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I woke up as I felt weakness through my body. I slowly opened my eyes introduced to a new surrounding. I tried to recall everything. But I didn't remember anything after I fell. Did Chanyeol helped me? Did he feel guilty for what he did? Am I at his house?  All the questions popped up in my mind when suddenly the room door opened as I saw


Coming into the room. Blah! What Did I expect from Chanyeol I even don't know where these expectations came all of a sudden..
"jimin? Where I am? Why I'm not at my house? And time look it's already dark " I said

"shh. R u ok now? " jimin asked as he passed me some tablets and a glass of water.
"yes " I said
"OK now I explain how did u came here " jimin said as I nodded.

Flashback in Jimin's POV:

It was departure time when Jinshi told me to get (y/n) . I couldn't find her then I thought of EXO being with her and went to terris hoping Suho would not beat me again . As I reached I saw EXO again bullying her and she was dizzy and nauseous. I know why! I saw her fell over Chanyeol. What devils r they. They r so Careless. They kinda made fun of her. I just ran to her.

"Hey what the hell. " I screamed
As Suho came towards me giving me a punch on face.
'how dare u come here " he said but Lay took him back.
"Give her to me " I said and immediately embraced (y/n) from Chanyeol. He tried to repel but I won. And took her home.

End of Flashback
Jimin told me everything. How EXO could be so much careless for me. Well they r devils and now I better stay away from them bc my asthma is again showing symptoms.

"so it's back " jimin said
"yes. It never completely gone " I said
"u didn't went for the operation" Jimin asked .

"u know we made a bond ur promise " I said and he had very unconcerned look. I think I should remind him later  and go home now.

"ah nothing " I said
"o. O.. Oh.. Ok"jimin said

"can I go home now " I said
"yes. But if u wish u can stay I'm alone also " he said but I wanted to go.

"no I may go " I said
"OK I'll drop u " he said and I nodded. I wore my shoes and head up to his bike and he rode me to my home. The ride was a full silence.
As I reached I pressed the bell and he stood to make sure I'll go inside.
Mom came and opened the door with a very scary look.

"where were u? It's already 10" this was the first thing that mom said. As she was speaking she noticed jimin.
"oh~" she said "hey Jimi come in boy" mom called jimin inside as he came. We sat in the living room.

"so my two cuties were spending time together " she said making me hella blush.

"no actually in the departure ------------and I took her home " jimin told all happened.

"how dare those boys do this. Well. I hope jimin u would take care till then I'll talk to doctor about her surgery " mom said being angry and concerned at same time .

We nodded after that jimin had dinner with us and went away. I went to my room and laid to sleep. Unfortunately I was just lying in bed looking at the ceiling. Many thoughts came into my mind and I don't know why it was lot about those devils and Mr. Business. 
Did they were so bad? They saw me half to fell... What fuvking people r they. And that Mr. Business just hold me  I hate him so much. I never hated someone this much. EXO.. Blah! Blah!  That Xuimin is packet of abuse . Baekhyun I mean is there anything on his that is not dirty. Probably Lay Chen the same irritating. D. O Got some mind just to stare. Suho just keep screaming what a leader? And about else why do I think tho.

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