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Your POV :

Today after a week I was feeling better and I decided to go to school. And I think I should be far from EXO than being a rival to them it's better for my own. I took my medicines and wore my school uniform after the routine but I decided to go school by cycle today.

I peddled the way to school when in between someone called me and I recognized it was Jimin.

"oh hi jimin " I said

"hi,  hry now, yuta told me about u" jimin said

"oh did he. Well I'm better now wbu it's been  long I saw u " I said

"I'm good " he said

"and see I'm still wearing the bracelet " I said

He smiled and pecked my cheeks.

"well.. Let's go on a date after school? " he said

OMG. He asked me out. I slightly blushed and said

"y not?! Where we'll go? " I asked

"hmm.. Well after school meet me at
The Park's Coffee shop, I have some work so I'll come after like 10 mins" he said and I understand he's the president of school and he have a lot to organize in school.

"OK done,  now let's go to school or we'll be late " I said

"yeah. " he said and we went to school.

I was not first time I went to school with him. I used to go school with him everyday in Busan.

And we reached I realized couple of ppl were looking at me. Probably shocked that I came on cycle. Lol at them.

Then hanuel saw me. Oh shoot!

"hey y/n where were u.  U know I was so bored. And the teachers kept asking for u. R u OK?. What did u eat? If ur not well did u take medicines. Well anyway know what new music of Justin Bieber came out. OMG he's so cute " she just started.

"I'm good " I passed a smile to this over irritated over whelmed partner.

She smiled.

"let's go to canteen " she said

"may I keep my bag at least " I said

"oh mian.. Yeah let's go" she said and we went to class. I kept my bag down and there I saw all their bags. Phew!

"let's go" she said and instantly pushed me to the canteen. This girl!

As we reached the canteen there I saw them. They looked perfect as ever,  the lit and the cuties, Shit my mind!. Hope they were pretty from heart too.

"so what u want, it's a treat " hanuel said

"bring me same what you'll bring for u" I said

Hanuel headed to the counter and she just slipped.

"Heyyy..carefully " I exclaimed a bit loudly while grabbing her hand.

SHIT!!  they noticed me.

And there I again faced these Extreme bad boys laughing at my so called friend.

"well u saved her,  I wish she could have fallen " xuimin said

"hanuel let's go" I said

"do u think u can leave like this " Sehun said

"and where were u from days hun?. I missed Ms. FallOff did u hit ur head somewhere " Chanyeol said chuckling

"let me go,  I have some work " I said and tried to leave.

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