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Your POV :

I yawned and stretched my hands and wished my alarm would have never rung. I looked at Kris peacefully sleeping at this hour, I was actually confused why didn't he wake up already. I quickly grabbed my phone to check what time was the alarm set for. What?! Did Kris really made ME wake up at 5am. Why the fuvk and wait... It's Sunday!

Do I really need to start training on a day like Sunday which people call off work?

Nvm ugh! I did my daily routine, wore some training clothes Kris told me to and got myself a light breakfast. Soon I heart footsteps coming downstairs.

"Good morning " Kris said

"Good morning , you are finally here! " I said

"yeah if you're ready, should we move already? It's 5:50 you shouldn't be late the reporting time is 6" He said

"why the fuck are you telling me this when only 10 mins are left, you're really a thing! " I felt frustrated at the fact why he didn't tell me the timings yesterday.

"are you gonna waste time like this? " he said giving me straight face.

I said nothing , just quickly grabbed my bag and asked him to move.

When we reach SM training center it was already 6:25AM. Great! Isn't it?

I quickly got off the car without even saying anything to Kris. Why suddenly I feel very energetic and positive about this? Well never mind.

"Hey Fighting! " he shouted at back

I gave him a victory sign ✌ and moved. I was always good at ignorance , remember how I ignored EXO in school?

EXO, they also trained here, they work here. What if I face one of them. Well he hates me, don't he?

Well after all conversation inside my mind, I was standing in front of the door of the practice room.

So I'm finally entering the world that I was running from, my dream world. But still it feels like being used by Mr. Lee he never do things that aren't on purpose.

I opened the door, there were all boys practicing by themselves seems like the trainer isn't here,Cool. I suddenly dropped my bag and all of them got their attention towards me and got startled.

And three of them were totally shocked and had me shocked too, is this why I had a positive feeling?!?

"DONSAENG?!? " the Japanese boy shouted

"you know her?" the tallest guy with a very good build asked.

"Yuta Hyung?! What are you doing here? " I said being totally freezed.

"wait (y/n) I thought you were the one and only child " the guy said in Canadian accent

Another tall guy facepalmed himself and said "it's OK girl, you know he tends to loose his brain while being startled "

What?! Did he really speak to me. After years, I wonder if he still thinks I'm guilty ?

My brain lost processing when I saw Yuta, Johnny and Mark at training. Is this the fate? First Home again then friends again, what else I'm gonna regain?

Well I'm expecting too much.

Suddenly they all hugged me, I mean the three guys.

"Did you forgive me? " I asked Johnny

"Hanuel told me everything true before she died " he said

I sighed and said " anyways, I'm really glad we are back "

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