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Your POV :

It's been 5 days after that kiss. I never knew how to face Chanyeol after that,  I think neither he knew. I wanted to ask why he kissed me, but I got no guts. Whenever he would pass by me the kiss would replay in my mind like a movie. I kinda hate that my first kiss was not my boyfriend when I already have one.
I never want Jimin to know that or he'll think I'm cheating. Me and him are probably working on things right now. He's has changed so much, but I love every part of him. It's just, u know! first childhood love.
I entered the school and today was my last day with yuta hyung as he was moving to Daegu. So I straight away went to his class.
I peeked through his class and saw Mark.

"hey mark" I said .he looked at me he was a bit shocked to see me.

"oh hi, u here in our class " he said

"yes where's Yuta hyung " I said

"oh there he is" he said pointing towards the door .

I saw Yuta hyung coming into the class with someone who aren't Johnny. she was a girl who was behind him, but I can't see her face.

"hey y/n ,u here " yuta said

"hey hyung yolo " I said

(A/N :I don't Obliviously Love OhSehun)

"so here meet my girlfriend " he said
As the girl came in front

"Y/N!!" "Unnie!! " we both said in sync.

"so Yoora unnie is your girlfriend? " I exclaimed

"yes y? U both know each other? " yuta said

"obviously I mean she's Mrs.Parks daughter we have met each other couple of times " I said

"OMG Yuta u was a secret lover " Mark said

We all chuckled. I seriously never thought that Yuta hyung would have a girlfriend and who? Park Yoora!.

"well meet Mark Lee, my friend " yuta said

"nice to meet you " Yoora said

"Well hi!  I'm Johnny I've lived In America for 4 years" Johnny popped out of nowhere.

"hey nice to meet you too" Yoora said chuckling

We all did high five with Johnny.

"well guys classes gonna start I go now " I said

"oh wait. U study in this school? " Yoora said

"yes" I said

"oh my donsaeng also in same school " she said

"wow coincidences, ur brother is in my school and don't even know, well which class? " I said

She was going to tell. But the bell rang and I had to go.
Phew! Again I have to face Chanyeol.

I went and sat on my seat usually.
And Chanyeol was beside me chuckling. Weird.
No not weird, he would have planned something.

The first class started. Omg Maths sucks. Im good at maths but I never liked it.

I suddenly felt someone hit my leg. He has started again out of nowhere today.

Ignore! Ignore!

Well what happened last time when u tried to ignore him. And again the kiss replayed.

As usual my cheeks got red thinking about it. It's normal for any girl.
I hit my head and tried to focus on board.

Now he was poking my shin with the compass. I paid no attention. So he came closer and whispered

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