fingers. He yelped as he pulled his...
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Castle of Mist by julie__ng
Castle of Mistby Julie
Vampires ; Werewolves ; Ghosts ; Half-humans, half-animals ; Army Fighters Those are the things Penny knew were not real, but when she is led into a deep, forest...
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Serendipity (Chanyeol EXO ) by kateheart19
Serendipity (Chanyeol EXO )by Kateheart
Kim (Y/N) lost the love of her life a year ago, she locks up her heart so that she won't ever fall in love cause she doesn't want anybody getting hurt because of her, bu...
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Half A Heart //chanyeol x reader // by Nit_S_unmyeong
Half A Heart //chanyeol x reader //by Nit_#S
✴️HIGHEST RANKED #1 - Chanyeol X Reader ✴️ "Is it fate, how much he holds for me?" She thought while falling down, down the stars. "Was it destiny, to co...
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Even I Didn't Know Myself || P.C.Y x Male Y/N by Baekhyun_Bubble_Butt
Even I Didn't Know Myself || JiminKnight
Lee Ying (y/n) trying to get over his past, but with the blind help of his sister he meets Chanyeol and his peaceful existence comes to an end. Now he focuses on not bre...
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