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A Monstrosity (Mpreg)(KaiSoo) by sugarwtter
A Monstrosity (Mpreg)(KaiSoo)by sugarwtter
Kyungsoo, who's a human boy and Jongin who's the alpha werewolf of his own pack have been together for a year now. Sharing a house with the pack wasn't so bad for the co...
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Luhan, My Arrogant Husband by hazelmintsss
Luhan, My Arrogant Husbandby hazeline
What happened when your beloved grandfather who took care of you since you were a little kid finally breathed out his last breath? And what happened when you realized th...
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The Warmest Solution || ChanBaek by MsFireLights_
The Warmest Solution || ChanBaekby ♡
❝ I thought you love seeing me cold, but I never thought that you're gonna be the one who's keeping me warm. -Byun Baekhyun What you've thought will always be wrong, be...
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Heartthrob Snob // D.O. by Monikeu
Heartthrob Snob // D.O.by Monique
Being a part of Korea's popular boy band, EXO-K, Do Kyungsoo lives a normal and happy celebrity life. Practising, performing and hanging out would be his normal routine...
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Rooftop Love < Baekhyun Exo > by adorabaek
Rooftop Love by babyb
Rooftop, the place where everything begins.
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Ice Skating Angel (Baekhyun x Reader) by ICFrost
Ice Skating Angel (Baekhyun x Read...by ICFrost
(Y/N) is an ex-ice skater who quit because of an incident. Baekhyun is a member of S.M. Entertainment's EXO. Legend has it that one day these two will meet. But the stor...
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On The Side Of Love by kimeunaa
On The Side Of Loveby pinkpotato
The girl named Kim Eunhae has a one brother and bestfriend to EXO.She met Chanyeol that was a new student of her school. Eunhae and Chanyeol were have a good relationshi...
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love at first sight. (XIUHAN FANFIC) by l00-05-18l
love at first sight. (XIUHAN FANFI...by Just me
It's Xiumin's second year in the same high school and not a lot of people notice him. He's more like that person who doesn't talk to a lot of people. He's socially awkwa...
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Playboy's Fiancé by kpoprocks44
Playboy's Fiancéby Crazykpoper
In order to save my brother and his lover from breakup i decided to get engaged to a stranger instead of my brother and my fiance turned out to be university's playboy. ...
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Twisted Love by lostgirlforeva
Twisted Loveby lostgirlforeva
⚠️WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT, SWEARING, AND MURDER⚠️ After Rebecca experiences something horrible that makes her want to leave New York and everything be...
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The Boy With The Orange Hair by dimplepurple12
The Boy With The Orange Hairby Dimple Purple
There's one white envelope lying on the desk the envelope that will take her into the stream of memories of high school and of course, the memory of a certain boy that h...
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Fangirl - Exo Kai Fanfiction COMPLETED by joellecaroline
Fangirl - Exo Kai Fanfiction COMPL...by EXO KAI KIM JONG IN
Aria was sent to Seoul, South Korea together with her bestfriend, Ella as exchange students. They're big fans of Exo which surprisingly had an opportunity to meet them...
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lost // exo by orange_succjin
lost // exoby tae's apple hair
❝ in an ocean of darkness, stars are there to give light, give hope in the times that we are lost ❞ ➳highest ranking: no. 181 in fanfiction [9/15/18] ➳book title before:...
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Adopted By EXO by Kmethebop
Adopted By EXOby jiggle
Yea adopted stories are cool but have you read an adopted story on crack? Aka a complete mess. *warning* Extremely cringy and an absolute mess -Enjoy this fan fic writt...
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Cell Mates [chanbaek] by barkyeol
Cell Mates [chanbaek]by peyton
Byun Baekhyun and Park Chanyeol, partners in crime. Literally.
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Heartless Mafia ¦| [KAIHUN]✔[COMPLETE] by shxnwu
Heartless Mafia ¦| [KAIHUN]✔[COMPL...by world ♡
kim jongin lost his mom when he was 10 years old, he faced depression and forced by his father to take over his job as the biggest mafia boss, then he became a cold hear...
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Dusk | Kim Minseok by KayKyutie
Dusk | Kim Minseokby KayKyutie
She's just a girl, he's just a vampire. (Kay so this book is a lot like Twilight. There's barely any grammar mistakes so enjoy!)
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Beautifully Broken || Sehun by ButterflyGirl__
Beautifully Broken || Sehunby jasmine
❝ If you want to keep me, you gotta gotta love me harder. ❞
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Unwanted || Byun Baekhyun by byunfair
Unwanted || Byun Baekhyunby Jumy
"You're lucky I came over, most girls would love the attention." Hojung's life is as boring as it can get and with only a few months until she's twenty the la...
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BTTM J.JK smuts BoyXBoy (Requests are open!) by tgk_holixx
BTTM J.JK smuts BoyXBoy (Requests...by vantækím
A book of Bottom Jungkook smuts with and member or any group. You may request ship should I do. Remeber, you may request other groups with Jungkook too.
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